StopTrax Kitty Litter Containment System

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About StopTrax Kitty Litter Containment System

It is a litter containment system for cats that removes and collects litter granules from their paws systematically. It is designed as a modular grid and tray system which helps you keep your home clean.


Sparkling clean home even with a kitty home!

StopTrax Kitty Litter Containment System could be the perfect solution for you if you own a cat but still don’t know how to get rid of the litter it comes home with in its paws. This litter containment system claims that it’s the best way to have a cat litter-free home quickly and without any hassle.

The secret- smart design and intelligent system

StopTrax Kitty Litter Containment System is designed in such a way that it extracts mud from your cat’s paws and simultaneously ensures it is collected in the tray below. It is constructed as a modular grid and tray system with a deep grid design, which first spreads the cat’s toe pads to extract trapped litter granules in between fall the tray placed under it. The litter containment system guarantees that no dirt will soil the floor of your home or expensive carpets and cause inconvenience to you. It functions like a mat on which cats can simply rub their paws and enter home with clean feet.

No more slogging and wasting time cleaning home

The designers of StopTrax Kitty Litter Containment System assure you that if you keep it at home you can save all the time you have to spend clearing way cat’s litter. You will also not feel exhausted anymore cleaning the mess manually.


Removes virtually all litter

This special litter containment system claims that it cleans virtually all litter from spreading all over your home. It is also easy to use as all you have to do is set it on the floor. You could place it at the doorstep so that when your cat steps on it, its paws will be cleaned instantly and the debris will be deposited in the tray placed below.

Compatible with all

This litter containment system works with any cat, any type of cat litter and any litter box. It is also available in four colors, blue, white, almond and black for you to choose from.


    What do I get ?

  • Buy 5 and get the 6 amazing StopTrax just for for just $59.95.
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