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Have you ever noticed the amount of hair your pets leave in the room and on your clothes when you are petting them? Even with constant cleaning smaller things like the cookie crumbs go unnoticed and stay unclean. All the vacuum cleaners cannot literally reach every far end of the room or even the densest part of any carpet. These can be frustrating times when there is no way to clean all this mess easily. But now there is a solution to cleaning all such kinds of trash using Sticky Buddy.


Sticky Buddy

Sticky Buddy is a latest invention for cleaning things and places which needs finer details. As its name suggests it has a sticky solution on its pad but is not really gooey in nature. Designed on a simple roller the glue coating is powerful enough to make cat hair, dog hair, cat litter, bird seed remains, etc. stick to it with ease. The coating on Sticky Buddy is designed in such a way that it can remove the pet remains from any kind of fabric be it cotton, nylon, leather and even on silk and suede without damaging their quality.

The uses of Sticky Buddy are not limited for pet remains collection but can also be used to clean the house and furniture from dust. It can be easily be used to clear and clean the dining table of any food crumbs. It can also be used on the couches to clear dust linings forming on them which are difficult to clean using a vacuum. The car interiors can get dirty and unclean especially if kids are riding along. Sticky Buddy can clean such car interiors easily with excellent results making it look fresh and new all the time.

Sticky Buddy comes with an added advantage of having small sized array of rubber fingers with the same sticky coating for the purpose of reaching deeper areas on carpets and couches. These rubber fingers can also be readily used to groom and comb pets. Sticky Buddy comes in two different sizes, one a regular Sticky Buddy and the smaller Sticky Buddy. The smaller hand held sticky buddy can be used as a travel companion and has a design that reaches sharp corners like the ones between walls and flooring easily. For a limited time offer the regular Sticky Buddy comes with a handheld Sticky Buddy absolutely free.



What do I get?

  • 2 Large Sticky Buddies
  • 2 Small Sticky Buddies

All this for just $10.00 + $13.98 s/h. Official website


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108 thoughts on “Sticky Buddy Review

  1. ***DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY***I bought Sticky Buddy, tried it and was immediately disappointed in the disparity between how little it picked up compared to the regular tape rollers. This was in direct contradiction to the Sticky Buddy commercials. Also, I was grossly overcharged. I thought I was going to be charged $10.00, then $6.99 shipping, then $6.99 for another set. That totals $23.98. Instead I was billed $59. They were only willing to credit me with $10 and said KEEP IT! Then when I pushed, the man – Kelly, said, well, you can pay for the shipping and send it in with all your information and a letter then we will refund your money. I’m not so sure I believe them, but I’ll try this method. I’ll let you know if I get my money credited.

  2. I bought the Sticky Buddy and used it and it worked great, the first it is not ‘sticky” at all…after the first time using it, i rinsed it with warm water and let air dry…still no good…no stickiness to it..not even tacky!

    Did I really just waste my money?

  3. Bought mine at a flower show 2 years ago. Worked fine until they got dirty. So, as the directions say, I washed them with dish washing liquid. Squirted soap all over the roller, lathered up with my hand, rinced. Lots of dirt comes off. Repeat. Let dry. Works like new. Will they last forever? No, but I’m going to get my moneys worth out of mine.

  4. I read Janet’s comment on washing the sticky buddy with detergent,so I thought I’d give it a try. I soaked them in Ajax dish-washing soap for about an hour. Then rinsed them good and let them dry for a few hours.I couldn’t believe it,they were good as new, I also scrubbed them with a soft kitchen brush before I rinsed. They had been laying in the junk drawer for a month. Thanks Janet.’.


  5. I tried sticky buddy for about 6 weeks, and thought it was the greatest for removing lint and dog fur. But to my disappointment Sticky Buddy stopped working after the six weeks. Initially I was so impressed with the product I threw away my proof of purchase and the box. Now I have a sticky Buddy that doesn’t stick!

  6. I was as frustrated as everyone with both the Sticky Buddy and Mr. Sticky. I almost gave up but then read that the products work so well they become coated in non visible particulates in the air, rendering them NON STICKY. The solution is to wash them with detergent! Both products work as good as new now 🙂

    These reusable rollers have their use but, like most items, are not the perfect tool for all situations. I am very happy with the Sticky products but I still use a tape roller and vacuum cleaner as needed.

  7. I purchased a sticky buddy at Walmart. I have 2 cats and the “toothed” part of it works well to use as a brush and remove their excess fur. However, the roller part doesn’t work on fabric as well as you advertise. I can’t just rinse the sticky buddy in warm water to clean it. I have to use a wet rag to get it clean. I am not satisfied with your product. Unfortunately, I purchased the sticky buddy more than 30 days ago so I am not eligible to get a refund. Although, I did want to let you know that I am very disappointed with the sticky buddy, and I will not recommend it. Thank you.

    • I also was not impressed by the sticky buddy. I saw the commercial one night, and the next day I purchased one as soon as I saw it in an Rite Aid. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to use it. When I arrived home and tested it, I was so disappointed that it did not rinse well and all so very easy as advertised on t.v. I would definitely NOT recommend it to anyone as clearly this appears to be FALSE ADVERTISING!!!! and is not as simple as they make it APPEAR to be on television!!!!!

  8. I had the same problem…worked first few times and now there isn’t any sticky left. I also had a hard time to wash the hair off….when it did pick up things the first few times. I am going to return this Sticky Buddy as soon as I get back to the store. Bought in Boscov’s

    • I also wanted to add that I did check this product out at our local news program…where they test products…and it is called…Do They Really work ? The answer they came up with was…Yes.. So that is why I purchased this product at Boscov’s. And yes, it did work the first few times, but after that it loses its stickiness and it doesn’t pick anything up.

      And as I am reading the other customer’s reviews, I see I am not the only dissatisfied patron.

      Next time I will check out the product reviews online cause I will not trust their results anymore.

  9. I was excited to try this Sticky Buddy as I have two yellow labs that shed constantly, & I hate to bring out the vacuum every time. I am so disappointed in this roller!! After 3 or 4 times of using it and following the directions exactly there is no sticky left. I bought it in June and I feel taken for paying $9.99. I don’t need another thing that doesn’t work. I would like to know how to get my money returned!!!

    • Not sure, If you can get your money back after 3 months of use. There is a 30-day money back guarantee. Here is the customer service number, try your luck. Let us know if you got back your money.

      Telebrands Customer Care
      Sticky Buddy
      79 Two Bridges Road
      Fairfield, NJ 07004

      1-800-777-4034 (M-F 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time)

    • Yeah I got Sticky Buddy just today and guess what. second time getting the hair off its not sticky and I dried it off and it’s all dry and crap but not sticky, what really sucks is the shipping cost was $16.99 plus $10.00 for the product so I paid $26.99 and the web site would not let me go back to cancel it I say this sucks never get this.

  10. I purchased a sticky buddy at the Big E in Mass. and the big roller broke during the first use. I called and they said I would have to drive 3 hrs. back to replace it. That is not what I was told. Has anybody else had this issue.

  11. this is the biggest waste of money ever! I bought one and it worked good 1 TIME only. I followed the instructions carefully and it still did not work at all. I decided it was defective so I bought another one…SAME THING! worked 1 time and no more. I am very dissatisfied with it and I DO NOT recommend it.

    • Thanks for letting me know about this. I almost bought one today but wanted to check the reviews first. Not buying one now thanks to your review! Sorry you wasted your money on a piece of junk. Maybe you can return if you still have the receipt.

  12. I would not order over the phone or website. I have read more horror stories about people getting their credit or debit card charged for more than one. It just seems like a hot mess when you order and give your credit card. The safe way is to always try Wal-mart or Wal-greens they seem to sell a lot of as seen on TV products and then you do not have to pay shipping and if you dont like it you can return it. Please GUYS try them 1st before you give out your credit card information.

  13. Bought at Pet Smart and returned the same day. Brushing and vacuuming first then rubbing down duct tape and pulling up the stubborn still the best solution.

  14. I received mine from a girlfriend as a gift because she felt I really needed it for having five cats. The first couple of days I really liked it. Then with each use, I became frustrated with having to use the sink and wasting so much water. Then about the end of the week, I start noticing that the fur DOES NOT come off so easily without me working at pulling the fuzz off…in turn wasting alot of water and clearing the drain. Water really is too precious to waste. On top of that, my hands are getting too much time under running water. I will give this maybe another week and it might end up in the garbage. I WILL ALSO ASSUME MY WATER BILL WILL EDGE UP SOME.

    • I am also adding that I get more mileage from the $1 lint rollers from the Dollar Stores. And did I mention…no plumbing bills or products?

  15. It is good for the first 4 or 5 times you use it. After that the stickiness is gone never to return. I called them after the 1st one lost it’s stickiness and they replaced it with another one. Same thing happened and I called them again. This time they said they couldn’t replace it because the order was over 30 days old. This product is an absolute rip-off.

  16. STICKY BUDDY STINKS!! Extremely disappointed with this useless crap. Plus–their tricky website ordered me more than I wanted. “Start Order” SENT my order, with no opportunity to confirm. I’m keeping them for a yard sale because no refund on shipping means I’d lose even more money to send them back. I WILL NEVER, EVER, BUY FROM TELEBRANDS AGAIN.

    • SAME thing with me Denise! They snagged my order without my confirming that I wanted it! I was HOT and canceled the order! And after reading these reviews I’m glad I did!

  17. …Sticky Buddy…

    Took about 8 weeks to arrive but as for if it works.., yes it does! Have been using mine everyday for about 5 weeks now.., and it works great… However.., you do need to keep rinsing and drying to use… But here is a trick.., you can rinse it and dry it by using it… Works good that way… Apart from that.., I have noticed that you should NOT use hot water.., this will hurt it… So I tried the infomercial thing with the nickels… Lol.., that was funny.., but yeah the thing is sticky enough to pick up nickels… I wish they made this device more sticky.., but as for right now.., it is OK by me.

  18. So glad to read these Sticky Buddy reviews. One thing I learned about products, is that if their service is not good, nothing else counts. A good product is backed up with good service. If just ordering this product is this much of a problem. I can only imagine that the product is not going to be worth the trouble.

    • I found the Sticky Buddy at Target. for $10 it does not pick up my cat hair like it shows in the commercial. but as for my cats they love it when i comb them.

      I only had it for 2 days. I will give it a try if not I can always return it to Target.

  19. After 2 postcards saying I would receive my order in 30 days, I received another card today stating that my order has been cancelled. There was no explanation, just a statement that they are unable to ship the product, and that they are sorry for the inconvenience. So, I must conclude that all of you complaining about the Sticky Buddy’s performance are crazy, since it obviously doesn’t really even exist.

  20. Yes, Sticky-Buddy works amazingly well, and is so easy to clean. Sure, I had to go through the long litany of extra ads on the phone before the recorded voice finally said “we’re done” and assured me that my single order for the Sticky-Buddy was in the System. Mostly I pressed the “0” key on my phone pad to escape from message-to-message until the cycle was through, and it did take ten minutes, ugh! But the product arrived and works perfectly to clean pet-hair off my carpets & upholstery–things my vacuum-cleaner can’t reach or leaves behind. One complaint: you have to let it dry from cleaning-to-cleaning, and that takes extra time–on the TV ads they make it look easy but you’ll notice that they don’t try to use the wet Sticky-Buddy after the rinse because then it doesn’t work. Good thing you get two with the order, because one dry Sticky-Buddy probably isn’t enough to handle most real-life situations.

  21. Well, I’ve given up. I ordered mine many, many weeks ago. Received the postcard that they’re on back order (I believe after an email I also received). Said I would not be charged until it was shipped. Just received an email saying “We tried to process your order, but your credit card was declined” Really? That’s interesting – there’s money on there to be spent and it’s not expired, I haven’t moved in the last 7 years, etc.. So, after waiting this long – I give up. What a crock!

  22. Did not get what I ordered!! And when I called to get my money back was offered $5.00 refund for my trouble. I should have known better!!

    • Just got mine in today and tried it. I knew my wife was wrong for ordering these dumb inventions from tv. It picked up some of the hair off clothes and couches and then let some of the hair go. Better off using a pet hair brush with a vacuum for stubborn hair. other then that my regular vacuum picks up everything else.

    • I have 2. How stupid is that. Neither one works at all, worked first time and never again, hope this helps, don’t waste your money. The ones from the dollar store work better.

  23. I ordered Sticky Buddy a while back received a post card saying I would have to wait another six weeks. I am still waiting, what the hell is going on? I see that others have the same problem. Please let me know if they have been shipped or when they will ship. You should not be advertising a product that you cant get!! please reply.

    • Same exact scenario for me too Lisa…except after all the wait, I just received another postcard informing me that my order was cancelled for no apparent reason and if I had paid by check…I apparently would now be waiting another couple months on a REFUND ???

      But YET we have to endure the same ole commercial over and over again….IF THEY CANT FILL THE ORDERS, THEY SHOULD NOT ADVERTISE !!!

  24. I will admit, sticky buddy does work as shown on TV. You do have to continuously rinse and dry it off, but still works after. Warning though, do not order this by phone. I’m not sure if you can order on line yet or not. I tried to order on line several times but couldn’t get to ordering page. Which I think is a ploy so you have order by phone. I was on the phone for a half hour listening to more and more sales pitches. They do all of this after you give them your information. So I called Telebrands after and explained to them I was tired of listening to sales pitches for several different items. Wanted to make sure that my order went through for 1 sticky buddy.

    The gentleman assured me that my order did not get through and to try again. At which time I stated forget it I can’t order on line for some unknown reason and I wasn’t willing to go through all the telemarketing again. Several weeks went by and I got 5 cards by mailed for 1 sticky buddy each, thats 5 sticky buddies, and that they are backordered and will be shipped when they get them. It said if you want to cancel sign bottom of card and mail back. I did so that same day because I didn’t like the idea of them lying to me when I called after the order and they assured me order was not received. 15 days later I get 5 emails saying my orders were shipped and I checked with my bank and because they were pending the only thing I could do is return packages when I receive them and wait for refunds. I will return here and let you know if I got my money refunded. In my opinion, this is a bad and deceptive way of doing business. And yes, I have already reported them to BBB.

  25. First off I ordered this over a month ago with my debit card from the website. “sigh”. I’m actually scared to try and figure out how much I was charged. Second off they still haven’t come yet. WTH?

  26. Don’t know if it a scam but waiting three weeks for a product is kind of dump. If I have to wait a fourth week just report it and get money back.

  27. Went to the site right after I saw the TV ad. It said its $10 plus $13.95 shipping but that’s not the part that scared me, it was the page that asks for your credit card information BEFORE giving you a total. That for me is a scam waiting to happen.

  28. I just want to know if the product works or doesn’t work. If it works, I will handle the ordering issues on my own.

  29. I called and ordered the sticky buddy. After giving my credit card info, I was waiting for a confirmation number…so I waited through a bunch of advertising trying to het me to buy everything from amethyst earings to credit protection to animal health insurance…having to press 0 for no and then 2 for no…on and on this went. Finally they asked for my e-mail ifo to let me know when it has shipped…still trying to get a conf number…more and more selling recordings….I finally gave up. I hope I get what I paid for and I hope I only get charged what I’m supposed to. After the call I just wanted to grab that idiot from the commercial and beat his silly head against the corner of a table before kicking his teeth in.

  30. For those wondering if Sticky Buddy works, IT DOESN’T. It’ll work on your first try and then it’s ready for the trash can.

    • Whatever Dick….I am sure you are using it wrong…
      And I know you don’t have one yet because they haven’t shipped any!

      If you want customer service go to my website I will make sure you know how to use it properly.

      Tylor Ross

      • WHAT EVER Taylor ROSS after waiting the 8 weeks after backorder bullshit I just received a card telling me my order was canceeled and a refund will be issued at somepoint.

        You have to receive a freaking product to use it ROSS!!!

  31. I do not own the Sticky Buddy, but I do have a very similar product that I got back in the 1990’s. Mine was not as fancy as this one, it was just on a small handle, teal colored roller w/ a sheet of plastic that you were to put back on it when not in use. Plain & simple, it worked & was easy enough to clean by running it under water. Saved me a ton of money over buying the tape rollers & it was much easier to clean versus those red-fabric style lint removers. The Sticky Buddy seems to be an improvement on the version I have had for years now & would not hesitate in buying one.

  32. I ordered a Sticky Buddy the other day. I had no problem with the website. IT asked if I wanted the regular one with the handheld for $10.99 plus $6.99 s&h or if I also wanted to add the jumbo for 6.99. I did and I’m waiting to receive it and will be back to let everyone know if or how well it works!

          • You are so right Kandace! This looks like a forum for how the product works, so I don’t understand why someone would make a comment about the personalities of others. Apparently JANET has No Pets, wouldn’t want any, and has no idea what it’s like to clean up the hair, in my case feathers and mess that our two birds make etc…

            Some people should have to take a personality profile before being allowed to use a computer for anything.

      • Please do NOT call people idiots. There are some things sold on TV that are actually good. No, I have never ordered from TV, but have seen products that others have. Incidentally, one doesn’t have to order from TV to get terrible products…you can do that at just about any store.

  33. I called the phone 800 # and they went on and on about everything from Sticky Buddy to trying to sell us earrings, dog insurance, life insurance, many other items till the cell charges were over $1.60. I finally hung up and didn’t wait for any confirmation, etc. May have to sue the company, but thats OK too. Will do if necessary.

  34. I have worked for over 5 years ensuring a quality product that does not fall apart and one that gives consumers complete satisfaction.

    If you dont like it, send it back!

    I have a 0 return rate..

    Once in a while people will damage the sticky gel that layers the roller and they pay 3.99 shipping to recieve a new roller.

    This product will be around for years…I Patented it!


    • I ordered after seeing an infomercial BOGO free = 2 complete sets. I could never find out the status of my order so I called and placed an order again for $17.98. Got online to check status ( and had 3 orders. Called Customer Service to find out the $17.98 was cancelled due to incorrect price quoted and a 3rd order placed for S24.98. Spoke to Rachael & Victoria and both were not getting the BOGO free offer as advertised. Then spoke w/ Lia, supervisor, and same story. I was even looking right at the Sticky Buddy internet ad showing BOGO free complete set (large Sticky Buddy, cover, compact). I told Lia to cancel all orders. She said they were in CA but I seriously doubt that due to the language issues. They kept referring to a telescopic handle??? If I am charged anything I will turn this over to the Attorney General for investigation. Will wait for Bed Bath & Beyond to carry it.

    • Tylor~

      Sounds like the Perfect product for my bunny-furred rag-doll cat !
      BUT, In order to forewarn us.

      HOW does one “….damage the sticky gel ” which you mentioned??

  35. WOW, alot of comments not many Sticky Buddy reviews but after reading this info I will hold off ordering Sticky Buddy either by phone or online. I’ll just wait til it gets to Walgreens. Thanks to all who contributed in saving me the headaches.

  36. Thanks everyone this was all “very” informative! First I’d like to say that I came for information on if the product worked, but found much more. I did get a good laugh because people get so fired up over a post. This forum is for all questions and concerns in regards to this product. I am quite frankly happy to see those posts which give us information on personal experiences. If you were to look under the sticky buddy questions at bottom of this page you will see the question “Are you satisfied with the Customer Service” Well, to me this means any experience dealing with an order. Which would mean this page is a welcome place for all of those who post their personal experiences dealing with the company on an order. Both at their website and on the phone. Seriously it should all matter.

    Thank you to those who pointed to amazon as a place to order this. That is where I am headed now 🙂

    As for the question if it works, I think It’s worth a try since I spend so much in lint rollers.

    Come on people be happy there is some information here. Just take what you want and go with it! Simple as that :-))

  37. Okay, I’ve read through all the posts, and no one is saying anything about whether the Sticky Buddy works. Does that mean no one has received it? I really do get the point not to order it, but is it worth picking up from Wal-Mart when it shows up in the As Seen on Tv section?

  38. I took all the advice here and decided to video tape my phone order. I suggest you listen carefully to each question or do as I did and put the phone on speaker and have your spouse or someone else listen in so you don’t make any mistakes. I seem to qualify for everything, medical, dental, beautiful jewelry. I finally hung up 20 minutes in, just after they says my order was processed and right before I had to decline my Jamaica trip. My wife and I played the video back and laughed our butts off. Depending if I’m billed or receive anything other than the buy one get one plus $6.99 shipping I may put my video on YouTube. In hopes of the best and no scams. Love my pets, just not their hair on my clothes and furniture.

  39. All you people kill me complaining you got scammed,misled, website stinks but bottom line I want to know does this thing work? That’s why I came to the review page. So DOES IT WORK.

  40. Glad I didn’t order this Sticky Buddy on phone or online. I have ordered on phone (off the tv) before and was charged double for S&H for the FREE one which I didn’t want. Paid more for the S&H than I did for the item. BIG SCAM—BEWARE.

    • All the TV adds do that. when you get one free, listen, they say free (plus shipping and handling) I THINK you have to be specific & tell them you don’t want the free one.

      I’m convinced the shipping & handling is where ALL if them make the money.

  41. There are a ton of similar products already on the market like this that are cheaper without the hassle. has multiple versions of the reusable handheld roller for as little as $6 WITH shipping. There is even a similar trio for $19.

    Don’t get sucked up in the infomercials. This is not a new or unique product.

  42. Hello people, this site is to review the PRODUCT, not the company. I get that you had a bad experience and need to vent about it, but most of us who come to read these reviews are looking for experienced opinions on whether or not the product performs as advertised. Most people should know that any kind of As Seen on TV advertising has all kinds of hidden fees and gimmicks. Buy the product at your local Walgreens or CVS to avoid this. Simple.

    Now, as for the reason I came here. Can anyone testify to the performance of the Sticky Buddy? Does it actually work?


    • No miss high and mighty – you would be incorrect in your statements! I came here not ONLY to find out the PRODUCT, but to find out about things such as what the others are posting here, such as the overpricing of shipping, etc. This information is EXACTLY what I look for before I want to go and have a bad experience. So before you go and tell everyone else what they should be posting, why don’t you step back. This is a forum and posting is about the product and ethics of the company so people can make an informed decision as to whether or not they want to BUY the product. Several factors contribute to that. If you want to know if it works, go to the website. I’m sure they will tell you it does if that’s all you want to hear.

      • I agree with the Danielle. We are reviewing the product, not the company, not the shipping company, not if the ship fast or the ship slow…

        People need to read the question. DOES THE PRODUCT WORK? just to make it more simple for some people to understand. DOES THE PRODUCT WORK ONCE IS IN THE CUSTOMER’S HANDS?

      • Ditto! I also read reviews to find out not only about the product but if the infomercial is adding additional charges and scamming. I found the same product on Amazon….think I’ll order from there to be safe.

    • Danielle — there are people on this post who want to lambaste you for asking a simple question. But the fact is, the WAY a company goes about marketing and HOW they develop or offer their customer service will definitely say a lot about their product. I spent 20 mins on the phone trying to order the product finally “qualifying” for a free cruise to the Bahamas. HUH?? Can’t they just sell their product?? Why can’t the company rest on their laurels that they are so confident in this product that it will sell itself??? Finally got my order confirmed and hung up and we’ll see how well the product works. “Buyer beware” applies here.

  43. The only question I have is this: Why would anyone buy something advertised by Anthony Sullivan? He and Billy Mays used to be carnival barkers. Sullivan is a professional huckster. I think eventually karma will catch up with him, just as it did to the late Billy Mays.

    By now, everyone who watches TV should know that there is no such thing as FREE merchandise. If the fine print is too small to read, DON’T BUY THE PRODUCT.

  44. I have watched the sticky buddy commercial every morning for three consecutive days. There is a different 800 number to call each of those three days!!! Why change the 800 number daily??

    • It’s a way for marketers to determine which ad placement is most effective. Generally different numbers for different channels, radio, print, etc.

  45. Your website for ordering is not secure! Shame on you! Thats dangerous for your customers. Will order from Tv and get one set free and safe ordering!

    • No you wont! Like other posts, nothing is for free!! Good luck! All infomercials are basically scams anyway. Please be VERY careful when ordering off these scams.

    • I ordered Sticky Buddy over the phone & got an automated system. I don;t have any idea what I ordered or what I’m being charged every month so I called & finally got a person but was told I couldn’t cancel my order for 24 hours. This is Saturday, I can’t call my bank to stop charges being made & trying to order online was not going to the order page checkout correctly. I think the whole thing is a scam. I will find out & I will get my money.

  46. The ad: 1 Sticky Buddy Set – “Handheld” & “Compact” & “Jumbo” for 10.99 + Shipping and Handling. I went to the website & later called them & found out this:

    THEY DON’T TELL you in the ad: Handheld and Compact for 10.99 + S/H 6.99 and another $6.99 processing for the Jumbo (mop): Total cost: $24.97……..NO SALE!

    I went and bought a roll of tape…problem solved…no hidden processing fees, no shipping charges, and no one on the other line that’s watching a “How to speak English” training film.

  47. I too was getting ready to order the sticky buddy. I figured for $10.00, it was a pretty good deal. Then I went on website to find that the $10.99 price is ONLY for the compact and handheld sticky buddy. To get the large one, it is an ADDITIONAL $6.99 and $6.99 for shipping and handling, making the total order around $24.97. What happened to ALL THREE FOR $10.99? I say wait and get a replica of it later on for cheap in one of the ABC Distributing magazines. I am sure it will be in there soon.

    • The two $6.99 charges seem to be both shipping and handling charges. $6.99 for the compact and handheld and an additional $6.99 shipping and handling for the big one.

  48. I too ordered the special they had advertised online, the price was higher after entering all my credit card info in. I called customer service, which is outsourced to some foreign country and they can barley speak English (though they could probably understand an order for Curry take out). They said they had no record and for me to call back on Tuesday. They have taken the money from my Credit Card, and so far I cannot find any reference for my order. So is it a Scam company? I don’t know, but because of the piss poor customer service I have experienced it seems to be looking like one to me. I am going to contact the New Jersey State Attorney’s office in New Jersey on Monday and see what steps I need to take to file a complaint.

  49. I’ve had trouble with mail orders before as well. What I do now is go to my local mall where theres a as seen on tv booth and buy my product there.

  50. Ah…almost ordered until I read the reviews. These companies are all the same. Try to add other things to the original orders. Often times getting it on the order without your permission.

    If you cannot review your order and see shipping and TOTAL you will be charged BEFORE you enter a credit card # then I suggest you immediately leave the site because you will be scammed.

    Scary thing is that if this company is willing to scam you this way what are they doing with your information? Would you trust this company?

  51. Ordering Sticky Buddy online is a SCAM. It gave me options and then in the end charged me a ton of money for a double order I never asked for. DON’T DO IT!! We will see tomorrow if customer service takes care of this or if it’s all just a scam in the end.

  52. It asked you to complete the form with your credit card info and order info to START the order.. after you entered all the credit info and hit next, you could not hit the ‘back’ key without messing up the order I later discovered.. yes it does say that it will mess your order up if you go back, but I thought I would at least have to check some kind of box authorizing the amount of purchase… I did NOT get that option.. and by the time I got through several other ‘offers’ and got to the end, it said my bill was for $56.++ plus change.. I got so flustered, and had to go back to find a phone # to call, of course they were not open until the am.. and the agent I spoke with first said they did not represent this product, then when she went and checked AFTER I read her their info off the screen, she said my order was not on their system yet, and it would take 24-72 business HOURS to get there.. how much do you want to bet that it does not take my card that long to receive this charge? bad thing is, I think I would like the product, but so frustrated I dont think I will even try it… this is BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE FOLKS…

    • It did the same thing to me! The special was for a double set for only $10…so when I click start my order it goes “order placed!” for $28- I was so mad about that…I went ahead and said screw it if it works maybe it’ll be worth it. Still waiting for it in the mail.

  53. Review Sticky Buddy
    Is Sticky Buddy really good to clear pet hair with ease?

    Can Sticky Buddy really clear crumbs on beds and couches easily?

    Did Sticky Buddy easily clean carpets with its rubber fingers?

    Is Sticky Buddy really compact to fit in a small space?

    • Don’t buy them…they are not worth the powder to blow them to hell! They work very badly!

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