Texas Fullhouse Dog Treats

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What is Texas Fullhouse Dog Treats

It is a mix of wonderful treats for dogs that consists of Merrick’s Premium Beef Lung Filets and Merrick Cowboy Sausages. It is an assortment that is 100% fresh and American made.

Assortment treats for dogs:

Texas Fullhouse Dog Treats proclaims to provide a literal full house of assorted high quality dog treats that are full of protein. Dogs are the most loved member of every family and taking care of what they eat is also quite important. Treats can form a way to start training them or rewarding them. Texas Fullhouse Dog Treats promises to be the best treat that would be required in order to train your dog and provide a burst of energy during training. It is said to be universally designed to suit small puppies to senior dogs. Texas Fullhouse Dog Treats convinces that it is an enjoyable treat that can be broken into multiple treats due to the softer consistency in its ingredient and its texture. The best part of Texas Fullhouse Dog Treats is emphasized to be the mixed bag that comes with 2 full bags of Merrick’s Premium Beef Lung Filets and 3 Merrick Cowboy Sausages.


Quality treats:

Texas Fullhouse Dog Treats asserts that the quality of the treat is great because it comprises of Merrick’s treats which are known for dog treats across the nation. Dogs love natural food and that is why the entire process of making Texas Fullhouse Dog Treats is promised to be scientifically formulated. It also guarantees that the treats become delicious with no unnecessary fillers in it. Also for the safety of dogs Merrick’s recipe consists of USDA-inspected real meat that has essential amino acids that are good for pets. Texas Fullhouse Dog Treats claims that there is no additional ingredient in form of artificial sweeteners, colors or preservatives or sources from any other place but America. This ensures that the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that provide energy and the fruits and vegetables used for the making of Texas Fullhouse Dog Treats are quite fresh and safe for the consumption.


What Do I Get?

  • You will receive two bags of Merrick’s Premium Beef Lung Filets and 3 Merrick Cowboy Sausages! For $44.99+S&H.
  • Official website: pettreats4less.com
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