Thundershirt for Cats Review

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Do you love your pet? There are so many situations which can alarm or stress your pet; it could be travel, a new place or even strangers. You now, have the means to gently soothe your beloved pet with the amazing Thundershirt for Cats!


Thundershirt for Cats
The Thundershirt has already shown great results for pet dogs! Thundershirt for Cats can bring about wonders to a distressed cat! The superior design of the Thundershirt is aimed at the application of a gentle and constant pressure on your cat so that it experiences a soothing and calming effect, especially when it’s anxious or stressed. Its positive impact has been applauded by cat lovers and owners and veterinarians all over!

According to experts, the constant and gentle pressure applied by Thundershirt for Cats brings about a calming effect on your pet’s nervous system and induces the release of hormones that bring about a calming effect, like the endorphins and oxytocins. The benefits accrued by the use of pressure to bring about a calming effect, are well known; as in parents swaddling their babies to calm them down, using pressure to reduce anxiety in those with autism; children afflicted with certain behavioral issues have also used pressure shirts to increase their focus and relax them. Vets too, have been known to use pressure while administering vaccinations to cattle.

You can use the Thundershirt for Cats in many situations; when your cat exhibits general fearfulness, during regular grooming, for visits to the vet, when travelling by car and even litter box issues among many more situations. For more complex anxiety issues, you can also use it as a behavior modification tool. Usage is a generally two step process except in rare cases.

The first step involves initial fitting and conditioning and the second step involves the slipping on of the Thundershirt on to your cat when a possible anxiety trigger is likely or already present in the environment; it is easy to put on and take off because there’s no hassle of pulling anything over your pet or even putting their legs through leg holes. Sometimes, your pet might display the “Freeze and Flop” syndrome, wherein they will act as if they can’t move or may even fall over; but this is due to their ultra sensitive nature.

Help your pet to be calm and comfortable even in stress inducing situations with the helpful Thundershirt for Cats!



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2 thoughts on “Thundershirt for Cats Review

  1. Has it been studied and tested on cats?

    How effective is it?

    Does it work for kittens too?

    Does it work for all breeds of cats?

    Since the cats are very sensitive creatures, are there any negative side effects to the product?

    What material is it made up of?

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