Sift Clean Litter Liners Review

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Do you struggle to clean your cat’s messy and foul smelling litter box? Well, now there is a simpler, easier and convenient way to clean your cat’s litter box. Here’ introducing Sift Clean, litter liners that help simplify the process of cleaning your cat’s litter box.


How does Sift Clean Litter Liners work?
Sift Clean is easy to use and helps to keep your cat’s litter box clean. With Sift Clean you can keep cat litter cleaner and drier. It also helps in eliminating the smell of ammonia.

The Sift Clean liners are affordable and easily fit into all sizes of cat litter boxes be it regular, large, jumbo, and hooded. It also extends the life of your fresh cat litter by up to 50%.

They easily remove clumping cat litter without the need for unhygienic sifting trays thereby improving the hygiene condition for your pet and for you.

Sift Clean eliminates the need for scooping and bending eliminating the time you spend with the litter box. You can use the sifting cat liners at home and when you are traveling.

You can also gift your friends and family the Sift Clean liners and make their lives easier when handling their cat’s litter boxes.
How to Use Sift Clean Litter Liners?
Insert the sifting cat liner and fill the litter box with your regular cat litter.
How to Clean Your Cat Litter with Sift Clean?
1. Get rid of your old cat liner and litter.
2. Put all 28 Sift Clean cat litter box liners in the litter box with the solid liner at the bottom.
3. Put in your premium cat litter of choice to the litter box. It is suggest you clump the litter.
4. Remove one of the Sift Clean sifting liners out of the box to remove waste. The clean cat litter will go back into the litter box.
5. Then take away the sifting liner by lifting on the top liner, the perforated holes will open to allow the clean litter to sift back through to the litter box. The used cat litter clumps will remain in the dirty liner and can be thrown away, leaving a clean and sanitary litter box for your cat.
6. When you come to the bottom Sift Clean liner, it is time to change out the cat litter and refresh your cat’s litter box. Simply lift out the bottom liner to remove the last of the used cat litter, throw it away, and then replace it with a new set of Sift Clean liners and fresh cat litter.
Sift Clean Sizes
Your cat litter box should be smaller than the sizes listed in the chart below:

Box Depth up to: Dimensions up to:
4" 22" X 26"
5" 20" X 24"
6" 18" X 22"
7" 16" X 20"



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
1pack of Sift Clean Sifting Litter Liners is available for a price of just $4.49, 3 packs for $13.49, 6 packs for $26.99, and 12 packs for $52.99

One pack lasts about 1 month per cat and includes 28 sifting liners (1/2 mil. high-density polyethylene), 2 solid liners (used to empty litter), and 1 band to keep liners in place.

Three packs lasts about 3 months per cat and includes 84 sifting liners (1/2 mil. high-density polyethylene), 6 solid liners (used to empty litter), and 3 bands to keep liners in place.

Six packs lasts about 6 months per cat and includes 168 sifting liners (1/2 mil. high-density polyethylene), 12 solid liners (used to empty litter), and 6 bands to keep liners in place.

Twelve packs of Sift Clean sifting litter liners lasts about 12 months per cat and includes 336 sifting liners (1/2 mil. high-density polyethylene), 24 solid liners (used to empty litter), and 12 bands to keep liners in place.




Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


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4 thoughts on “Sift Clean Litter Liners Review

  1. I am so disappointed with my Sift & Toss. I should have known better than to purchase one since I had one years ago. My cat gets her claws caught in the webbing and it makes a real mess.

  2. Thanks Barbara. I was thinking of buying bags but I have three cats and large litter boxes…..these bags will not work for me at this time. Should they come out with a larger bag…I will reconsider. Thanks for the review, otherwise, I would have wasted money. I’m on a fixed income and need to be careful how I spend my money.

  3. When placing an order, there is no way to ask the size of the bags and the commercial does NOT give the size fits all!! It does not and when you attempt to return it, they keep your shipping charges…Bad Customer Service. It will ONLY fit a small litter box.

  4. Has anyone tried the Sift Clean Sifting Litter Liners, is it any good?

    Is it easy to use?

    Does it keep the cat’s litter box clean?

    Can you take use it while traveling?

    Does it extend the life of fresh cat litter?

    Does it eliminate foul litter smell?

    Can it be used for all litter boxes?

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