Wobble Gag Giggle Ball

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What is Wobble Gag Giggle Ball?

It is an interactive toy that promises to keep your dog engaged and entertained all day long.

Wobble Gag Giggle Ball claims to be the perfect companion for your dog, who just won’t have enough of it. When you bring a dog home, you know that you have added a new member to your family. You get unconditional love from your pet and you want to make sure you offer him nothing but the best. However if you are out all day long, you are worried about your furry friend being bored on his own. If you have been looking for a toy that will lead to hours of fun for your dog then you don’t have to look beyond Wobble Gag Giggle Ball, according to its claims.


Wobble Gag Giggle Ball Features

Secret of Wobble Gag Giggle Ball – Wobble Gag Giggle Ball asserts that it is an interactive toy that will be ideal for your dog’s playtime. Importantly, he will be able to make the most out of it on his own when you are away at work. The ball makes “Play with me” sounds when it’s moving and that will be just the right trigger for your canine companion’s play time. The secret of the Wobble Gag Giggle Ball lies in the three tubes that lie inside the ball. It’s because of these tubes that it makes a cute sound when it is rolled and shaken, which is tempting for your dog.

Cleverly designed – You must have brought several toys for your dogs but they quickly get bored of them. Several toys are tricky to work with as well. But Wobble Gag Giggle Ball stresses that it’s not the case here because it can easily become your dog’s favourite toy. Moreover it works without any batteries involved, so you are saved another hassle and of course, costs too. Wobble Gag Giggle Ball emphasizes that it is a unique combination of colours, sounds and motion. Hence it engages your dog’s natural instincts to play.


Claims to work for all dogs – Another important feature of the Wobble Gag Giggle Ball is that it has six clutch pockets. That’s how it can be picked up by dogs of all sizes. Here is a toy that assures you that since it will keep you dogs active, they will remain fit, fun and healthy. Dogs of all ages can make the most out of it too. Wobble Gag Giggle Ball claims that it has a flexible pet safe construction. That makes it super durable and comfortable to use both indoors and outdoors, whenever your dog wants.

Safe for your pet – Wobble Gag Giggle Ball is made of flexible and durable pet safe, Phthalate-free vinyl.

Wobble Gag Giggle Ball Sizes – Wobble Gag Giggle Ball is available in 2 sizes: 4.5″ for dogs 35 lbs and under & 5.5″ for dogs 40 lbs and over.

What is the Free Gift? – Gift is a cheap sunglasses case.


Advantages of Wobble Gag Giggle Ball

  • Wobble Gag Giggle Ball safely occupies your dog’s jaws, paws and even mind!!
  • Channels constrained physical as well as mental energy into something productive instead of destructive.
  • Gives your dog legitimate items to play with, distracting the pet from un-dogly items such as shoes, footware, plants and knickknacks.
  • Wobble Gag Giggle Ball help reduce your pet’s stress.
  • It also alleviates boredom and loneliness.
  • It distracts and engages pets who are prone to separation anxiety
  • Wobble Gag Giggle Ball laso exercises your pet’s jaws.
  • Giggle Ball will help prevent many behavioral problems.


Disadvantages of Wobble Gag Giggle Ball

  • Some dogs may not bee very keen to play with this giggle ball
  • Some customers have reported Mal-practices by official websites
  • Shipping is high
  • Available only in one color
  • May not be very long lasting

Wobble Gag Giggle Ball Review

Should I buy this product?
Wobble Gag Giggle Ball is truly an unique product and will really help your pets stay fit, healthy and engaged. But we suggest buying the Wobble Gag Giggle Ball from Amazon rather than the official website: WobbleWagGiggleBall.com.

What Do I Get?

  • You get Two medium 4.5″ or large 5.5″ Wobble Gag Giggle Ball for $14.99 + $12.90 P&H.

Official website: WobbleWagGiggle.com | WobbleWagGiggleBall.com

9 thoughts on “Wobble Gag Giggle Ball

  1. I have a 10 lb Yorkie mix-saw the commercial, and as it claims, any dog, any size, will get hours of play, especially when they are left alone. First…I don’t agree with giving ANY dog a toy, (no matter the make , or model) and not supervising his/her playtime. Any owner knows, how quickly, they can open up a seam-either eat the stuffing, or God forbid, swallow the squeaker! I ordered the medium size, (there was no small), and unless, I am ‘playing with her, by rolling it to her, she has NO INTEREST in it! Although they say, there are holes in it, (like a bowling ball), making it easier for your pet to pick up and toss- it is still too big for her to pick up on her own. I too, ended up with two balls, so gave one away. Their pet is a much larger dog, a lab, but he won’t play with it on it’s own either! And although he is large enough, to pick it up, he never does! The sound it makes, as it rolls, does not entice my dog, to want to play with it! Just the opposite-she is afraid of it! Honestly, the best thing I can do with this item, is give it to an Elementary school, where kids can kick it around the field! Perhaps since it makes giggling noises, they would enjoy it more than a regular soccer ball! So, No, I would not recommend this item for your pet. The advertisement states, it can keep your pet entertained, when left alone…but any owner, should already know, you should never leave your dog, unattended, when playing with ANY toys!
    For those of you, who purchased this item, and had the same results-may I suggest, donating it/them, to an elementary school! You won’t feel as ‘Disappointed/Ripped off-plus, you are doing a nice thing for schools, who are already budget limited! Driving by the school I donated mine to-during recess, and seeing children playing with a Dog Toy, and having so much fun, made me less bitter…as you can’t get a refund from this company, (unless of course, it has never been used)! But hoe do you know, if your pet will even like it, if you don’t try it out?
    Most importantly, never leave your dog unattended, with ANY toys! I woke up, to find, this wire like material, spread all over…couldn’t figure out, what it was, until I saw one of her toys, now looking a little Flat! Although it cost me over $650.00, (Emergency Vet Fee)-I was grateful, that she had not been able to get the ”Squeaker” out of the tiny hole! So, No-I would not recommend this toy, for any dog! But if you are already ‘stuck’ with it, or them, make yourself feel better, by donating it to a school. Hope this review helps.

  2. Do not let you dog play with this ball until you see if he chews it. It is deadly if he does….I have a 130lb black lab and he is obsessed with it. Kept hiding it and then we found it and it had chewed it and caused nose bleeds, his inside of his mouth has been bleeding. Horrible pain for our grand dog. Only maybe small dogs that cannot chew on this ball. But do not allow your dog to play with unsupervised until you see what they do with it. Not a perfect companion for all dogs. It says do not allow your dog to chew it. WHAT! I thought most dogs chew things……Taking grand dog to the vet today…:(

  3. Chinese crap . Our dog wont even touch it . Would not have even let her smell it if I would have known that it came from China .

    • A little bit Racist, don’t you think! If you don’t like the product, fine, explain why…but saying it ‘Smells’, because it is from China, is just rude, and offensive! And No, I am not Chinese! I am Canadian!

  4. Blue dye on outside of balls is not color-fast. Leaves blue scuff marks on hard surfaces (such as my kitchen floor, vinyl flooring, hardwood, etc.). Scuff marks can be removed with some effort with Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.

  5. Choking hazard! Wobble Wag Giggle should not be given to a large dog. The 5.5″ on lasted about 15 minutes before my lab shepherd had it ripped open with dangers pieces she could choke on. Sadly, she really enjoyed playing with it. Again, do not recommend for large dogs.

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