Ultimate Treat Bundle

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What is Ultimate Treat Bundle –

It is gift box jam-packed with treats for your dog. There are flossies, bone, knotted rope and tennis tugger and more treats


The perfect box of treats for your dog

Ultimate Treat Bundle promises to be the ultimate gift box packed with treats for your pet dog to make him one happy puppy and please him no matter how bratty he is. Ultimate Treat Bundle supposedly has 6-8” beef flossies, 3” G.I Bone, Chicken Stake Patties Tall Stack, Cowboy Cookout Sausage, Merrick food tasters, and a knotted rope with tennis tugger. The single box can supposedly serve the purpose of health and playtime for hours without you having to buy things individually.


Variety of healthy and fun goodies

There are supposedly six different goodies in Ultimate Treat Bundle – Flossies Spiral Dog Chew Treats is a natural and pure beef tendon that tastes yummy and has a special design to create friction against the teeth while gnawing to keep them clean and gums strong. The Merrick G.I. Bone Dog Chews apparently have beef flavored meat on the bones and are filled with protein. The 5 dried Merrick Chicken Steak Patties are believably perfect treats for an afternoon snack or reward. Merrick Cowboy Cookout Sausage Dog Treats of Ultimate Treat Bundle are said to be rich in Vitamins E and C to boost oxidant since they’re made from beef, oatmeal, apples, and fresh veggies. The food sample claims to have natural food with whole grains. The Cotton Rope with Tennis Tugger believably has various textures and lets you play tug-a-war or fetch or the dog can just gnaw at it.


    What do I get?

  • You get Ultimate Treat Bundle just for $64.99 + S/H.
  • Official website:helpingourpets.com

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