Thunder Treat

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Your dog is a part of your family and you are constantly worried about him, especially when you are away. Dogs suffer from many high-stress situations on a daily basis when they are out for walks or have to go to the vet. This stress can be difficult for them to cope with, which is why you want to find the best solution to calm them down. And that’s just what Thunder Treat claims to be for you. Thunder Treat has been designed to work well with the Thunder Toy so there’s slow release of calming effect for them.

How does Thunder Treat Work

Yes, Thunder Treat has been shaped in a way that it fits the Thunder Treat beautifully well. And the combination together offers your dog long lasting distraction benefits that will help reduce the anxiety your dogs face quite frequently. Thunder Treat contains ingredients like Lavender and Chamomile that are known to have a calming impact on your dogs, which is what gives strength to the claims made by it. And since these ingredients in Thunder Treat get released slowly they can keep your dog happy and calm easily up to an hour, which makes a lot of sense.

There are several other advantages of Thunder Treat according to the claims. To begin with it has all natural ingredients, which is something many of you want for your dogs today. Moreover you will be happy to find that Thunder Treat doesn’t have any wheat, corn or soya thus you know your dog’s wellbeing will not be compromised along the way. Thunder Treat is a hard treat in triangular shape that has the right impact on dogs as far as their anxiety related issues are concerned. They are also low calorie treats, made in the US, which puts your mind at rest.




What do I get?

  • 1 Thunder Treat

Price- $7.95 Official website



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