Whoa Buddy Bowl Review

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Put anything in front of your dog and it is gone. Now there is a way to slow your dog down. Introducing the Whoa Buddy bowl. Inside every Whoa Buddy bowl is a specially designed nub that make your dog work harder to reach its food. It is proven to help your dog eat up to 5 times slower so he can eat naturally at a slower and healthier pace.


How does Whoa Buddy Bowl work?
The Whoa Buddy bowl is recommended for all breeds of dogs. It reduces the potential for dangerous coughing, choking, gas and vomiting. So get your dog a Whoa Buddy bowl and say good-bye to choking, vomiting, bloating and expensive vet bills.

Similar bowls cost as much as $50, but the Whoa Buddy bowl is far cheaper. It is dishwasher safe and comes in multiple colors. Get your dog a Whoa Buddy bowl and stop your dog from eating fast. Get him to eat healthy instead.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer – www.WhoaBuddy.com)
1 Whoa Buddy Bowl “As Seen On TV”



Reviews and Complaints
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Whoa Buddy Bowl Video


2 thoughts on “Whoa Buddy Bowl Review

  1. OK, our dog is CONSTANTLY on our loveseat. We have tried everything. So, I went to bed bath and beyond and bought the whoa buddy blanket. Put it on and guess what… our dog jumped right on it and laid down. She loved it! NOT what it was supposed to do! and guess what else… our cat, SAME THING!!!! loved it! ugh! packing it back up and taking it right back to the store. what a joke…

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