Sunny Seat Reviews and Complaints

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Cats all over the world love to bask in the sun. That is why we have created the new Sunny Seat. The Sunny Seat can be put on the window allowing your cat to enjoy the warm sunlight and view of nature. Simply mount Sunny Seat on glass windows and doors in seconds with its extra wide industrial-strength suction cups.


How does Sunny Seat work?
This cat bed does not take up floor space and it is the one bed your cat will actually use. The Sunny Seat allows your cat to nap or keep busy, and stay up high enjoying active stimulation and play, and also helps them to stay off your furniture.

You will love seeing your cats bask in the sun, enjoy the view and even sleep better in the sunlight. The Sunny Seat holds up to an astonishing 50 LBS of bricks easily. With its industrial-strength suction cups it can hold even the heaviest of cats, so you can assure your cat is safe, warm and content.

The Sunny Seat is ideal for apartments, kitchens and even when you travel. So take it anywhere you take your cat for perfect use. Get rid of that big ugly cat bed and get Sunny Seat. You and your cat will love the Sunny Seat. It is great for multiple cats too.

On going through infomercials, Sunny Seat Cat Bed really caught my eye but knowing these products I had to be sure before purchasing it. I searched on the internet with the keywords “Sunny Seat Cat Bed Reviews” and was glad to get a host of links that were returned as search engine results. On visiting couple of top links I was left frustrated and even angry. The sites gave a five star rating to the product, which wasn’t a problem but the fact that it had a Buy Now button all over the page. The button redirected to the manufacturers site and I knew that these reviews may be just some kind of promotional sites after all.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer –

  • 2 Sunny Seats
  • 1 Laser Toy
  • All this for $19.99 + $15.98 shipping/handling.



Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


Sunny Seat Video


11 thoughts on “Sunny Seat Reviews and Complaints

  1. I bought my cats a Sunny Seat for Christmas and just tried to put it up tonight. Although the assembly was relatively easy; I did have some issue with the fabric. I had to struggle with it for a bit, it did not “simply slide on” as the instructions said. After that, I cheerfully cleaned my cat’s favorite window and prepared to set up the seat. To my dismay, the Sunny Seat is too wide for my windows. Any of them. I’m very disappointed. With no way to adjust the seat, I’m stuck with a useless piece of plastic and suction cups. Poor planning on the company’s part. “Can stil to any window”. Hogwash!

  2. We’ve never had problem with the suction cups, other than after a year in our south-facing window the cups started looking funky, which is why we bought a new one.

    Our problem was with the cloth cover. The first one held up great, but the new one started coming apart at the seam after just a couple of months. Thank goodness I had washed the old one, so we just put on the old one.

    As for the suction cups — all I can say is that the instructions state the window must be clean; also, if you move it from one window to another, you should probably make sure the suction cups are clean as well.

  3. My hubby and I got this Sunny Seat for our 9 week old kitten Bellatrix and she loves it because our dogs and 2 year old can’t reach her, but while she was laying on it one of the suction cups fell and and I got to her before the whole thing fell. This piece of crap is going back. It falls even when nothing is on it.

  4. Sunny Seat Cat Bed did not work at all. Very disappointed. We put it on our glass on our 4 seasoned porch and it has fell about 5 times now. I think even without them being on it. The suction cup thing is just not a good idea. I have the suction cup things in my bathroom for my razor and it fall all the time.

  5. I bought the Sunny Seat for my boyfriend’s cat and he absolutely loved it! He would not come down unless he needed to eat or use the litter box so I thought it was a great purchase until for some reason the suction cups didn’t stick to the window anymore, we’ve tried to put it back up and it would come down if the cat even tried to get on it or just on its own… it’s really a bad purchase, I wouldn’t recommend it to any cat owner, not only is it expensive but shipping costs are outrageous and you don’t even get it right away, ours arrived like 3 months after I ordered it and that was because I kept calling and yelling at the company employees. Do not buy!!!

  6. BEWARE! Before you buy it, check the shipping cost. It didn’t show the shipping total until after you click purchase and then you realized that they charge more for the shipping cost than the product themselves.

  7. the sunny seat worked great on our big picture window, but when placed it on a smaller double pained window the suction shattered the window! We are sending our sunny seats back this is b.s.

  8. The Sunny Seat is great! My mom’s 2 grey tabby cats love to lounge on it together, and it’s definitely strong enough to hold both of them at the same time. They love the high perch to watch birds outside the window and it keeps the furniture from getting covered with fur. Here’s a funny video I saw showing the sunny seat holding a 5 year old kid

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