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Is your dog or cat shedding hair, everywhere? Do you have hair on your couch, on the floor, on you, on your clothes, on the bed, and all around? Do your pets shed all over the place? Then you need the new ShedZilla – the amazing professional quality grooming tool that safely removes mountains of fur from your dogs and cats. ShedZilla reduces shedding by about 90 percent, getting at that tough to reach undercoat.


How does ShedZilla work?
Use ShedZilla and see the amount of fur that comes off just one dog or cat. Wow! It is satisfying to create a huge mound of hair that comes off the dog. You can wear your dark clothes again after using ShedZilla.
It is great for all breeds of cats and dogs. It works on both short and long coats. Best of all, it not only desheds, it also removes stubborn mats and tangles providing a soothing massage your pets will love.

The secret is ShedZilla’s specially designed edges that safely glide deep into the undercoat unlike other deshedders that can irritate or rip the skin. Compare the ShedZilla with another deshedder on a napkin and see how the other deshedder rips the napkin apart. Imagine if that were your pet. Leading competitors cost up to $ 60, but ShedZilla is an inexpensive alternative.

Get ShedZilla today and watch how happy your pet will be. You will have a hair free environment with ShedZilla.




What Do I Get (Official Offer –

  • ShedZilla Professional De-Shedding Tool
  • Paw Monster Mitt


Reviews and Complaints
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3 thoughts on “ShedZilla Review

  1. Shedzilla is absolutely fantastic! My wife used it on our 2 dogs. One is a roddy/bassett hound mix and the other is a silky terrier. She filled a plastic grocery bag with dog hair. Shedzilla was amazing! Well worth the little less than $20 we spent at Walmart to purchase. You all hit a homerun with this tool!

  2. I have several dogs and purchased a Furminator about 8 months ago. It took all the hair off and my dogs had skin issues so I had to stop using it. I tried a ShedZilla and it seemed to take off hair and did not irritate the skin. Much better but I was not totally satisfied as my dogs seemed to have much loose hair in their coats all the time. Recently I was at a Tractor Supply store and purchased an undercoat rake there. It was only about $6 so I thought I would give it a try – it looked really solid. This tool took more hair than either of the expensive tools. I was very pleasantly shocked. The brand was Enrych and I strongly recommend it. It does better than either of the expensive tools and at a fraction of the price.

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