Purrfect Arch Review and Product Info

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What is Purrfect Arch?

It is an “as seen on tv” at-home grooming system to brush your pet cat’s coat and sharpen their claws while they play. The veterinarian-approved groomer has a catnip-infused base that according to the claims, makes your cat come back to it again and again and it also gives your cat a massage. This however is not true and is revealed in the Purrfect Arch reviews here.

Your cats can be a source of constant entertainment for you at home because they are always up to something. You also want to give them the best comforts and make sure your home is not a mess with cat hair everywhere. Purrfect Arch promises to help you take care of the issue with grooming cat hair with ease. If your cat doesn’t like its hair being brushed then Purrfect Arch might just be the right option for you because the job will be done while the cat’s playing. Again this just seems to work in theory and has very little practical use as exposed in the Purrfect arch reviews.


Purrfect Arch Review

A customer in his Purrfect Arch review claims he gave Purrfect Arch to her cats and dismisses the hype surrounding it by stating that her pets did not like it even though she tried to get them to like it.

According to the review the Purrfect arch grooming system does not seem to hold much charm for her cats as it seems a bit too complex for their comprehension. A cat may at the most sleep on it but not be able to use it the way it’s intended to.

Another customer in his Purrfect arch review says even though cleaning up Purrfect Arch is easy and may be useful for those who own small cats, you’d better think hard before placing an order for it.

One customer complains in his review that Purrfect Arch is rather fragile and not strong enough to stand when a big cat rubs against it. It tumbles over easily and also poses a risk of your cat’s tail getting wrapped around and getting stuck in the brush.


How does Purrfect Arch Work

Purrfect Arch is said to be an innovative groomer that can brush cats’ coats while they are playing. Now you won’t have to worry about all that shedding hair, which can be a pain for you to clean up later. It will be taken care of by Purrfect Arch, which also claims to be a source of hours of entertainment for your cats. One of the highlights of Purrfect Arch is said to be its gentle bristles that can attract and brush. Thus cats’ coat will be maintained without putting them through any bother.

Purrfect Arch has loose fur and that means your near impossible task of grooming your cat is made a lot easier. And while your cat is being groomed at home, it also gets a delightful massage. Purrfect Arch also has catnip infused carpet base, which is the perfect aid for their scratching. And it will encourage them to come back for more as well. Thus it will also protect your furniture from being scratched at as well. Purrfect Arch is said to be quite durable and well made, which means it can be a long term companion for your cat and its grooming.

We suggest reading the Purrfect Arch reviews before getting lured by the lofty claims into buying the Purrfect arch product.


Brushes your cat’s coat while they play

Purrfect Arch guarantees to be the best cat grooming system a cat owner will ever find because it can brush your cat’s coat while they play. It is very important to brush your cat’s fur and needs to be done every once in a while. If you fail to do that, the cat’s coat will start to matt and you will end up with messy hairballs all over the house when the cat will lick its matted fur. However, even though important, brushing your cat’s coat is a disastrous task for anyone because the hair goes everywhere in the house – on your clothes, the furniture and the carpet – making your house so messy and also becomes a difficult chore to get clean. At the same time, the cat often gets bored of having its hair brushed and runs off in the middle of it. However, Purrfect Arch claims to tackle all these problems by letting your cat brush its own coat and that too while playing so that it is fun time for the kitty while the task of grooming is taken care of simultaneously.

This claim is rather unsubstantial, the Purrfect Arch reviews expose this false claim. All these supposed benefits of Purrfect Arch will materialize only if your cat uses the Purrfect arch in the first place. And most customers in their Purrfect arch reviews claim that they couldn’t get their cat to use the product. Also according to the Purrfect arch reviews – it is not suited for bigger cats, they take rip it off easily and they don’t walk through it but rub on it.

Groomer, massager, back scratcher for your cat

The secret of Purrfect Arch is alleged to be the durable bristles of the groomer that are specifically designed to gently get rid of the loose shedding hair of your cat. The at-home grooming system also states to do more than just remove the loose hair – it stimulates the cat’s coat deep down so that your pet will get a soothing massage while grooming. Purrfect Arch proclaims to be shaped like an arch so that the cat can walk right under it thus also making it a great back scratcher for your cat and an ideal massager that will have your cat purring with content within seconds. Purrfect Arch asserts that it can attract the excess fur on the cat so that you can cuddle up with it even on your couch without the worry of cleaning the mess later.

The claim that Purrfect arch is easy to clean is attested by the Purrfect arch review posted by one of the user. According to the Purrfect arch reviews – it may work for little cats but is definitely not for bigger cats. One customer in her Purrfect arch reviews reveals that her cat uses it only for her face. She further mentions in her review that

Catnip-infused base

Purrfect Arch maintains that its base is infused with catnip to attract the kitty to the groomer again and again so that you will never have to goad your cat into using it and they will do it on their own while playing. Cats have a natural instinct of rubbing against objects like furniture and even people. But the problem with that is the loose fur that sheds off and makes a mess everywhere in the house. Purrfect Arch claims to help in this regard too – it can keep the cat purr-fectly happy and entertained for hours because the cat will rub against the bristle to get a massage as well as brush its coat. The bristles collect the fur so that the cat’s grooming is stress-free and easy to get rid of the mess too while keeping the cat owner’s furniture and carpet clean and safe from cat fur. The cat will have Purrfect Arch for its entertainment all the time and can get soothing massages whenever it pleases.

Again the same thing – these are the assumed benefits of Purrfect Arch if the cat uses the groomer, as revealed in the Purrfect arch reviews

Rubberized and sturdy base

You do not have to worry about the Purrfect Arch slipping from your cat’s feet leading to mishaps because the groomer has a rubberized and super sturdy base that is also covered with scratching-post carpet so that the cat can sharpen its claws on it instead of running your furniture and walls in the house. Purrfect Arch promises to be so soft that it will not harm your cat’s skin in any way and has been approved by veterinarians as safe for the cat. The groomer is also lightweight so you can keep it in your cat’s favorite room or anywhere else you want. The catnip is stored in the bottom of the Purrfect Arch and can be changed for a fresher stock easily. The simple yet innovative groomer is also light enough to be carried on travels.



What do I get?

  • 2 Purrfect Arch
  • Price $14.95 plus15.9 P&H
    Total amount $ 30.85

Official website purrfectarch.com



Purrfect Arch Video


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20 thoughts on “Purrfect Arch Review and Product Info

  1. This product’s plastic, hard bristles gave my cat a deep laceration in her mouth along with other scratches and pokes. She had to have stitches to close the wounds. Not fun. Buy something with NYLON instead.

  2. Honestly, you need bonding time with your cat. Spent grooming your companion, rather than make the process automatic.

  3. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR THE PURRFECT ARCH REVIEWS!!! YOU SAVED ME FROM SOO MUCH CHAOS!!!….I will say I saw them on Amazon.com…and you can just buy one….just wanted to let you know and they have them stock right now..MY QUESTION TO YOU ALL THAT USE THEM IS THIS, HOW EASY IS IT TOO CLEAN THE BRUSH ARCH??…I have a long haired kitten that already has massive hair all over lol…this would be a great idea for him BUT…how easy is it to get all the hair off the arch?? I have not heard NOTHING bout how to clean it..even my hair brush has issues getting all my hair out when I try and clean it..i cant imagine how long its going to take me to pull the cats hair out..thanks for your help!! ,…April ~~~

  4. When I saw this ad on TV just now the product really interested me but I won’t order anything from a TV ad like this again, having been stung before–no product ever coming, confusing computer only ordering which is obviously meant to make you do something you don’t mean to or want to do (like order other things), etc. And having read these reviews just firms my resolve not to buy anything from those “$19.99 and get a second one and another bunch of stuff free.” I’ll just watch the CVS aisle “As Seen on TV” and buy it. That way I know I’ll carry it home, won’t wait six months (or forever), no shipping and handling, etc. Thanks everyone!

  5. Do not buy this Purrfect Arch online. I ordered one (1) checked the box to pay additional s/h for the second purrfect arch, thought I could give to a friend. Well I was charged $50.40, then I was charged another $50.40 and received another shipment. I contacted them and the gave me a RMA to return second shipment for only a merchandise credit, not s/h charges. Well now I have received two more shipments, yes now I am the owner of 8 of these things. Customer service got an ear full from me last night. The let me know I could send them back and get a full refund, but I told them I was going to charge them s/h for doing this! So they told me to just keep all 8 and they where going to credit me for all the charges. Hope this turns out well and I get me money back, and I will donate the purrfect arches I do not need to an animal shelter. p.s. I only have one cat!

  6. My oldest cat, a tom, was crazy about it before I even got it unpacked. He had the brush wrapped around his stomach and was pawing at the carpet within seconds! He doesn’t even need it put together. He was so happy to get it. My other two are very interested in it but are not quite sure how to operate it yet.

    No problem with receiving product. It came promptly and in good shape.

  7. My husband returned a Purrfect arch for me some time ago approx. 2 weeks ago. I watch my bank account every day to see if the money was returned to me. As of tonight. Just finished looking at it and still no return. I don’t want to have to call the Better Business Bureau. Please respond by Wednesday.

  8. I was going to purchase this Purrfect arch, but after reading the reviews, I won’t bother. Thanks for the information.

    • Thanks for all your Purrfect arch reviews and this was very helpful. Was going to purchase Mr Lid containers until reading the reviews which were such a nightmare of clients and what experience they had. From now on I am going to read reviews from others who have bought products in any way shape or form. Bought paint and items to paint from Ace Hardware and went to Consumer Reports (USA) and Ace Hardware had the Best Brand of Paint for 2014.

  9. Thanks for the info and Purrfect arch reviews everyone, guess that’s a no brainer not to try and purchase!

  10. I ordered a set of Purrfect Arch last September. I waited for almost 2 months and the status was In Process. I called customer service several times and was told the product was back ordered. Each time I called, I was given a new ship date. Finally the order was cancelled. When I called I was told that the product was no longer available. I was really disappointed. I saw the commercial this morning and was thrilled that the product was available again. I placed the order through the toll free number (all computer driven) but never got a confirmation number. I called customer service and asked if the product was physically available. No, it wasn’t due in for 4-6 weeks. I will call back and cancel as soon as my order is in the system.

  11. Geeze… been waiting over a month for this Purrfect Arch, phone order. Checked couple weeks ago order was being processed, $ not deducted till shipped.

    Checked tonight, no place to email to question them, but it said my order was cancelled! WTH, Now I’ll be watching my credit info to watch for a scam.

  12. I thought when I went to the next screen, that it would give me a subtotal. I saw NO amount of what I was buying until it was too late!!! Still working on getting it cancelled.

    • BUYER BEWARE. I don’t know about the phone purchase process, but for online purchases, it’s a scam that relies on a confusing checkout process. Like other reviewers I was not given a chance to review the total before purchasing i.e unlike other online purchase sites there is no summary total screen, you click continue to checkout and suddenly you reach a screen where it says your order is being processed. Further, the total—when it was finally shown to me after the order was processed—was 3 times larger than what I thought the price would be, with no explanation why the charges were so much more. There was also no recourse to immediately contact the company have the order adjusted or revised as this occurred on a Saturday and the customer service number is only active monday to Friday. If you absolutely must try this product, you’re probably better off ordering over the phone and asking them to provide you a total before you will authorize any charges on your card.

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