Thunder Leash

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What is Thunder Leash?

Thunder Leash is an innovative leash you can use to walk your dog without the hassle of pulling and tugging at it. It is designed to make the chore of walking the dog enjoyable, convenient and comfortable.

Stop your dog from taking you for a walk

Thunder Leash promises to ease the challenge of constant pulling and tugging that most dog owners have to put up with while taking the pet for a walk. To find a solution to this problem, some spend a lot of money on trainers. Sometimes even the best of breeds cannot be tamed. If walking a dog is more like a tug of war or if the dog is taking you for a walk or rather a run, Thunder Leash may be just what you need. The makers of Thunder Leash claim that there will be no more tugging and pulling at the leash from your pet anymore and it will be completely under your control.


The power of Thunder Leash

Thunder Leash states that it effectively reigns in your pet as it been designed to work as soon as it’s strapped on to it. Thunder Leash applies safe pressure around the dog’s chest so it stops pulling and walk at the same pace as the person walking it. All one needs to do is hook it onto the dog’s collar, strap it around the dog’s torso, which gently encourages the dog to stop pulling and jumping. The Thunder Leash asserts that it secures and soothes the dog owing to which it calms down and behaves itself. It works, and you will see that even the biggest dog will walk by your side and not take you for a walk instead.

No bulky equipment

The Thunder Leash converts within seconds from a regular leash into a no-pull solution without any additional equipment. It has a padded handle which contours to your hand and its buckles adjust quickly and smoothly allowing for the dog’s comfort. Thunder Leash guarantees that its ingenious design will surely put your dog at ease and set you in control.

What do I get?

You get one Thunder Leash and toy for $29.99.Official website


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