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You love your pet, but don’t you find it exasperating finding shedding hair all over the place? When you try to tackle the problem of shedding pets and try to groom them, you find that the painful tugging with the harsh wire bristles often makes your pet miserable and attempts to escape! Don’t cause any more pain to your best friend. Get the amazing Shed Pal!


How does Shed Pal work?
Shed Pal is the power vacuum grooming system preferred by pets! It easily fits into your hand and the Shed Pal does all the work for you, without hurting or causing pain to your pet. The Shed Pal’s motor is quiet and gives out a calming murmur to keep your pet soothed, while grooming him.

Unlike with other grooming systems, cleaning Shed Pal is a breeze! When the chamber of Shed Pal is full, all you have to do is simply open, turn on and eject safely into the disposal area, without leaving a trace of mess or causing you any cleaning hassles.

The secret is in its massing nubs on the unique u-shaped brush that gently pulls out shedding hair, while the recessed canister sucks it all in. The shedding hair is grabbed by Shed Pal in just seconds! While your pet feels discomfort with hard wire bristles, he will love the sound and massaging action of Shed Pal, which leaves his coat look clean, shiny and healthy.

Shed Pal is great for long haired dogs, curly haired ones and even finicky cats!

The main question to ask is whether Shed Pal is worth the money? The below review will help us all understand better and clearer picture about the product to get decisive. If you’re a pet owner like me, then your frustration with your pet’s shedding is probably the closest guess that may have led you to this Shed Pal review. The market is constantly being flooded with newer pet care products that apparently supposedly make life easier. Unfortunately most of these products are less than stellar. Today we are going to look at the Shed Pal and determine whether it passes muster or if it’s just another piece of infomercial junk.

Shed Pal Grooming System is a three step procedure to shed the frustration!
1: Turn on the Shed Pal Product
2: Groom the Pet
3: Open and eject the shed from the product container.

This is a grooming system that essentially combines a brush or shedding tool with a small vacuum. It works to brush your dog or cat with slightly raised bumps which help collect hair. While it is collecting the hair, a gentle vacuum begins sucking the stray hairs as well as dust and dirt out of your pet’s fur.

It’s an innovative product that is designed to be less invasive on your pet than wire bristled brushes and it’s supposed to make the grooming process easier and also cleaner. All of the hair and debris that is being collected goes into a plastic container attached to the device. This helps limit the number of stray hairs flying around your house. Emptying the Shed Pal is also a quick and easy process.

Shed Pal device indeed is a product mighty on the function and easy on the use. It makes grooming faster and easier, so you can do it as often which is hygienically stronger for your pet too.


Shed Pal FAQs

Do pets feel any discomfort or pain when Shed Pal is used for removing hair?
Your pets won’t face any discomfort when you use Shed Pal to remove hair. In fact Shed Pal is absolutely pain free unlike wire bristles and other methods that lead to pulling and snagging.

Does one have to follow any specific instructions to use Shed Pal?
Not at all; you don’t need any specific instructions for using Shed Pal, as it is very easy to use it. You can simply turn it on and vacuum up your pet’s hair; it’s that easy.


Does Shed Pal work on other pets besides dogs?
Of course it does. You can use Shed Pal on your cats because it can take care of all type of pet hair.

How is Shed Pal powered?
It’s a pet grooming system that is powered by three AA batteries. You also have the option of asking for an AC adaptor when you place your order.

Is Shed Pal available in stores and if not when will it be?
There’s uncertainty regarding the date of retail release of Shed Pal. However when it is released in stores, you will be notified through blogs and social networking sites.

Why does the shipping of Shed Pal take about 3-6 weeks?
That’s because there’s a huge number of orders at the moment. The manufacturer is stretched thin and working harder than ever to get through the back orders at the earliest. However there’s no reason to fret as your orders will be delivered as soon as possible.

What can I do if I place an incorrect order?
1-800-777-4034 is the toll free customer service number that you will need to call. You might be asked for your phone number, email address, if provided when ordering, last name and zip code. This information is needed by them to find your order. Do not worry; your issue will be fixed. But remember, orders are processed in around 24 hours, so customer service system will not have a record for your order before then.

How long before one is charged for their order of Shed Pal?
Although orders are processed within 24 hours, your card might not be charged for your purchase, till your order is shipped to you.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
Get 2 Shed Pals and a Fabric hair removing head to instantly and easily remove pet hair from clothes and furniture for just $19.95 + $15.90 s and h. Official Offer. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.


Review Shed Pal

What does Shed Pal Claim

Are you troubled by the unwanted hair growth bothering your darling pet that makes it uncomfortable and stuffy? Here’s a perfect way to relieve your cat or dog of the ordeal and also look clean and well-groomed. Shed Pal, a pet vacuum cleaner is what will see your pet and you through whenever the need arises. It can clean the loose fur from your pet gently without causing any discomfort or injury to it. It’s designed to offer the greatest convenience when used on your pet as it is equipped with a motor that runs so softly that it doesn’t create frightening noise or feel while you groom your pet.

Shed Pal is indeed a special pet vacuum cleaner that makes pet grooming easier as it’s the only vacuum grooming tool that pets actually feel comfortable with. Shed Pal comes with easy to use grooming system equipment like massaging nubs and gentle suction which can remove shedding fur easily. There’s no possibility of snagging or pulling of your pet’s hair that can result in fur flying all over and acute discomfort to it. Shed pal is suited to pets with short as well as long hair which enables you to keep your pets looking well-groomed and neat.

What’s really wonderful about Shed Pal is that it’s not only easy and safe to use, but also to clean it. It has massaging nubs on the U shaped brush that pulls in the shedding hair of your dog or cat gently and the canister sucks it in, and within seconds the vacuum cleaner gathers the shedding hair. After grooming your pet, you need to just open it, turn it on and remove the contents as per your convenience.

With Shed Pal, you can clean up pet hair and remove it from clothes and furniture. What’s more, your pet will thoroughly enjoy the Shed Pal massaging. Pets definitely love the gentle touch of massaging, especially when it’s from Shed Pal. It works wonder on your pet, whether it has short hair or long, and you’ll love the convenience and safety it offers.


Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


Shed Pal Video


38 thoughts on “Shed Pal Review

  1. This is the biggest piece of junk I have ever bought. Not only does it not work, it makes knots in my cats fur. Wish I could find a way to return it, but of course there is no way.

  2. This Shed Pal is a piece of junk. It doesn’t work. When you suck up the hair it shoots out the back of the canister. Makes a big mess and too loud. Scares the dog.

  3. I am a dog owner and have been grooming my pet with a basic comb. Few days back I was suggested Shed Pal, supposedly an automated vacuum supported grooming brush which is comfortable to use and even painless for the dog. I wanted to be absolutely sure about it and so I surfed the net for “Shed Pal Reviews”. I received many links through the search engine and most of them I found were surely a fake or a scam website because they had options to buy Shed Pal all over it. The sites which gave me all star reviews about the product were, and Certainly I was convinced until the sites would not let me exit the page and pop up offers to purchase. Finally your website has the perfect review I wanted and seems to be quite real. Thanks for making an effort to keep a clean and honest review.

    • These days scams using SEO are increasing to market and sell any type of product. These scams involve the practice of making such websites and feeding wrong information to the search engines using them. The search engines return the information to users thinking these sites are genuine. It is really a sad situation where honest user reviews are not highlighted and often go unnoticed. This websites makes sure that such real reviews are available for people to refer.

  4. Yep. They got me too. After re-watching that infomercial I think I saw one of the dogs wink & whisper “this product is crap”…

  5. IT IS A JOKE!!!
    I have 4 dogs and only 2 of them shed, I thought it would be great to have something to help me with the shedding but I was wrong. I tried it on my dogs and they could not get away fast enough.It took their short hair in a spin and scared the bad. The spin circle hurt them while it pulled the hair out. I can get a lot better with the vacuum. Please do not buy this thing you will be wasting your money.

  6. I ordered Shed Pal online, the website was malfunctioning so I ordered one by phone, the phone system was automated, and tried to sell me everything under the sun, I couldn’t get a live person on the phone after 30 minutes, after putting my credit card through on the touch tones.

    I tried to cancel the order, but it wouldn’t go through. I was billed $65.00 from Shedpal, and never received anything, after 3 months, I’m still trying to resolve the issue.

    The company is a fraud, needs to be exposed.

  7. Never, ever call these companies that advertise on television…. “and get the second one free… plus…”

    You are better off purchasing it from Amazon, or from another store. This company is a MASTER AT TAKING YOUR MONEY (not once but up to three times). They make it impossible to contact them or corresponding with them in anyway. They do not care about the customer, do want to hear from you, once you’ve purchased this product. As far as they are concerned. It is sold. Go away.

    I think we’ve all learned our lesson, but spread this experience with everyone you know so that this company is shut down!

  8. My question is how have these guys stayed out of jail, and HOW have they managed to sell the items to Ross and Walmart??? They must be pretty smooth operators. I have friends who have worked hard to sell legitimate fabulous items through Walmart and other big box retailers and it’s TOUGH. So how does a patently fraudulent item get through? If there’s no suction or hair removal and the advertisements are so clearly and deliberately false, the state attorneys general should prosecuting them to the hilt!

    SO FAR THEY ARE 100% WRONG~~~~!

  10. This is the worst scam ever! You do not get anything that works like the product on TV. This thing has no suction power whatsoever. On top of that, it also scares the crap out of the cats. They refuse to come anywhere near the thing and when you can manage to hold them down, this thing just doesn’t work.

    Don’t buy this unless you like being scammed. This thing is useless and if you add more batteries maybe you can use it as a personal fan. That is about all it is good for.

  11. I bought this Shed Pal at a Ross for$7.00. It still was not worth it. Junk! Very weak motor. My dog is a short haired hound mix. Coat like a Dalmatian or Beagle. After 10 minutes of running it over her, hardly any hair in the container. DO NOT USE ON THE DOG’S STOMACH? IT WILL HURT HER IF IT GETS CLOSE TO HER NIPPLES? Lucky for me Ross has a great return policy.

  12. Thanks to everybody who wrote about their horid experience with Shed Pal and the company!

    Thankfully I looked for reviews on it because I wanted to see if anybody complained about how quickly the tray filled up (I have a German Shepherd and wondered if I was going to be emptying the thing after each swipe). Luckily I came across this site with all of your posts!

    Thanks again!

  13. I purchased Shed Pal in Walmart. I paid $19.95 for one and inside the box when you opened it at home – it advertised a charger that you could order for another $19.95 and I forget how much the separate little vacuum bags would cost if you ordered those.

    The vacuum had almost NO power. I tried several different kinds of batteries include the strongest batteries out there that are used for digital cameras – NO power improvement. This is another one of those inventions that are a GREAT CONCEPT with DISGUSTING WORKMANSHIP.

    This Saturday I am taking it back to Walmart. By the way – I read the above reviews about Shep Pal and the inability to get your money back – I went through this with Gary Vacuum and my bank actually had to get my money back for me – my next move would have been the Attorney General – I put a devious Real Estate builder in jail with the help of the Attorney General and was the only one who got her money back. The got the FBI involved. This was 10 years ago – it’s been going on for a long time but getting much worse. IT NEEDS TO BE STOPPED.

  14. This company needs to be avoided! They try and sell you everything under the sun and keep you on the phone for an hour to get the piece of junk they lie about. They then take back every benefit they offer on the infomercial and charge you for 3 items instead of the 1 you spend an hour ordering. Obviously I have been scammed, there is no way to cancel the order on the order status web site AND their con job has made it so I will never purchase another item sold on TV ever again so if there are any honest products out there they will fail while companies like this exist. Them stealing from honest people may work in the short term, but I work for a law firm and we are going to prosecute them and make sure the are jailed as the criminals they are, in the meantime, I am curious, has anyone found a way to work around this scam?

  15. What a scam. I went through all of the hoops to get the product. Once my order was complete (with no opportunity to review) I was told that “Congratulations, you just won a free 2-night cruise to the Bahamas! All you have to pay is $59.95 per person.” I was then immediately transferred to the idiot at the “cruise” company, who would not listen to a word I said. I’m sure they will try and charge me the nearly $120 for the cruise and who knows what for the Shed Pal. I cancelled my credit card IMMEDIATELY, before the transaction had processed. FUMING MAD over here!!!

  16. It’s a scam. Don’t buy this they will screw you and you will end up paying 8 times more for it. I had a horrible time just getting my money back for at $19.95 dollar item I paid $71.00.

  17. I was on the Shed Pal website to look at what it had to offer. I had inputted my information but then decided that I didn’t want it so I canceled it. Guess what, they still took the money out of my account. I called and complained and I was told “A manager will contact you in 24 to 48 hours regarding you issue”. NOTHING, not a call and no letter. Well, this morning I received the stupid shed pal. I decided to open it and see if maybe it would be worth it. HA, it is a cheap piece of junk. The plastic bottom that is to be opened to eject the hair was already broken. Someone needs to do something to stop them from being able to rip people off like this!

  18. Ordered Shed Pal on website and supposed to get 2 for $19,95 just pay shipping and the order never appeared on the website that it was received and it got stuck on the 3rd step of the site for over an hour. I assumed after checking 10 days later on the phone with them it never went through so I ordered by phone and went through a half hour long call of upgrade pitches and additional products, a few days later got an e-mail both orders were shipped and couldn’t be stopped. They doubled my second order and I wound up with s&h at over 45.00 and the order was $49.90. Received a return authorization from them after telling them was they did and was credited for the merchandise only not the s&h. Am now going after them again for that and filed a complaint with my Visa card company. Shed Pal does not work on cats. They are terrified and I have 5 with the same reaction.

  19. Ordered ONE Shed Pal. Declined all upgrades! Was held hostage on the phone, with no exit option, listening to other sales pitches until I finally just hung up the phone. Received THREE Shed Pals today plus the bonus! Was charged $91.65 when I should have been charged around $20. Product did NOT work as shown. Removed VERY little hair from pet or furniture. Contacted company and demanded a FULL refund! Was given a number to return merchandise. Will return today. Now I’m concerned that some of the other products and services that I declined are coming my way. Cancelled my credit card. I also filed a complaint with the BBB. This company and product is a SCAM!!!

    • My Shed Pal order was tripled as well!!! Went through the same sales pitches and was held hostage on the phone, pressed the right buttons but had a bad feeling about the order when I finally hung up. Sure enough, instead of one order for $19.99, I got three and was charged $69.95. The rep on the phone would not listen to me, she laughed and kept reading their script over and over again, telling me the “Supervisor” will give you a call back. Such a scam! They gave me a return authorization number but I am afraid I will not get my money back.

  20. Ordered a shed pal today from their website. It was very misleading. It said 2 for 1 for $19.95 plus 6.99 S&H. It said I qualified for free shipping then asked me to upgrade to the “deluxe” version. I declined, as I did all the other “special offers” and then, without a review of my order, I got a thank you and a charge of $19.95 plus $7.95 S&H plus $7.95 processing fee (which was not mentioned during the ordering process) was charged to my cc. I plan on filing a consumer complaint for false and misleading advertising. I feel ripped off. Tried to call the phone number and couldn’t get to a real person. I just hope now that the product actually works!!! I’m sick of these companies getting away with the false and misleading advertising!

  21. Ordering a Shed Pal this morning as advertised on tv. Went on website to order…same deal. After clicking no thanks on all the additional things that go with it, a “thank you for your order” came up. No chance to review order! I was charged $19.95 for each shed pal, $7.95 shipping plus $15.95 handling charges (which was not mentioned anywhere that I saw!) The total of my buy one get one free with free shipping came to over $63.00. I called the contact number and there is nothing they can do until next tuesday and they might be able to cancel it!! Not 100% sure!! I felt like I was being ripped off! Anyone else notice this problem??

  22. This Shed Pal is a total Rip OFF! IOT get free shipping you have to upgrade to the DELUX version of the product for $29 and to get the second FREE one cost you an additonal $10. You go to their website and you can’t find ANY information out about Free shipping. I had to Call the order status number to get a human to talk to and then found out the above. Hope anyone whose expecting a good DEAL jumps through the hoops to check this rip off out!

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