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When you have a dog at home you love spending quality time with him. Going for walks with your dog is not only good for him but can be refreshing for you as well. But many dogs show anxiety on the roads, which can be tricky to handle. Thankfully now all dog owners have respite in the form of Thunderleash that can work wonders for your four legged companion. Thunderleash offers you a much simpler and no pull solution for your dogs and it’s been recommended by professional dog trainers to give you 100% satisfaction.

How does Thunderleash Work

The speciality hardware that’s been designed for Thunderleash is one of its major highlights and it can transform it from a standard leash into a no pull harness. Thus you won’t have to deal with those tricky harnesses that are so difficult to configure and work your way around. Thunderleash works well for your dog because of the configuration of the harness only puts gentle pressure on your dog’s torso when he pulls and that will stop him from pulling. That’s how Thunderleash works simply but effectively without the need for you to follow some difficult manoeuvres or being harsh on your dog at any rate.

Thanks to Thunderleash walking your dog will be a hassle free and pleasurable experience for the both of you. It’s extremely functional and can be used as a standard leash when you are out for a short walk with your dog and if he’s being well behaved. At times like these Thunderleash can be easily connected to your dog’s collar to work as a regular leash. But when your dog’s pulling or showing signs of anxiety on the road, you can wrap Thunderleash around his torso and slide it into the harness slot; it will work its charm on your dog.




What do I get?

  • Size small
  • Weight 12-25 LBS
  • Size large
  • Weight 25 LBS

Price $29.95 + Free shipping. Official website



Thunderleash Video

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