Perfect Dog Command Collar Should you buy it?….Find out here

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Dogs can be really annoying when it comes to taking them out for a walk. They run around at anything and everything leaving you to chase them or keep on pulling the leash to handle their behavior. If let loose they would run haywire and dash into something. Some of them keep jumping all the time and some have an annoying habit of barking all the time. Such embarrassing or annoying habits of dogs cannot be tamed by regular training. To find a solution for such issues, world renowned dog trainer Don Sullivan a.k.a The Dog-Father has come up with Perfect Dog Command Collar.


Perfect Dog Command Collar
Training a dog to follow each and every command can be a task even with regular trainers. Don Sullivan has studied different behaviors of dogs over his career to come up with Perfect Dog Command Collar to help owners take better control of their dog in a natural way. The command collar is like a belt but unlike other halters and harnesses does not harm the dog when it tries to get away. It has the ability to turn the nastiest dogs to obey and follow all commands without the need of force or frustration.

Perfect Dog Command Collar works amazingly because of the scientific design which is a interlocking mechanism mimicking a mother dog’s natural corrective process which generally teaches them to maintain harmony and order. It teaches the dog not to pull and makes the walk with the dog pleasant and also makes it obey all commands with just one tug. The collar is easily adjustable since it is made up of quick fit links making it an universal collar for any sized dog be it a puppy, Mastiff or a Doberman.

Perfect Dog Command Collar gets every dog owner a dream of having a well behaved and happy dog within minutes. With the purchase of this amazing collar, the buyers will be gifted with a Don Sullivan’s “30 Minutes to the Perfect Dog” DVD which helps you train your dog for basic commands like stay down; wait and house train them easily apart from help in correcting their jumping and barking.



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8 thoughts on “Perfect Dog Command Collar Should you buy it?….Find out here

  1. Having tried The Perfect Dog Command Collar, I have concluded that I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. This dog collar is exactly the same as a standard prong collar, except for the fact that that it’s made from plastic and doesn’t look like a traditional prong. Like a regular prong, this has a limited-slip (martingale) type design that tightens around and does nothing more.

    I feel that the plastic it’s made from is rather troublesome. I’d never be comfortable with a collar made of plastic or nylon having a plastic buckle. A 75 lbs German Shepherd trying to lunge with this dog collar around its neck is sure to break. What works against this dog collar is the fact that its plastic points seem a lot sharper than the rounded metal prongs on
    a good quality prong collar.

    I am against the commercials of The Perfect Dog Command Collar as they wrongly show that a traditional prong collar can pop a balloon. I feel this dog collar will do the same if you give it a tug. It’s a complete waste of money, so if you need a prong-type collar to control your dog, purchase a real one from a quality manufacturer instead.

  2. The Perfect Dog Command Collar is nothing more than a new version of the pinch/prong collar. Though it does help, there’s nothing exceptional about it. A real prong collar would actually be much sturdier than this dog collar. Its features are hyped, such as “freedom line” which is just a long line with a clip that you can make yourself too. At the most, I feel it’s a recycling of Koehler/ Cesar Milan type training and no great secret. If you prefer Koehler-type training, get hold of the original book by Koehler or look at other methods too, like the obedience classes.

  3. The Perfect Dog Command Collar doesn’t offer anything new and so isn’t really better than a book on training dogs or than the Internet. If you are willing to invest some money, opt for a consultation with a trainer. She/ He will see you and your dog and accordingly develop the best plan, unlike a common arrangement devised for all.

  4. Though The Perfect Dog Command Collar has been hailed as a revolutionary dog training system, I haven’t seen anything new in it. If you are sharp and alert enough, you’ll see through its tall claims and realize that the training it provides is very much like others. Even the dog collar isn’t anything exceptional. If you look really close, you’ll realize that its collar is a type of “pinch” or prong collar. It makes you feel that if you can’t control dogs and coax them to behave, you can resort to force them to obey with a specially designed collar.

  5. Review Perfect Dog Command Collar

    Does Perfect Dog Command Collar really help in making dogs obey commands?

    Is it a natural way to tame dogs and does not hurt them?

    Does it really mimic a mother dog’s mechanism?

    Is it flexible to fit to a dog of any size?

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