Shaggy Shower

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What is Shaggy Shower

It is a gentle handheld shower for dogs that claims to do the job easily for you.
Shaggy Shower assures you that it will be a luxurious and gentle shower experience for your dog, who is like a member of your family. You want to ensure that you give your furry friend nothing but the best. You go for long walks with your dog in the parks or on the beach and he comes back home covered in dirt and dust. Shaggy Shower promises to be a gentle but strong showering solution for your dogs.

Shaggy Shower and understanding its secret

The cleaning power of the Shaggy Shower is said to be one of its highlights and it’s because of the 45 aqua bristles that are present on the shower head. When you are using this shower, the water is released through the bristles encouraging them to massage and clean deep in your dog’s coat, according to its claims. Thus Shaggy Shower maintains that it can get rid of knots, tangles and excess shedding. These issues can become the bane of the existence for your dogs and now there is a simple way around them.


Shaggy Shower has several advantages over regular pet showers

The regular hose sprayers that you might use to clean your dogs can be quite harsh. Not only do they frighten your dog but at times they can hurt them as well. But there are no such issues with Shaggy Shower, according to its claims. You have the power of controlling the flow thanks to the adjustable control that Shaggy Shower brings to you. Hence you can ensure that your dog doesn’t go through any kind of discomfort when he is having a shower and that will make him like his bath time.

Shaggy Shower has several cool features

Shaggy Shower has an easy connector that can easily snap on and off to any hose or faucet for that matter. That’s why it assures you that it’s extremely versatile for your use. It creates a gentle and luxurious shower experience for your dog but it is strong enough too. Shaggy Shower also highlights the importance of the soap dispenser that it comes with. It can be directly connected to the shower head to ensure that you have soap as and when you need it while you are cleaning your dog.

Shaggy Shower can be a convenient solution for you

Shaggy Shower asserts that since it is versatile, it can be connected to your kitchen sink, bathtub or even in your backyard. It claims to be an ideal solution in RVs and campers as well. It can be used indoors and outdoors and for small and large dogs too. Shaggy Shower promises to keep your convenience in mind at all times as well. Now you won’t have to worry about your clean carpets and furniture because it doesn’t create any mess all around and your dog gets the luxurious shower he deserves.

What do I get?

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