Sift and Toss Kitty Litter Liner Review

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Smelly litter makes a mess. Cat owners know this all too well! It is a chore to change and clean. Moreover, changing litter daily is expensive. Sift and Toss is a revolutionary new litter liner that is truly splendid to use. Place a Sift and Toss liner into the litter box and add litter.


How does Sift and Toss Kitty Litter Liner work?
Once your cat has done its business, just lift to sift. The clean litter filters through the mesh and you only need to toss out the used litter. Only the soiled litter is lifted out.

Sift and Toss comes with 14 litter liners so that you can maintain a clean, odorless litter box every day. You can say hello to clean floors and goodbye to messes. This is the easiest and fastest way to remove dirty litter.

Sift and Toss Features

  • 14 nested liners
  • One size fits all
  • Inexpensive option
  • Easy to clean, works fast
  • No mess, no hassle, no scooping
  • Clean litter filters through
  • Just Sift and Toss



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)

  • 28 Nested Liners
  • 50 Scent Lock Bags
  • 1 Grooming Mitt

All this for just $10.00 + $13.90 shipping and handling. Official website



Reviews and Complaints

Sift and Toss is another addition to the list of Cat Litter Liners advertised on the TV. The idea is great that you don’t ever have to touch or scoop the litter, but based on the consumer reviews (rather complaints) the liners do not fit the standard size litter boxes – they are to small and they hold only the solid stuff, the cat urine goes through the liners. Also, no matter how deep the litter box or amount of litter you use the sides don’t stay out and you still have to touch the liner edges to get it out of the litter. Plus it would be more of a mess if your cat scratches the liners.

And on top of all this, as with most of the “as seen on tv” products – they charge you a lot more than the normal shipping and processing fee. The website is just in hurry to take your order and does not show you the order summary.

Its not all that bad though – the offer includes 28 nested liners, a tons of scent lock bags, a grooming kit and freshness pouch which can come in handy to keep your home odor-free. With some tweaking and innovation ideas you can get something out of them. They deliver it on time and you have a 90-Day money back guarantee (though you have to pay for the return shipping). The best thing is to buy them when they arrive in your local stores or at Amazon/Walgreens.

Customer Service
Sift & Toss
P.O. Box 210827
Milwaukee, WI 53221
Phone: (262) 796-2003
Customer service is available Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm Central Standard Time.

Check order status at

Alternatives Suggested

  • AlfaPet Kitty Cat Premium Cat Pan Liners
  • Alfapet Extra Giant Sifting Cat Pan Liners

Please see the “Reviews” section below.


Sift and Toss Kitty Litter Liner Video


108 thoughts on “Sift and Toss Kitty Litter Liner Review

  1. Bought these Sift and Toss liners, I’m gullible, I have to give everything a chance. Seemed good in theory. If they hadn’t skimped on the sides of the liners it would be greatly improved. I’d buy them even if they were a couple dollars more for the convenience. My cat box has a lid. If you look at the picture of the liners in the box they stand up but as soon as the cat gets in there it starts digging around and the net comes up out of the liter and the sides fall down into it also. I buy walmart liners which have holes in the bottom of the liner and are tall enough to go over the edge. When I put the top on it holds the sides up and works beautifully for half the cost. Plus the netting on the bottom of the liner gets caught in the cats claws. Skip this product till they improve.i

  2. I have seen this invention over the past several years starting in various models and ways of making this kitty little sifter. I invented this or at least, it was never thought of until I sent my schematic to Golden Cat which was an organization that handled cat products, they looked at it and returned my info with the message that they were not interested. And after that , I started seeing this very same product as I had suggested, on tv. So , just wanted to let all know to never send any invention or product you have made to any company without having a patent on it. I am sorry I did this and believe it has been used by some other companies to do variations on it. I am just disappointed that I did not do the patent but I was naive and believe no one would do such a thing. From wiser gal now.

  3. We have been using Sift n Toss for 8 months now and can’t figure out why everyone was complaining about the product! I have used other pan liners and they were the worst things ever!

    Sift n Toss is so easy to use. Start off by putting the liner first. Then CAREFULLY place each liner on top separately. Once you have all the liners on (remember, I said CAREFULLY put them on) then put the clumping litter and VOILA, it’s ready for kitty! I have never had to use tape to hold it together or have any rip on me.

    I have noticed that if I am forgetful, and don’t clean for a bit, Cupid may take one corner off. But, when you stop and think about it, you flush every time you go to the bathroom. Don’t you? Kitty is trying to tell you you’re neglecting him/her. What did you expect?!!!

    Remember, patiently put each liner on. But most of all, DON’T WAIT til kitty has no room to do his/her business.

    So, quit complaining and take care of your cat!

  4. Very disappointing. Sides will not cover most litter boxes. Waste of money. I purchased mine from Leonards’ Healthcare Products Catalog. All the above negative reviews are true. I am going to try Walmart next. Cannot understand why the manufacturer did not immediately remake the product after reading the reviews. Sift and Toss is really a stupidly made product, though the concept is good.

  5. Sift and Toss Kitty Litter Liner is Terrible, edges keep rolling inside the box and interfere with cat’s scratching, litter goes through all the layers so cats get their claws caught in the netting. It’s so irritating for the cats I think they are retaliating by going outside the box. 0 stars out of 5

  6. Have tried Sift and Toss in several sizes of litter boxes, but had to use a lot of scotch tape to fasten the liners to the boxes, using fresh tape after each lift. Humbug!. It was faster, easier and more sanitary to scoop twice a day. I will not buy it again. Have had other problems with the ethics and business practices of the company itself.

  7. I was lucky to have not made my purchase via the web. At least I saved myself the shipping fee. I found it at a local drug store.

    The concept I would give A+. Marketing would be a C+ . For a product to practically sell by it self it has to meet or exceed the expectation of the purchaser.

    It did not do either. For the execution My over all rating would be F- or INS for insufficient. I would have done better to buy a roll of wire mesh from a Big box store or buy a sack from onions. The holes would be smaller and then I would know what to expect. Live and learn.

  8. I originally ordered from website, and was pleased with the product. When I changed litter box size, they were too small to use. I recently noticed them in stores in XL. I have purchased, but notice the holes in the netting is bigger than it was originally, so smaller clumps fall thru. It’s not as clean a process as in the pas. If you slit the corner about an inch or so, you can wrap around edge of litter box to keep from falling in, especially if there is an edge that snaps onto to box. Bed Bath and Beyond is selling packages with 14 liners, reduced to $4.99. So if you want to try them, it’s worth the money.

  9. Boy do I feel dumb. While cat sitting, the 1st “Sift & Toss” clean up was a cinch. Great idea! Then what? Do you stack all the liners on top of one another & remove 1 each day? instructions are really vague. Even the cat owner didn’t fully understand.

  10. I just bought this product. Great Idea! Doesn’t work. The picture shows the liners fitting snug around the pan. It doesn’t, it slide’s all over. The mesh liner would not stay on pan either. I have 3 indoor cats. They had a hard time not scratching the liners and keeping their claws out of the mesh. I would not recommend them.

    • I couldn’t agree more. The plastic sides and mesh bottom are impossible to uniformly maneuver into the litter box. As hard as I tried, the litter I added (way more than I usually use) still didn’t cover the mesh.

      My cat peed into the litter box immediately after I put the litter box top back on. His claws immediately snagged the mesh and made a complete mess.

      It took all of two minutes for me to realize that this product doesn’t work as advertised.

      Luckily, I bought mine at Target. I called and they said they’d refund my money.


  11. HUGE WASTE OF MONEY, they do not fit cat box, sides fall in, my cats actually used the floor next to the box! Don’t buy this!

  12. I purchased this Sift and Toss Kitty Litter Liner the other day, and I am very disappointed. My cats claws get stuck in the mesh when they try to dig after using the liter box. Also, the clumps stick to the the other liners underneath, so when you pull one out, the dirty liter is still in there. What a waste of money.

  13. Complete waste of money. I could tell when I first took the liners out of the package that the holes were too big, but I decided to give it a try anyway. So I put the liners in but found that I had to use twice as much litter to get the liners to stay in place…so that was the first waste of money. Then my cat got her paw caught in the liner and I had to help her get it out. THEN comes the moment of truth, does this actually work?? NO!!! EVERYTHING just went right through the liners….so I had to go and scope everything out…since I was left with an empty liner. Please don’t waste your money on this…it is a joke!!! A complete waste of money!!

  14. I ordered this and love it. When I first used it, I didn’t put in enough kitty litter and the sides didn’t stay up. Then, I wised up and placed plenty of litter and it worked great. I’m ordering more. It sure beats shoveling out the litter. Fast and easy job….

  15. The Sift and Toss liners are a total waste of money . Because of the mesh that is supposed to be such an advantage in cleaning the litter box, my cat can not bury her stools so the odor is horrible. I am cleaning out the litter box at least twice a day so your liners don’t last long at all. It could cost a small fortune to use this product. Your adds do make it sound like a wonderful product. I call it false advertisement.

  16. WORST MISTAKE EVER!!! I have pictures to show how terrible Sift and Toss Kitty Litter Liners are (I thought I’d be able to leave a picture in my review). We have a dome litter box and they don’t fit (even thought it’s the standard rectangle) and we used 28 lbs of litter (two of the Tidy Cats pourable containers) and the liners sit above the litter. Our cat ended up tearing up all the plastic and eventually started pooping outside the box. DO NOT BUY THESE Cat Litter Liners!!

  17. I purchased Sift & Toss and it’s the biggest mistake I’ve made in a long time. I came home to a huge wet spot on my quilt, all the way down to the box spring. It appears that when the cat used the box almost 24hrs ago the mesh came up to the surface and thus he was unable to use the box so used my bed instead. Nice idea, but for me it’s better to scoop the box then this.

  18. thanks for all the reviews (mostly complaints) on this product. I went online to purchase Sift & Toss. when the site came on I liked the idea so I went to the order site and typed in the information they required. When the info on the order came up, the price was higher than ordered. So instead of “confirming” the order, I closed the site, and then went to my E-mail to be sure it was not ordered. Yeah, right! of course is was confirmed, and now I have to start where everyone did to correct this scam. Name should be Rip & Screw not sift and toss!

  19. I had high hopes for this product. Don’t waste your money the sides flop down, the paws get stuck in the mesh, the holes are a little too big. When the cats go in litter box they pull up the mesh no matter how much litter you have in the box. My only great experience is that I got these at Walmart and didn’t have to deal with this company and get overcharged. Will try to return product.

  20. These people are ridiculous. They over charged me and are giving me issues on ever step. I’m so sending there piece of crap product back as soon as I get it. The customer service people are horrible and don’t know what the hell there doing. Seems like someone needs to train them. I thought the customer is always right? Guess not with these people.

    • Be careful, I too was scammed and charged on cc even though I cancelled my order before it processed. Customer Service “mary” hung up on me and when I called back I was told not only would I not get to speak to a manager, but they would no longer be taking my calls. I filed a complaint with BBB and dispute with CC company to get it back.. Be careful.


      GOOD LUCK!

    • This company is absolutely horrible!! I first placed my order 7 weeks ago.

      I sent three emails inquiring about my order, and to date I have never received a response.

      I finally called, only to be disconnected twice. Offering your telephone number in the event this happens, is not an option depending on who you speak to and what their mood is.

      My first order was somehow lost, so I placed a new order on the phone. After waiting 7 days, I called to see what the status was on my order. I was promised an email notification with tracking, which has not been completed to date.

      Well after 7 days, I found my order was still sitting in the warehouse. The excuse, “there is a lot involved with the commercial invoice”, funny I actually work for the largest Global logistics company. Commercial invoices takes precisely 5-10 minutes, not 7 days.

      I paid a premium on shipping $30, and was told my order will arrive expedited. A 2-3 day service. Well 6 business days later, my order has still not arrived as they shipped it to Chicago to go through the post office. That is not a $30 service!!!!

      After reading all these reviews I am absolutely terrified of what will arrive at my front door, whenever it gets here.

      Just an FYI, you are calling into a call center, that can really care less about offering customer service. So if your a gambler buying from this company is like a game of Russian roulette!!

  21. Save your money….it doesn’t fit the standard litter box…..when the cat scratches, he gets his claws caught in the netting, no matter how deep the liter. The liner sides will not fold down, thereby allowing the cat to “scratch” the sides down. My cat refuses to get in and use it because of the netting getting caught in his claws.

  22. Like other people I was so tired of cleaning the box….so, I spent 25.00 on these “liners”. What a waste of time!! The cats scratch, they get all bunched up, and you end up touching the litter anyway!!!! The “grooming glove”? Hurts my cats and you have to wash it out every time you use it…called customer service for a refund….why should I have to pay to ship it back?…ill use them in my kitchen to put vegetables in to rinse them out or start tomato seeds in…oh, also, it does not pick up the urine clumps..they just run through….we are on a limited income, and cannot afford to waste our money…please, don’t waste your time or money on this product!

  23. Fed up of the cat litter stink I was totally sold in the idea of buying the latest product Sift and Toss. But before buying it right away I wanted to find out how many people have used it and what do they have to say about it. I quickly searched for “Sift and Toss Reviews” and checked this website and the following others,,,, and All users who are in need to check genuine reviews and opinions about the Sift and Toss should be cautious from the websites I have mentioned. I checked these websites because they turned up first in my search engines list. The content on the site was completely positive about the product and gave options to buy the product right away in the middle of the review. This manufacturer’s direct link made me think and question about the honesty and genuine nature of these websites. The final nail in the coffin were the pop ups which would not allow me to exit the website. But this website here has I believe the most honest and true user review I wanted all along. Thanks a lot.

    • It is true that the sites like the ones mentioned here are a manufacturer’s malpractice to increase the number of hits through the search engines using the SEO tricks. These sites in turn fool the users into buying even crappy products. This has genuine review which can help people to make decisions regarding a product.

  24. Sift & Toss is a total waste. All the litter falls below the bags, and you have to dig down a bunch of layers of mesh to get to the soiled litter. The cats scratch to cover up their waste and pull up layers of the mesh bags with their claws. I finally just threw away the entire mess. A complete waste of money and effort.

  25. I was also ripped off by Sift and Toss. Folks, please report any rip-offs to Better Business Bureau. They have only had 6 complaints so far and I suspect it should be more like 6000. Thanks.

    • Most of these as seen on tv items are sold in stores. So there’s a lie right there. Wait a couple of months and you will see these in the big box store. Before I even read the comments, I was skeptical. I wasn’t going to buy this item simply because netting and cat claws do not mix.

      The best thing to do is if you want to reduce the mess in your litter pan is to take a brown paper bag and cut it to fit your pan as a liner(leave a bit of overlap if you want to lift it out of the pan). It’s more absorbent than newspaper and it’s safe for your cat. It is also thicker than newspaper if your cat claws it. Not only are you saving money, you are saving the environment.

  26. They took money from my account after I said not to, it caused my account to be overdrawn. So people please beware they are not to be believed or trusted.

  27. What about all the cat pee left in the liter? Doesn’t take the smell or the pee out! Hopefully that’s not part of your thoughts on your product, cause you still have to change the liter!! And if you do stuff outside you have no mess to clean anyways!! Hopefully I have some thoughts you can use to improve your product! Otherwise, ill stick to the old method, change cat liter!

  28. Never before in my life have I had a cat litter problem until I adopted a stray kitten. The odor, the mess..he was uncontrollable. I literally was ready to give him away. Sift and Toss was my last resort. I was VERY skeptical. Oh my! what an amazing no one “outwits” the other one to clean the litter box. No smell, no mess. The only issue I had was my box was too big.Once I got the right size box to fit the liners it was PERFECT. I am sold and am ordering more. thank you thank cat does not have to leave now!!

  29. I love the Sift and Toss I just wish it could come in larger liners as I have a very large cat but I do make them work it just would be easier as I am 72 and my Sebastian is my very best friend and comfort. The concept is fantastic so little higher sides and larger bottom and all would be great.

    Good luck and thank you for such a great product.

    • Boy! I am glad I read your review right before I clicked on the ORDER button. I have 4 large litter boxes. Liners not large enough is definitely an issue for me.

  30. I had the unfortunate experience of first trying to order the Sift and Toss Cat Litter Liners online. I went to their web site and entered my order info — including credit card number — several times but the screen froze and my order apparently did not go through (I think). I fear that I may have been charged fraudulently for two orders. Next, I called Sift and Toss’ toll-free phone number to place an order. WHAT A NIGHTMARE! I got a recording and was prompted to provide personal info — including my credit card number. Throughout the process I received a large number of pitches designed to sell me even more products and even a “free” cruise (a well known scam). I had to wait through all of these pitches in order to get what I thought would be my order total. NOT ONCE was I provided with the total for my order! I called Sift and Toss’ “customer service” number (262-796-2003) the next day. I repeatedly asked for the status and amount of my order. They said my order “was not in the system” and to call back in four days. I demanded that Samantha (the customer service robot) immediately cancel my order. She took my zip code and last four of my credit card and said the order would be cancelled. Funny thing, she did NOT take my name or address. I called her on my cell but placed the original order on my hoe phone. By the way, in order to call the Sift and Toss “customer service” department, you must make a paid call to 262-796-2003, that’s why I used my cell phone instead of my home phone. BUYERS BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY. You can purchase a better product at any pet supply store. I have been scammed and I am mad as hell!

  31. Why would anyone spend $14 shipping for a $14 product? They are inflating bogus “shipping” charges to pad their profits.

  32. Placed an order and immediately felt ripped off. This was a 2 for 1 offer however required a promo code that didn’t appear any where. Was not offered an opportunity to review the order before it placed and then found out the shipping charges were way more than the cost of the product. Its a lousy deal even if the product works as advertised.

    • I just went through this exact same thing. I got charged extra, didn’t get a chance to review order before hitting submit. So didn’t know what the grand total would be and would rather just cancel but don’t even know where to begin with all these unpleasant stories ugggghhhh.

  33. I just saw the commercial for these and decided to do a quick search to see if there were any problems with these people. Sure enough…here we are. I want to thank all who have been scammed for posting these complaints. And I want to thank the webpage for allowing this type of service. I will not be purchasing. I will go back to look at the electric kind I’ve been thinking about. One cat, wouldn’t be a problem. We have 4 right now. One is my daughters and I am cat sitting. And everyone that knows us enough that if they find a stray cat or dog, we will take care of them until we can find a good home. Most times though…we get too attached and keep them Spayed and neutered, of course. Thank you again and I am so sorry for all who have been scammed. We need more websites to be able to research things like this.

    • I was given an electric revolving litter box for a gift. At first one of my cats used it fairly regularly, but he has gone back to the regular litter box instead.(Our second cat never did use the electric one.) Not sure what happened, maybe it started rotating before he got out. I am about to give it away.

      I had all the problems with the Sift and Toss that everyone else did. I wish I had searched for reviews before I bought the stuff.

      World’s Best Litter was excellent because I could flush it, which was especially easy as the box was in the bathroom. However, I live in a warm climate and that organic stuff harbored weevils that infected my entire kitchen.


  34. I must agree with all of the above complaints. Since I do not want to invest one more dime, I will not return them. I use standard size litter boxes with a “rim cover” to prevent the litter from being thrown out of the box, and I could not get the covers back on once I placed the too small liners into the box. It cost me $24.00 for the “liner package” and $28.00 for shipping and handling. What crooks. I am writing to the better business bureau to report this fraud. I will go back to just using my Hefty garbage bag liners, my scooping corn litter and my scoop to remove the pee and poop. So, it will take me 5 minutes longer, but it’s a lot cheaper and just as effective. Bah Humbug to Sift & Toss.

  35. Don’t order Sift and Toss Kitty Litter Liner from them over the phone and be sure you have a written receipt of the amount charged. The operator will add to your order and you charge will be 3 times the amount you ordered. It my be a viable product, but their sales practices are many other TV products, they try to scam customers. It is really a shame.

  36. I see from the other reviews that I am not the only one that was scammed by this company. I ordered the tv add product which was supposed to be $14.95 with free shipping. I talked with an actual person. She asked me if I wanted the accompanying items with the sift and toss and I said no, because I wanted to be sure I was satisfied with the product. When the charge showed up on my account it was $51.85. When I called the customer service they said I ordered the extra stuff. When I said that I said no to all offers, she said that it was an automated system. I told her no, I talked with a real person. I sent the package back immediately via registered mail. That was on 10/24. I called today 11/9 and they said they had not received the package as of this time. I was really impressed in the product. If they had just honored their ad, I might have ordered more products from them. I do not order much from tv ads, but as I have two cats, I thought this would be great. I am sorry this turned out to be a dishonest company or maybe just dishonest operators.

    • I agree with you and everyone else who as posted. Thankfully, I read the reviews before buying. I intend to go to a hardware store and buy “material” like you would use to make a screen for your window (get the soft pliable kind — not the metal kind) and make my own liner. Too bad, I would be happy to buy it from them if the demonstrated ethical business practices.

      • You are much smarter than I because I never bothered to read the reviews … shame on me. I’ve been stung again! And I am madder than that “hatter”.

  37. Sift and Toss is not a good product…AT ALL! The ad must present a different product from what I received, because the liners don’t fit the litterbox well and it is not easy or convenient to use. Not what I expected. It’s much easier to use scooping litter. I’m calling the company tomorrow to return them. I hope I don’t run into the nightmare I’ve been reading about regarding returns. Luckily, I live in the same city they are shipped from, so if they want to charge me an arm and a leg to return them, I can show up on their front door; 16595 W Stratton Dr., New Berlin WI 53151

  38. If you haven’t ordered these Sift and Toss Kitty Liners yet, don’t! I thought these would be great, went into the site to place an order…put in my shipping address and credit card—then checked the box only for the liners not the free gifts (6.95 to ship the FREE gifts!!). At that point I just decided not to order because anyone who would charge that for a free gift seems to shady to me. I went into my credit card info and removed it, then got out of the site. Next day I get an email with an order confirmation!!!! I called customer service and they said as soon as the credit card info gets in – you have committed to an order!! I called my credit card company to advise them-it is a pending charge and if they don’t cancel it, my card company will dispute the charge. These people are really shady—buyer BEWARE!

  39. Awful. I gave half Sift and Toss to my Mom for her to use, and she said, “They should pay US to use them” instead of the other way around. They don’t fit larger sized boxes, so the sides of the sifters fall over inside the box. My cat just pushed the edges together and “went” on top of them. Mom’s cat peed on them. If you don’t empty every day, they won’t fit inside the “disposal baggies.” It’s far more work than just changing the litter. Save your money!

  40. I’ve been trying to return and or cancel my Sift and Toss order with this company for two months now.

    I no longer want this product, please, please….somebody help me out here. They have my credit card number, and I’m receiving the product whether I want them or not! I no longer want the Sift and Toss; my planis to try them one more time and then after that, I’ll just put a block on the card with my bank.

    The product works great, they really do work; just no longer need them. Thanks!

    • File a complaint with the Better Business bureau. They will send the company a notice that there has been a complaint & try to get them to resolve it.

  41. I was overcharged on shipping. The promo code I entered appeared to be applied but the amount was more than double what it was supposed to be. Emailed and called with no satisfaction. I was not allowed to review the Sift and Toss order before submitting and then it was too late. Contacted them right after ordering — at night — and they said it had been shipped. Really? When I called my credit card company the next morning, they said I was charged at 7 that morning (a Tuesday). Not supposed to be charged until shipping of item which wasn’t sent until Wednesday. So I should have been allowed to cancel or change the order. If I return the Sift and Toss shipment, I’m out over $40 shipping. Will be disputing this with my credit card company. Bad customer service — not service at all.

  42. My customer service rep was impatient and incompetent. The website did not put my order through…. And the voice prompts for phone orders are misleading. I have yet to receive my S&T product but after the poor customer service I have gotten I really don’t want them. Worth returning?? Guess not… They get all but the full price of the product in the S&H fees that they keep. What a joke!! From now on I’m buying as seen on TV items when they make it to the stores!! It is too easy for companies to rip people off through mail order.. It should be illegal.

  43. I cannot speak for the effectiveness of Sift and Toss as after 5 weeks I am still awaiting delivery. We paid for expedited delivery and when the product did not materialize I contacted them ( 2 weeks ago ) and was told that it would ship that day and that the expedited delivery charge would be waived. I contacted them again today and was told that the product had just shipped and was scheduled for delivery today.

    Their customer service people are unfailingly polite but this experience would put me off of dealing with them again. I hope the product when it eventually materialize works as advertised. I worked in an industry where next day delivery on product that had to be assembled overnight was the norm and if any orders could not be met the customer was
    immediately informed, not left hanging.

    • I purchased Sift and Toss Kitty Litter Liner on website, but was uncertain whether it had gone thru because I was not given an opportunity to accept or cancel the order, and did not receive a confirmation email until the next day. I had selected expedited shipping, which I knew would cost more. The shipping otherwise was supposed to be free with the promo code but was not, and cost about as much as the product. Customer service told me that the expedite fee was not for faster delivery, but for getting it out of the warehouse faster, and the additional shipping charge was because I live in Hawaii. I was told it was not possible to cancel the order, but it would still take several weeks to arrive.

      How can they get away with this?

  44. I did received the Sift and Toss product, but I had tried the same idea from Pet Plus. My cat did not like it and urinated on the rug. So, I was afraid to use this product. When I called to return the product ( I was on hold for 15minutes), got a lovely person on the phone. The sad news is, they charge you $13.90 shipping for a $10.00 product. It is a for them because they are making a killing on the shipping costs, so when I returned for $5.00, they still made $8.90 in shipping costs. I just hate being ripped off!

  45. Horrible does not work what so ever. My cat made a huge mess couldn’t use the liter box correctly.

  46. how do I get in touch with the company? I ordered the Sift & Toss 7/9/11 and never received them.

  47. What a scam — thought I was buying a $29.95 package from sift and toss and had my credit card charged with a bill for $140.00 plus. after reading all the comments about this product it appears to be a real loser>>

    • RIPOFF! Took forever to get them, they’re totally unusable because they get peed all over and they’re gross and messy, then when the charge came on my card it was $70! I really don’t think I would have ordered $70 worth of cat box liners and I certainly didn’t GET $70 worth of product! But holy crap it was such a long time ago and I’m not sure where my order invoice went and I’m too busy to investigate. What a scam.

    • Searching this site for the same answer. Obviously the manufacturer has not, otherwise they would offer it as a sell-up which I would gladly pay. This must be a new product and if they do not solve this problem they are going to crash and burn..The concept is fabulous; I wish I had thought of it. But the product as it now stands is fatally flawed. I am amazed they are spending this kind of money without field testing it first.

      For the interim, I am going to experiment either drilling four holes in the bottom of the box and running corner posts of about 4″ with a bolt on each corner. The nets can be threaded down onto the screws that will serve as corner posts. The other concept is finding some sort of a base plastic material (think rubber baseboards or rubber garden liners) and setting them around the inner perimiter of the lines. This base would be lifted up to allow individual liners to be pulled up and then set down in the box again.

      Another solution would be to redesign the liner as Heather Hume notes below so that it would be outside the box.

      Good luck Admin. We shall look for your response. I’ll even join you and find a solution for you now that I am semi-retired.

      • Try Sift Clean, litter sifting liners. They are the original sifting liner, manufactured in NW Arkansas, since 1993. Sift Clean has closeable holes to impede urine flow to the bottom of the box and a rubber band to hold the plastic in place. 36″ X 40″ sheets fit most litter pans.

        Sift Clean is the least expensive product on the market at $4.50 to $7.00 per 28 liners, plus small shipping charge. Quantity discounts are available.

        Just Google, “litter sifting liners” and many purchasing options will be offered. Or call direct at, 1-800-307-7667 to order from the factory. Give Sift Clean a try.

    • I did. We had to completely throw away the first set of liners because my cat clawed them up when they fell inside. With the next set, I folded the plastic backwards, so that the sides would want to collapse into the sides of the cat’s box and not into the litter. It WORKS ABSOLUTELY PERFECTLY now! They need to include this step in the instructions. ITS A MUST!!

  48. This Sift and Toss does not work at all. I have one cat and he immediately caused the liners to collapse in after one use. He scratched up the liners from the bottom as well. This product is a waste of money!!

  49. Sift and Toss is a real ripoff. The liners are too small to fit in a regular size litter box. They will fit a long cake pan. I paid extra shipping for FedEx, since the site said it would be faster. It came in regular mail 2 weeks later. I bought extra liners and was charged over 50 dollars. The site puts your order in as soon as you put in your credit card number, without asking if the order is correct. Sift n toss is one of the biggest ripoffs I’ve ever seen.

  50. I bought these Sift and Toss after watching the video. I have two cats/two litter boxes. I HATE the Sift and Toss. It makes more of a mess than scooping up the stuff, and the white plastic sides do not stay up in the boxes. What a waste of money! The little bags they send to keep the litter in are so small, they fit almost nothing. I think this is a scam, and am going back to scooping.

  51. We bought the sift and toss liners, and got the whole package. It all arrived promptly and the order was complete. We’ve used them for one week. If we use enough litter, the sides stay up fine. We have 4 cats and 3 boxes – we tried the liners in 2 of the boxes, and left the other alone. Our cats haven’t scratched deep enough to rip up the bottoms, something I thought might happen. I’ve used the regular sifting liners that have the perforated bottoms, and the cats have torn those up.

    The big problem I have with these – and I’m returning them because of it – is that they don’t seem to capture the urine. Solids are fine, but when the cats pee, it all goes straight through to the bottom of the pan, no matter how much litter we use, or how clumpy the litter is. I’ve tried 3 different clumping litters, but it doesn’t make a difference. The cats all pee in the corners of the box, and the pee goes right to the bottom. Some of it clumps and kind of “sticks” to the mesh, but to get it all out, we have to pull out all the liners.

    Bottom line, it’s easier to just clean ’em out by hand….

  52. Hello everyone. I just saw the commercial for the first time for this product. It looks great on tv, but does it really work? I just found the much cheaper version at Walmart. I have two cats and I going to try it once to see how it goes.

  53. I ran across the commercial about Sift & Toss I have not tried it but I was searching the web and I also ran across SiftClean. Same exact concept but appears to be cheaper but I will continue doing research to make sure I am getting the best bargain Just thought I would share what I found for those that are considering this concept…I will share my experience once I have decided on the best bargain and received my choice and will share my experience

  54. I purchased Sift & Toss and they sift the waste beautifully. However, the white plastic sides don’t stay up in the box. I tried everything: a deeper box, tons of litter as recommended. The sides fold in when the cats get in the box, then they scratch the plastic to cover their waste. So I’m never sure what condition I’ll find the edges in when I clean the box. And because of that, I sometimes have had to dispose of two at a time.

    I’m still trying to figure a way to keep the sides up. Otherwise, it’s a wonderful idea.

    • Diana: Can you please let us know the name of the product you get at Walmart. I didn’t see anything similar in the WalMart by my home.

      • I found Alfapet: Extra Giant Sifting Cat Pan Liners, 11 CT. Haven’t bought them yet but plan to. They are available at my local Wal-Mart but I found them through the Wal-Mart website. They have a rubber band to secure the sides. Don’t know the price, varies with stores. Hope they work!!

        • Thank you, Mary. I am off to WalMart. I have two cats, use two boxes and I have COPD so cleaning them out by scooping is a problem.I spent about $51.00 buying this set up with extra liners, etc. The cost will be worth it if it leads me to a product that works. I can probably find some way to use the rest of the Sift and Toss liners so all will come out well. OOPs, didn’t mean to phrase that statement quite in that manner but I am too tired to retype it. Plus, it turned out to be a funny, ha ha.

  55. Sift & Toss litter liners seem like a good concept. I just installed them in my litter boxes & it was fairly easy. However, I’m concerned that the vinyl edges did not stay together as in the video, so it looks like each layer will get scratched down into the center before I can empty it. They don’t quite reach the top of the boxes, so I’m wondering if they’ll stay secure to the sides if the boxes.

    I’m looking forward to seeing if these work as well as I hope!

    • Read your review on Sift & Toss Liners. Your concern was the vinyl edges staying together. My question is, did it work like on TV or did you have problems with the edges slipping to the center? I’d appreciate your response. I’m thinking of buying them.

      Thank you

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