Aluma Wallet Review

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Do you have an over-stuffed and outdated wallet? Are you fed up of money clips that just aren’t secure? Stop damaging your cards and cash and get rid of those bulky old wallets that can barely fit in to your pant pockets or purses! Get the new Aluma Wallet, the aluminum wallet that’s slim and totally trendy as well as super light, indestructible, and water resistant! It is fashion meeting function! You can now organize your contents in style and is perfect for men as well as women.



How does Aluma Wallet work?
Aluma Wallet is ultra slim and its outer case is made up of indestructible die-cast Aluminum alloy that protects all the contents of your wallet; its Italian design is super stylish and makes you look like a million bucks! Aluma Wallet is compact in size and holds lots more!

It even protects your RFIDS cards from the signals that can steal the vital information given in the cards. You get a choice of three attractive and stylish colors; you can now go ahead and make a style statement with the beautiful and tough Aluma Wallet!

The Aluma Wallet is made of nearly indestructible die cast aluminum. The wallet is quite small so you will only be able to fit your credit cards in. If you fill it with dollar bills then you will have to fold the bills for the wallet to close properly.

The good part about the wallet is that it is waterproof.

The Aluma Wallet is great if you are looking for a credit card holder to keep in your purse but if you are looking to buy a conventional wallet then the Aluma Wallet will not do the job for you.

How many times do you look at the wallet and fancy the time you bought it with such panache only to realize that within months it shapes out of proportion and also loses the professional look?

You are equally concerned about safety in that wearing out wallet for any rip could cause some important cards or currency theft or loss.

But what if you had the toughest wallet you ever owned? And it is not leather but Aluminium. Don’t be puzzled, Aluma Wallet brings a breakthrough in wallet market with their tough and durable ultra-thin Aluminium constructed wallet which is virtually indestructible keeping the sleek and sexy look.

Aluma Wallet is made of die- cast aluminium alloy, which is lightweight and highly durable. The product has been tested to show that it will resist even the toughest weight by rolling a truck over the wallet; it came out intact.

This wallet is surprisingly, even though the wallet is so tough, it is still quite light and easy to use. The RFID scanner is blocked on the face of it and can’t steal your card or other vital information in virtual wallet theft.

Aluma Wallet fits any size pocket and does not respond to weariness that other wallets do. One wallet will last you a lifetime and yet remain virtually indestructible.

But if you thought that it is men’s only collectible, then look again at one of the most prominent features of this wallet; It is ultra slim in exterior and micro weaved to give smoothness of silk making it perfect for ladies too.

So instead of piling on the leather wallets that wears out much too often, bring home the Aluma Wallet and protect money in the wallet that’s tough inside smooth outside.

Aluma Wallet is unisex aluminium designed to keep money, receipts, credit and discount cards, etc. safe. Paper money does not get crumbled or disfigured, coins are safely put in different section and the cards are protected from electromagnetic fields and moisture. Aluma Wallet is super light, slim which easily fits a standard pocket.

The wallet has an Easy Touch Latch that opens up quickly with a touch. The wallet comes in different colours making it classy fashion gear and utility product. It is made of die-cast aluminium that ensures its integrity and indestructible nature. Due to its material, Aluma Wallet is also water resistant, thus it can survive (accidentally) going through the washer and dryer.

People often go to the store for buying groceries, as a common habit customer sometimes set their purse down on the counter. And a simple transaction process turns cumbersome the customer have to angle their wallet in order to pull out the money. And in this, all other items go back in with equal exert if not more.

Downsizing is not an option since compromise is not a word that goes down very well, especially with people who loves and lives a life of freedom. This is where Aluma Wallet comes in with great features. Store anything with organized sections and clip on and off with a touch.

Sturdy on the outside, comfy and smooth in the inside, the wallet has all what it takes to evade danger of RFID theft or disfiguring or damaging of wallet. If that’s not all the Wallet comes for $10 with plus one free making a meltdown on your expense yet icing on your solution.

It’s time to bid goodbye to the baffling moments at the cash counter where spill over nightmare was once a part of the grocery checklist.



What do I get?
2 Silver Aluma Wallets for just $10.00 + $11.98 p and h. 30 day money back guarantee. Official Offer.



Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


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42 thoughts on “Aluma Wallet Review

  1. I have 10 cards in my Aluma Wallet. But if you live in a state where your drivers license is bigger than a credit card, don’t buy this wallet, it won’t fit. Cash has to be folded in thirds to fit so you can’t get much in here. Cheaply constructed, the rear hinge has already broken. It’s still useable but no longer “waterproof”. Buy it on e-bay and save a lot of money, plus get free shipping. Only cost me 5-bucks. If they won’t resolve your website issues, call your credit card company and dispute the charges.

  2. Drop it at the checkout and the hinges broke… Will not buy this again… Use only when there is a woolen carpet floor in the store…

  3. WAS going to order 2 Aluma Wallets ..thanks for the tip off ..will now look for a ” zippered” version in the Bag shops.

  4. I bought an Aluma wallet at Walmart and loved it. Then the little holders came apart then the lock broke and then the hing broke. I was very in your product.

  5. I’m writing about my Aluma wallet,I like them so much I ordered three,however whilst at work I dropped my beautiful blue one by accident and the”catch”or snap broke!(the spring)apparently pop out of it and now it won’t close,or stay shut.can you help?can you please send me another?I will gladly send the one that broke back to you,cause I can’t repair it myself.I need an address to send it to,and mine,well you can e-mail me and I’ll give it to.

  6. I called on the phone as they had a supposed special buy the first on for $10.99 get the second for $4.99 so they got my credit card information then asked what color and when I pressed 1 for the red wallet, it told me it had to be a minimum of three items so I tried to cancel the order as I didn’t want 3. I was unable to cancel my order or even get off the phone as it kept prompting me to buy more shit which I kept saying no to. Finally after about a half hour of crap hoping at the end of all the shit they would give me the opportunity to cancel. I couldn’t. I tried to call the next day to cancel but couldn’t even get a live person unless I wanted to order again which I did not want, I wanted to cancel. I called for 3 days and kept getting the same recording due to heavy orders they could not get my call. The next thing I know they charged my card for $33.98 so I pretended I wanted to purchase something finally got a live person and they would not assist me, they kept telling me to call the other number which there was no live person to talk to. I finally gave up after 4 days, called my bank and disputed the charge and got my money back. I still have not gotten my order and if it does come am going to simply refuse the package. To add insult to injury, when I checked the email order status site, it wasn’t even for the red wallets, it was for silver and back ones. Please get rid of this company so they don’t do this to a million people. Look at the Pissed off report site about this company; they need to be put away.

  7. I purchased my Alumna Wallet from Best Buy. At first I was happy that I could now protect my bank and credit cards from identity theft. What I didn’t know is that the so-called indestructible wallet would fall apart with six months of normal use. the Aluminium might be strong, but the pins that hold the wallet together fell out shortly after the plastic latch that keeps it close broke. I seriously feel this product left the drawing board before the bugs were worked out. I feel that everybody that has found a fatal flaw should be compensated for what they paid for their wallets.

  8. I received the Aluma Wallet for Christmas a decided to try out what the infomercial says. It say that it can be run over by a vehicle and not break. This is false advertisement and so not true. It broke! Worst part is, it was a Christmas present so now I can’t get it replaced or get the money for it!

  9. Has anyone tried driving over the wallet with their car as they do in the advertisements? I know mine dented by just sitting on it while in my pocket and I’m only 180lbs.

    This Wallet is only good for someone who has only a DL, Debit card and a dollar because that’s about all you can fit in it.

  10. I bought the Aluma wallet, not through their advertising, because I know how the cost ends up tripling, and it’s impossible to ever get a refund. I bought mine at Walgreens, and after getting it home, and out of the package, tried to open it. Instead of the wallet opening, the cover came off in my hand, as it’s only held in place by 2 small pieces of double sided tape.

    After struggling to get the wallet itself open, it was too small to actually carry much more than a drivers license, a credit card, and maybe 2 other small items. It was total junk. I took it back to Walgreens, and the manager there told me that it’s the most often returned item in his store. Glad that I bought it there, so I got an instant refund. Skip this one. It’s junk.

  11. I bought my husband an Aluma Wallet in June 2011 and it’s already broke. The little clasp that opens it broke. It is junk. it’s Just another way to rip people off.

  12. The Aluma Wallet name suggests this is an aluminum product, however it is plastic covered by a thin piece of aluminum sheeting. It is cheap, non functional and quite frankly a piece of junk.

    Avoid wasting your money and your time; the whole thing is a scam devised to suck as much cash as they can. If you return the item, you are still charged shipping and handling, and getting a credit is difficult at best.

  13. After reading all of the Aluma Wallet reviews it appears they are hoping you will keep and live with the poor product. They are apparently also hoping you’ll feel that the $24.00 is too small an amount to pursue any recourse.

    They have probably duped thousands … you all are not alone.

    • Scooter…..well put! We ended up tossing out our scratched pieces of junk. The ‘handling’ fee was non refundable and was the bulk of their fee, shipping was also non refundable and the product cost was simply not worth the hassle. I even called and canceled my order and they still shipped and charged me. NOT happy!

  14. I bought one of these Aluma Wallets at a Walgreen… I was a little disappointed at first because the Aluma Wallet didn’t hold as much as I thought it would, but used it and liked it otherwise. But in a matter of a few months the latch mechanism broke. So I would agree with the comments about poor quality. Having been a Quality Engineer most of my career I thought someone in their Quality organization might want to know about my issue. I have been unable to contact them directly to make them aware of this problem. Only get the TV reps. who know nothing about the product and care even less. Would consider another one if the latch were improved.

  15. Aluma Wallet is a ripoff. Watch how you order. You can order 2 Aluma Wallet sets easy. They charge $24.00 shipping/handling when you order 2 sets. Aluma Wallet Web site has a customer service tab that does not work! Very handy for the company. I am going to the consumer fraud & contacting State Attorney General.

    • Thankfully I found this review page before ordering. Saved myself money and hassles. Please, after reading the Customer Page! What customer service? Read it close!

  16. This Aluma Wallet has got to be the cheapest made junk I have seen in years. If I would not have been overly inundated with commercials on TV and finally curious I would not have bought one at Walmart. Money can not even be easily folded to fit. My leather wallet holds more cards, papers and paper money nicer. Taking it to work tomorrow so everyone can have a laugh about this trash product.

  17. The Aluma Wallet website is like a spiders web. They don’t give you an order review page , once you enter your credit card info, you can’t back out of ordering or change anything. The only way to stop the order is to X out of the site altogether. We finally received the Aluma Wallets: very poor quality, one is already broken. Not worth the time or expense to send back though. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!

  18. I was just getting ready to order Aluma Wallet and after reading what everyone here has posted about Aluma Wallet I have changed my mind…. THANKS so much for taking your time to write about them before they scammed another person out of there hard earned money and I’m so sorry to hear that everyone here had to get ripped off 1st before finding out before not to buy them….

    Thanks Again

  19. DO NOT ORDER ALUMA WALLET! It is a scam for a wallet for 10 bucks, I just ordered it online and it went through for $38.95 lol. ugh now I have to go through the bullshit to cancel. So far.. all the customer service numbers get you no where. Dummy me should of known better!

  20. My situation was very similar to what other people had experienced with their orders, I went through the process, proceeded to check out to view the prices, decided it wasn’t for me, and hit the back button.

    One month later, I received two “Aluma wallets” and $21.98 charged to my CC. Called their customer service, the person I spoke to said they can either have me return the items and refund me the cost of the wallet and lose the $11.98 shipping cost or get a $5.00 credit issued. Decided to keep them for a cost of $16.98 rather than return them and lose the $11.98 plus my expense of having to ship them back. DON’T EVEN BOTHER WITH ORDERING THIS ITEM, will contact my CC company to dispute this charge ASAP.

  21. I ordered the 6 wallets and get 6 free…$60.00 then it showed the shipping… $71.88. But there was no cancel button. It said not to click back or it may affect your order…Since I didn’t want to pay the outrageous shipping costs I clicked back..After weeks went by I received a card in the mail saying the order was delayed, but I could cancel the order if I signed the card and mailed it back in…Which I did that day…A few more weeks went by and I received them anyway… The money was taken from a credit card and I would like a refund.

    • Same thing here, except I only ordered two. Not returning, as it would cost more, and loose the original shipping charge. Main problem is trying to get the things open in the first place – not even a hint anywhere!! Also, have you noticed how small the inside space is? You cannot get currency into the sections without folding in 3 folds, which defeats the security as far as I am concerned! Also, cannot fit my driver’s license and other necessary ID without trimming – a BIG FAT NO, NO. All in all one of the worst things I have ever fallen for, NOT excluding some things on E-bay!!!

  22. I ordered what I thought was 2 Aluma wallets for the buy one get one price as advertised… WRONG!!! By the time my order was done I had been charged over $75.00 on my Debit Card for a total of 5 Wallets!! (who the hell needs 5 wallets)?!? It doesn’t let you confirm or see your final order!!… What a Rip Off!! I ordered my Wallets in Mid December of 2010 I finally got a notice in the mail that they were back ordered and would be shipped ASAP I got the notice MID MARCH of 2011… but it also said I wouldn’t be charged until they shipped WRONG AGAIN!! I was charged!! I called and practically had to jump thru hoops to get my money back All I wanted was the original order of just 2 and finally they agreed to correct my order and give me credit! Believe it or not I got my 2 wallets just a couple of days later and HOW CHEAP WERE THEY?!?! the Silver “aluminum” outer cover was attached with double sided tape! One of the wallets arrived with it off of the Cheap Plastic Case!! My Advise?? DO NOT BUY!! And if you already have?? GET YOUR MONEY BACK!!

  23. I ordered one to get one free, one red one silver. over a month later I had received nothing so called the ad # from TV and after as long conversation found I had been charged for 4 not 2 for $10. I had to cancel the order and reorder but I could not have two different colors only two of the same color and shopping will be in 4 to 6 weeks.

  24. I called the Customer Service and asked how many credit cards does the Aluma Wallet hold and they could not tell me and how many it holds, they did not have that information. They said they will get back to me in 4 hours later, they called back and they still could not answer any question on how many CC its holds. They asked me how many Aluma Wallets I want, I said none because you could not answer any of my question.

  25. From all the bad feedback and $10.00 I think I would buy two if I could send a money-order but not my CC sound’s like a rip off to me I’ll wait and see.

  26. I order 1 plus one free Aluma Wallets. They put 4 on my order and you cannot take it out. The order goes straight through and there is no order confirmation. The price was close to $ 50.00. I think I got scammed for the first time. Be careful ordering from this company. There is no way you will get it for $10.00 + one free and just shipping and handling. Don’t trust the Aluma Wallet website.

    • You might want to consider what having this wallet in your back pocket would do the the alignment of your spine. It could cause some pain and medical expenses.

  27. Aluma Wallet seemed interesting so went to website to check out product, there was no real product information available outside of the marketing ad. There was nothing that indicated physical dimensions, how the inside was arranged, if there are other options, or even how to order a different color.

    Went to Face Book pages and blog and at one point saw that they listed the cost as $23.98 total, for $10.00 (1st Wallet) + $6.99 (S&H) + $4.99 (processing for 2nd wallet. Seems to be another $2.00 not accounted for.

    Product and company may be great, but I have concerns about the validity or quality of the business due to this; thus I will do a wait and see before I consider an order.

    • they sell them through amazon….that seems more secure….was not impressed with this site…..not enough information.

  28. Why was Aluminum chosen as the preferred metal?

    What is the cost?

    Can the Aluma Wallet be recycled?

    Will the product fit in to the smaller purses?

    Will it be comfortable for men to keep it in their pant pocket and sit on it?

    Won’t it create an unsightly bulge in the shirt or pant pocket?

    Can it go through security checks without causing an alarm?

    Is this the best aluminum wallet you have used

    Is it really indestructible

    Is this Aluma Wallet really water-proof

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