Rover Rake Review

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Do you end up spending a lot of time grooming your pet dog’s coat because it keeps running away due to the hard bristles of the brush that entangle with its fur? Do you also find a lot of loose fur lying around the house making it a mess to clean? Then you need to get yourself Rover Rake, an innovative rake shaped brush with big teeth that will take the mess and time wastage out of your dog grooming ritual.

How does Rover Rake Work

A dog’s fur needs to be groomed regularly to keep it fresh by cleaning out loose fur. But usually the grooming brushes available are small because of which hours are spent grooming without any positive results. But Rover Rake is designed to provide comfortable grooming of pet dogs without the ill effects of regular brushes.

Rover Rake is designed not just to remove the loose fur but also massage the dogs while doing so. This will make your pet feel better and they will never run away again when it is grooming time. The fun part about using Rover Rake is the ease in which grooming is performed regardless of the fact whether the dog is huge or small and has a long or short fur coating. In fact, the grooming takes place in a way where dogs feel like they are being played with and scratched with the all amazing Rover Rake.

Rover Rake has over a dozen teeth that reach the undercoat even through the thickest of the fur and gently massages out the lose fur in an instant without ripping or tearing which is quite painful for the pet. Unlike regular grooming brushes that drop the loose fur on the floor, loose fur will cling on to the teeth of Rover Rake making cleaning after grooming much easy. Rover Rake also has tummy scratchers for massaging the stomach area gently and also handy side groove pattern to give them a nice scratch under the ear. Rover Rake can be also flipped over to eliminate any hot spots and provides a nice gentle rub to the fur.




What do I get?

  • 2 Rover Rake Pet Grooming Brush
  • $15 As Seen on TV shopping card

All this for $16.99 + $13.98 P&H. Official website



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