Twinkle Paws

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What is Twinkle Paws:

It is a night time cat mat that promises to keep your feline friend entertained for hours while you are sleeping.
Twinkle Paws promises to ensure that your cat is kept entertained at nights while you sleep comfortably. You want to make sure you offer your cat nothing but the best but you also know that she gets bored of her regular toys quite easily. You look forward to your sleep at nights but your cat wants attention and looks for playtime. Twinkle Paws assert that now you can let your cat have that fun without causing any disturbance to you.

Twinkle Paws and how it entertains your cat

Twinkle Paws is a night time mat that is touch activated and includes randomly flashing lights. These lights are responsible for bringing out the natural pouncing and hunting instincts in your cat. As it goes for this night mat for hours, it will not only be entertained but since it’s all quiet, you can sleep comfortably too. The fact that it is touch activated works in the favour of Twinkle Paws because it turns on automatically with a touch of a paw and shuts off when your cat is done playing.


Twinkle Paws is infused with catnip

That’s the secret behind the huge attraction of this night time mat for your cat. Because of the cat nip that’s infused in Twinkle Paws, your cat will just not have enough of it. It also emphasizes on the fact that you can use it during day time and make sure your cat stays out of trouble. Twinkle Paws maintains that it’s durable letting your cat get the best out of it because it is made with rip resistant durable nylon. It means your cat can have its new favourite toy for long.

Twinkle Paws offer a lot to your cats besides entertainment

The LED lights in Twinkle Paws flash in random pattern and that ensures that your cat never really gets bored of it, according to its claims. But there’s a lot more to this play mat than simple entertainment and fun for your cat. Playing with the mat works on its natural instincts while giving it plenty of exercise to stay fit like it should be. Twinkle Paws claims to be just perfect for cats of all ages; young and old. It also makes the perfect gift for all cat lovers.


What Do I Get?

  • You get Two Twinkle Paws mat for $14.99, plus $13.98 P&H.
  • Official website:
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