SpongeBuddies Review

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Your pets are no less than members of your family and you want to do everything possible for them. After all your furry friends are your constant companions and they give you a lot of love and affection too. But simple things like giving them a wash on a regular basis can turn out to be such a chore. Your pets don’t seem to like the idea of having a wash and regular sponges that get hard, mouldy and are a breeding ground for smelly bacteria, make matters worse. But now you have SpongeBuddies, a perfect at-home spa like care for your pets that they will love.

How does SpongeBuddies Work

This sponge system is the perfect and only delivery system you will ever need as it keeps everything in the palm of your hands. So confident are the makers that they offer a money back guarantee on it if your pets don’t love the system. But then there’s precedent in the form of Olate dogs, winners of America’s Got Talent who love these sponges. One of the special highlights of this cleaning system is that it has got the shampoo and conditioner right inside the sponge. Not only does it work well for your pets, but is also saves you the hassle looking for things when you are giving your pet a bath.

You will also be pleased to note that this system is specially formulated and is PH balanced which is something you look for when you are buying cleaning products for your pets. The shampoo and conditioner also contains tea tree oil and Aloe Vera, which have their known benefits when it comes to dogs’ coats looking great. And they smell lovely as well. Importantly there is an advanced delivery system is at work here and it ensures that just the right amount of shampoo and conditioner is dispensed for every bath so that there’s no waste.

Not only is this effective and efficient system for you and your pets, it’s also economical because it contains a supply of shampoo and conditioner that can last for you up to 12 months.



What do I get?

  • The specially blended pH balanced Shampoo
  • Conditioner has Aloe Vera and Tea Tree Oil
  • 2 SpongeBuddies
  • 2 quick-dry MicroFiber Towels (just pay separate p&h)

All this for just $10.99 plus p&h.



SpongeBuddies Video
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