ThunderShirt Reviews and Complaints

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See if there is any bite behind the bark of the new rage – the Thundershirt. There are times when dogs get frightened, fearful, anxious, or over excited. Lay the Velcro laid fabric around a dog and see it magically fixed. Thundershirt has helped tens of thousands of dogs and is recommended by thousands of veterinarians and trainers around the world.

How does Thundershirt work?

The Thundershirt’s design is patent pending. The gentle yet constant pressure of the product provides a calming effect on anxious, frightened or over excited dogs. Experts believe that pressure has a calming effect on the nervous system and the practice has been around for years.

Thundershirt is a well-designed, inexpensive pressure wrap.

Medicines take a while to work to calm your dog down. Thundershirts work instantly. Your dog will be calm instantly as it thunders, when the vacuum cleaner comes on, or a soda bottle pops. It will seem as if your dog has undergone a psychic change.

Thunder Shirt Review

Larry Jackson who used the Thundershirt mentions in his review that your dog may be more nervous wearing this shirt than she was prior to purchasing it. The Thunder Shirt does not help a dog’s anxiety.

Priscilla Matthews complains in her Thundershirt review that it is nothing like the product pictured, the actual item is a darker green with lime green stripes, not the solid Kelly green as pictured. It is very disappointing. Next time, the Thunder Shirt Company should ensure that they put the correct product on picture.

Martha Lawrence cautions the buyers in her Thundershirt review that the Velcro could terrify your dog and once on, the shirt also does not calm anxiety.

Bob Lawson is not at all happy with his purchase. In his Thundershirt review Bob says unfortunately your dog may not be comfortable in it. He will keep trying to bite at the portion around the neck and the sharp edge at the end of the Velcro tape on the top layer of the neck flap may irritate his skin and give him a red rash! Returning it is better because it is not worth for him to be uncomfortable. Thundershirt should cut the Velcro tape with rounded edges so that there are not sharp points.

Ronald Michael explains in his Thundershirt review that if you think the Thunder Shirt will calm your dog then it doesn’t do the job. It did not help at all. Your dog may still shake and yelp/bark/cry. It will not help his crate anxiety.

Thunder Shirt FAQs

Q. Why is Thundershirt effective?
A. Thundershirt is a patent-pending design and a pressure wrap, which applies soft, continuous pressure to dog’s body. According to a survey, 80% of dogs that use Thundershirt show improvement in at least one anxiety symptom. Thundershirt works and it’s the reason it comes with a money-back guarantee.

Experts like Dr Temple Grandin believe pressure calms nervous system and this principle has been in use for years. Touch dog trainers use pressure for calming, vets use it to relax cattle when giving them vaccinations and autistic people use it to relieve anxiety.

And now there’s a cleverly designed pressure wrap to deal with dog anxiety.


Q. Why doesn’t my vet know about it?
A. Given the benefits of Thundershirt it has to be more widely used and there’s an outreach program underway to make it possible.


Q. Is special training required to use Thundershirt to relieve anxiety?
For most anxiety issues Thundershirt will work like a charm in the first usage itself. However some dogs might need 2-3 usages of Thundershirt to see results. For anxiety problems like separation issues, a dog trainer can be consulted to make the most of Thundershirt in the training program.


Q. What if my dog doesn’t show any improvement?
Thundershirt works in first use on many anxiety issues while others might see an elimination of anxiety symptoms in dogs after a couple of uses.

But for some reason if you are not happy with Thundershirt you can return it within 45 days and get a complete refund of the purchase price.


Q. How can Thundershirt be returned?
A. To do that you need to include sales order number or pack sheet marked with “Refund” at the top along with your Thundershirt and send it to Thundershirt, Customer Service, 905 Jackie Robinson Drive, Durham, NC 27701. Once the package is received, a credit of the purchase price amount will be made to your credit card within a week’s time. If the credit card cannot be processed, a refund check will be sent to you.


Q. What if my Thundershirt was bought from a store or retailer?
A. Then your Thundershirt should be returned at the place of purchase. However if you face any issues with that you can write to


Q. How can one exchange Thundershirt for a different size?
A. If your Thundershirt was purchased from Thundershirt company you can send your Thundershirt back with the order number or pack sheet to Thundershirt, Customer Service, 905 Jackie Robinson Drive, Durham, NC 27701. You need to mention the size you would like to have too. If you are exchanging an embroidered Thundershirt, you will be charged additional $10.

If your Thundershirt was bought from a store or a retailer you can contact the place of purchase and ask them for their exchange policy.


Can Thundershirt be washed and hair removed from fastener hooks?
A. Since Thundershirt is made out of washable, durable fabric you can wash it in a regular cycle and hang it to dry.

You can use a standard dog “slicker” brush to get rid of hair from fastener hooks.


Q. How long can my dog wear Thundershirt?
A. Thundershirt is safe for use by dogs, who can wear it for prolonged periods depending on the issue you are facing. It’s lightweight and has breathable fabric; so won’t overheat. Right sized Thundershirt will fit your dog comfortably but if you want to leave it on your dog for extended periods, you can be cautious and remove it initially and check for any irritation marks.


Q. How should Thundershirt be put on my dog?
A. Even when your dog is anxious, Thundershirt can be easily put on him.


Q. Are there different sizing considerations for male dogs?
A. When Thundershirt is put on a male dog, you need to make sure that the strap does not cover his prepuce or genitals or it could lead to irritation.


Q. What’s the best size Thundershirt for my dog?
A. You get Thundershirt in sizes XXL (> 110 LBS), XL (65 – 110 LBS), L (41 – 64 LBS), M (26 – 40 LBS), S (15 – 25 LBS), XS (8 – 14 LBS) and XXS (< 7 LBS). There’s a size table that you could refer to but if your dog has unusual proportions, you can factor that in when choosing the right size. However Thundershirt has been designed so that it wraps around your dog comfortably.


Q. Do I have to worry about Thundershirt overheating?
A. Overheating is not a concern with Thundershirt except for extreme conditions when temperatures are around 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Dogs use their mouths and paws to cool down and Thundershirt does not interfere with that because it’s made of breathable fabric. However If you notice any signs of overheating and symptoms like your dog breathing heavily, you are advised to remove the Thundershirt.


Colors Available

  • Heather Grey
  • Blue POLO($5 Extra)
  • Pink POLO ($5 Extra)

Thunder Shirt Features:

  • Drug Free
  • Easy to Use
  • Recommended by Thousands of Vets and Trainers

Thundershirts Uses

  • Fear of Thunder/ Fireworks
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Travel Anxiety
  • Crate Training
  • Problem Barking
  • Hyperactivity
  • Leash Pulling

How to put it on
Thundershirt was developed to be easy to put on. Just lay it over your dog’s back and secure with the chest and torso straps. The Velcro fasteners make Thundershirt very adjustable to many different body shapes.

Thundershirt has helped many types of dogs and is recommended by veterinarians and trainers around the world. They are the best solution for dog anxiety.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
Get the ThunderShirt in your choice of color and size for just $35.99 + S/h.


Thunder Shirt Video

13 thoughts on “ThunderShirt Reviews and Complaints

  1. This is just a reminder for your company. We have a full blooded Border Collie and have had her since 8 weeks old born April 1, 2020. She needed something to calm her down so I bought the Thundershirt Polo and it does work but she had worn it 2 days after the time at beginning when we worked as the directions said put on for short times to begin, and she managed to chew a hole next to one of the vel-cro straps. Do not know if you have something with the patent that she could not reach the straps. Do not know if the one we have will be able to be fastened but the shirt does work.

  2. I thought about getting one of these but started to REALLY ANALYZE what this product is. What a dog hears has nothing to do with what they feel with a pressure dressing on them–especially when they are alone. I would be VERY concerned with putting anything that ‘compresses’ an animal—that can make an animal uncomfortable–and as vets often say often—animals often act like everything is o.k. when it is not when trying to please their human. I have experienced this and it made me sad and way more understanding of their nature.

    I feel bad for animals having to be beholden to what humans want to make money from when HEARING a SUPER LOUD SOUND has NOTHING to do with ‘feeling a big hug!’ It has to do with being able to HEAR a SUPER LOUD SOUND and not understanding what it is when animals are VERY SENSITIVE TO SOUND and hear what we CANNOT—so think of how alarming hearing fireworks or horns or guns going off will be for them ESPECIALLY without you there–which is mentioned in their ad—when having you there to love them and tell them everything is o.k. is what they really need—their human to be there—would it make you feel better to have a compression sweater on while hearing gunfire or fireworks or loud sounds outside and being ALONE?

    And any cloth will hold in heat to a degree especially because their fur is already an insulator and protector–no different than if a human puts on a compression lightweight jacket of same material. Think about it. For me, this item preys on people’s genuine want to make their pets ‘feel’ better but undercuts and plays with the understanding of what animals go through with true anxiety and worry and fear—something they need us to be there for.

    For those who get relief from this—-just make sure you are really in touch with what your animal is going through and not just trying to make short of something that requires more than a simple garment that an animal won’t understand anyway why it is on them and if they were out on a walk and heard a loud noise out of nowhere, hold the leash tight and get ready to make them feel safe because that SOUND will mean more to them than the garment will—which is why I think this is a total SCAM for the mostpart.

  3. My Pomeranian would have anxiety attacks during thunderstorms, fireworks, or gun fire (we like to target practice at our property). He would tremble and whimper and try to call up onto my shoulders and under my hair. He would not keep still. It was very upsetting to me to see him this way and not be able to console him, not matter what I did.

    I was skeptical about buying the Thunder Shirt but decided to take my chances. I bought it last year and I am blown away with what a difference it made. He sleeps right through thunderstorms and fireworks. I used to be afraid to leave him home alone, in case a storm broke out, but that is no longer a concern. He is totally and completely calm during storms, gunfire and fireworks. He’s like a different dog!

    I suppose, as with people, all dogs are different and the reason they freak out over loud noises is different with each one. Whatever the cause was for my dog, the Thunder Shirt worked BEAUTIFULLY. He actually likes wearing it!! He’s got it on right now.

  4. Total waste of cloth and money. Used it tonight while neighbors were celebrating New Year’s Eve. My dog was whimpering and nervous at the fireworks (just like always) as she wore the shirt.

    • Product is a scam. Doesn’t help a dog that has issues with any type of weather! Don’t waste your money!!!

  5. I was given the thunder shirt so I have nothing invested my mastiff mix was very aggressive at thunder he barked and was agitated at the door once I used the thunder shirt his agitation and barking stopped He might let a growl or two out during a storm but I would recommend this to anyone who has a dog that has problems with thunderstorms and living in Arizona during monsoon is a great test for Thunder shirt thank you Cathy Davison

  6. Our dogs both get anxious with loud noises, fireworks, thunder etc. The corgi/chi mix would pant pace and shake uncontrollably. I bought one for each dog, That very eve we had a storm. He sat there on the porch with us and watched the storm with no concern. I am sold and officially a big fan. I feel bad I did not get it for him sooner!

  7. We have a 3yr old female Yorkie that gets very upset by loud noises rain, thunder, fireworks, etc. decided to try the Thundershirt. Amazing product! Could not believe the difference in her behavior. Still pants and shakes when loud crack of thunder but compared to what she is like without it there is no comparison.
    Have owned it almost a year and now as soon as it starts raining she immediately finds me and walks me to the closet that holds stores her leash and Wags her tail like crazy when she sees the Thundershirt come out. Going to order one for my male Yorkie who has an issue with excessive barking to see if it works for him.

  8. My 106# German shepherd has fear issues which we have mostly overcome with training, exercise, etc. However, he is fearful of my son who had & loved GSD all his life. My son & dog have never been alone together for even a moment so it’s not a question of abuse. We got this GSD as a 7.5 week old puppy, and I’ve been owned by GSD for 57 years.

    We bought the Thundershirt 2 weeks ago, and it’s like a miracle has happened. My dog is not stressed for several days after my son’s visit to our home like he used to be. Now, he actually will go to my son and sniff him when son isn’t looking. Since we’ve been using the Thundershirt, our dog can eat his meals the same day of our son’s visit. He would go without eating during the cool-down stress period before we used the Thundershirt. Thundershirt may not work for all dog issues, but I truly do recommend it so far as we have used it. Thank you, Thundershirt.

  9. My daughter’s Blue Heeler is 1 year old and is full of energy. She sits at the front window and barks at anyone walking down the street. She runs all over the house and is very rambunctious. She was diagnosed with a luxating patella and is restricted from exercise and is on a diet. We went to the store and bought a Thunder Shirt for Zelda and her reaction was immediate and amazing. As soon as we put it on, she visibly calmed and is SO laid back. It’s like day and night. I’m hopeful for a full recovery of her knee problem, thanks to the Thunder Shirt. Also, keep in mind this method doesn’t help ALL dogs, but about 85 per cent do find comfort from the shirt.

  10. Well…….I heard from people that this was the answer to a barking dog. I thought wonderful…….no sprays no pain etc.

    I ordered the thunder shirt….while my dog doesn’t mind the shirt, she can open the top strap……and she barks more now than any time. I will give it a few days or weeks……….but it was a little expensive to not work….later comments to follow.

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