Shed Vac Reviews and Complaints

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You can now put and end to the problem of pet hair lying everywhere. Here’s introducing Shed Vac. Shed Vac is a practical, useful and suitable solution to groom your small dog on your lap as well. Shed Vac is the best solution to removing hair all over you too.


Shed Vac

Shed Vac is a noise free vacuum-powered professional styled grooming system that fits perfectly in the palm of the hand. The purring and yet powerful motor gently pulls shedding hair of your pets from the inner to the outer coat without irritating their sensitive skin. The hair then collects in a built in cylinder which can be removed by opening the system, turning it on and then ejecting the hair. The recess rotating suction that is used to extract the shedding hair does not irritate your pet’s skin and there are no hard bristles that can hurt you or your dog. Even your pet will love this hassle free hair removal system because of the non irritating massaging action.

Shed Vac is the perfect grooming instrument for short haired dogs, long haired dogs and temperamental cats because of their relaxing massaging action. Shed Vac also helps in keeping the hair of your pets clean and shining bright. You can now remove lose hair from pets and get rid of painful pulling and tangling of hair.

Shed Vac Reviewer
It is intolerably upsetting to come across fake reviews while you look for genuine ones on the web. When I decided to read reviews of Shed Vac before buying it, I had no idea how futile it would be. I went online, typed “Shed Vac reviews” as keywords and waited to see the results. I noticed that most of the sites had only very good things to say about the product. They were worded so cleverly that I was tempted to purchase Shed Vac right away. They were simply conning customers promoting the products with their Buy Now ploy. But their excessive aggressiveness gave their game away and I quit reading reviews immediately as I sensed something fishy.

RE: Fake Reviews
These days it makes sense to obtain feedback about products from all sources but the Internet. It is teeming with unscrupulous manufacturers and the reviewers whom they lure to lie and exaggerate about their substandard products to earn money. Search Engines aren’t equipped to save you either as they can’t judge and warn you. So keep such sites at bay if you don’t want to be taken for a ride and collect the feedback you require from other reliable sources instead.



What do I get?
1 Or 2 Shed Vac



Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


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8 thoughts on “Shed Vac Reviews and Complaints

  1. My name is Charles Anderson and I got one of the Shed Vac and it came with buy one and get one free,and they sent me 4 and they didn’t work. I think there losey and I can’t get there phone number. Can you help me get there phone number I would be very grateful if you could, have a good new year.

  2. The Shed Vac is a joke, don’t buy one. the company is a huge scam and their products are a joke. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. they even filter comments out…. I wonder why.. what a pathetic company

    Google any of their products, educate yourself, don’t get scammed. check for the dirt on them, or check youtube and hulu for the documentary on them.

    I still feel anyone who buys ANYTHING from the tv is a FOOL. If you can’t see past the bullcrap, you are a complete idiot and should then consider the so called “valued at” process, as well as the fact that every single thing sold thought TV ads is made as cheaply as possible. If you search any product seen on tv using google, you will see “xxxxxx SCAM” as one of the most searched terms and no shortage of sites on the top of the list full of complaints.

    They rarely, if ever, commit to the return guarantee. There’s endless forum posts about how they don’t do refunds and often have auto responses and outsourced help desks.

    They often sign you up for a whole truck load of magazines and/or products as well, which you didn’t order.

    MOST (and I mean 99% of them) sell your information to advertisement companies to make additional profit. Don’t you wonder why they ask for your phone number and e-mail? Well… That’s why.

    But wait, there’s more! The Shipping and handling should also throw a red flag! The “shipping” literally costs more than the product cost to make, often double or tripple the cost. But wait, Don’t go ANYWHERE! They want to sell you another one for FREE, along with the FREE plastic bobby pin; and its only an additional $14.99 for shipping and handling… BUT WAIT.. That is a $100 additional value! (but it only cost us 3 dollars per unit to make) AND IT’S ALL FREE!

    COME ON PEOPLE! If you’ve ever bought something from the TV, I’m sorry, but you’re a RETARD! You need to go to the hospital and have a sterilization operation because intelligence, unlike strength can be inherited. STOP DEGRADING OUR DNA. I swear, if you’re IQ is UNDER 135, you should not be aloud to breed. You deserve everything you get and everything you don’t. Because of you, these companies continue to exist. If you didn’t breed, there would be less retards in the world, be it because your family is too poor for a decent education or your DNA is degenerate. When the world is rid of degenerate fools, then and only then, will these companies cease to exist.

    Please, if you think you’re smart, and I’m mistaken, e-mail me at “AstComJakeCW at”… GO! do it now.

  3. The shed vac is a joke, don’t buy one. the company is a huge scam and their products are a joke. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. they even filter comments out…. I wonder why.. what a pathetic company 🙁

    Google any of their products, educate yourself, don’t get scammed. check for the dirt on them, or check youtube and hulu for the documentary on them.

  4. The Shed Vac itself is a scam. It’s “vacuum” is basically a fan which doesn’t have much pull at all. The RPMs are low, the battery life sucks, and as for the brushing part, there isn’t one. The idea is that the rubber will create friction, grabbing the hair, but it cant even do that right. This thing cant even get near the undercoat, and the hair that it does grab is hair that was already on the surface. The company who sells it, which is responsible for all of the “as seen on tv” products, has openly discussed their way of business on discovery and has admitted to their products being built cheap and that they often don’t work. The commercials are run for one week as a trial period and are removed when the product doesn’t sell. This company is a giant scam and it’s products, at best, are novelties. Please don’t fall for this garbage, all you impulsive people. Don’t support this company.

    The discovery documentary can be found on Youtube and may still be running on Hulu. The company removed the program after it’s first air, and I’ve not seen it on tv since. (it can be found by searching “as seen on tv” as the title).

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