Abracadabra Wallet Review

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About Abracadabra Wallet

Abracadabra Wallet claims to be an ultra slim wallet that can hold everything you need in less than ½ an inch so that you can get rid of the bulk in your pocket. Abracadabra Wallet proclaims to keep your cards and ids handy and do away with hunting for them from the clutter in your bag. It assures to be ultra thin so that it will fit perfectly in your bag, purse or even pocket. Abracadabra Wallet asserts to protect you against RFID theft and prevent stuff spilling out even if you do drop it accidentally.


How does it work

While the wallet cannot magically double your money, Abracadabra Wallet maintains to hold your bills, receipts and cards like magic. Abracadabra Wallet states that you just need to keep your stuff inside the wallet and the nylon straps will instantly secure them tightly. Abracadabra Wallet alleges to have a windowed front for your id and driver’s license, strap secured middle to keep your cash and receipts securely, and pocketed back to store your credit cards safely. Abracadabra Wallet emphasizes to do all of this while being sleek in your pocket, purse or bag.

Do away with the bulk in your wallet

Carrying a bulky wallet in your pant pockets can be really painful, and when you need to find your credit cards or ids, you end up rummaging through all your stuff in the bag and end up wasting time and getting frustrated. But now the new Abracadabra Wallet assures to deal with these problems in an instant and give you the convenience of carrying your stuff securely and neatly. Abracadabra Wallet is an ultra thin wallet that declares to hold your wallet’s content while being just ½ an inch thick so that it is easy to carry around. Whether parking stubs, business cards, cash receipt, bills, or anything else, Abracadabra Wallet alleges that you will know where to find them instantly. Abracadabra Wallet also declares to have see-through outside pockets that hold your credit cards, driver’s license, and ids conveniently and securely.

Protects against loss and thefts

It is quite common for all your things to drop out of your regular wallet but Abracadabra Wallet convinces that everything will stay in its place at all times so that you won’t lose your credit card or money and forget them behind even when you do drop the wallet accidentally. Abracadabra Wallet also emphasizes to protect you from another menace and that is RFID theft. It will be impossible for scammers to steal your debit or credit card information as long as they are inside the Abracadabra Wallet, if the claims of the manufacturers are to be believed. Abracadabra Wallet alleges that with its sleek profile it can even fit into a slender clutch when the girls are going for a night out. Abracadabra Wallet proclaims to be made of genuine leather to give it a premium feel and look. It states to come in brown and black colors.

What do I get?

You will receive Two Black Abracadabra™ Wallet by Buxton in black and brown for only $19.99 plus FREE Shipping .Official website abracadabrawallet.com

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