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Do you love your pet but are put off with their bad breath? Does your pet enjoy coming close but you push him away because of the breath? Cleaning it is expensive and it is not possible to just brush bad breath away. Moreover, it is hard on your pet too.


How does Plaque Blast work?
Plaque Blast comes as a welcome relief. It is a new, patented treatment designed to simply spray in your pet’s mouth to control the plaque, the bacteria, and the bad breath. You do not need to take your pet to the vet for a painful scaling that also requires anesthesia and is hard on your pet. Instead, just use Plaque Blast and spray it in your pet’s mouth for whiter teeth, healthier gums, and fresh breath instantly.

A buildup of tarter, bacteria, and plaque most probably causes your pet’s bad breath. This in turn could lead to liver, heart, or kidney diseases. The use of Plaque Blast distinctly reduces the harmful buildup of tarter, bacteria and plaque and promotes healthy gums in addition to eliminating your cat’s or dog’s bad breath.

Your pet needs you to care for them; their oral health is an important aspect of their health. It is easy to use Plaque Blast. Just spray and you are done.

Unlike other products that contain grain alcohol, Plaque Blast is alcohol free and pet friendly while it attacks plaque. Put a smile on your pet’s face with gums that are healthier, teeth that are whiter and breath that is instantly fresh.

Plaque Blast: Directions For Use

Plaque Blast is a product for your pets and used to reduce plaque and tartar. It’s also known to keep your pets’ gums healthy and their breath fresh. Moreover it’s alcohol free and very easy to use if you follow these simple instructions.

To activate Plaque Blast you need to remove the cop off the activator bottle. Then you need to remove the spray cap from the base bottle. The next step in the process is to empty the contents of the activator bottle into the base bottle. Make sure you put the spray cap back on the base bottle and secure it tight. Now shake the bottle well before use. It’s important to remember that it is best to use Plaque Blast within 30 days of it being activated using the instructions given above.

How to apply the Plaque Blast on your pet?

You need to undo the spray cover first and take the bottle close to your pet’s mouth. Lift your pet’s lip at the rear of the mouth and make sure you spray the upper back tooth at least a couple of times. Slowly move forward and now spray the upper canine tooth. You will need to follow the same procedure on the other side of the mouth. You won’t have to spray Plaque Blast on the rest of the teeth or the front and lower ones, because it will naturally spread across all your pet’s teeth. If you notice that your pet’s teeth are soiled heavily you can use Plaque Blast 2- 3 times every day. When you see that the teeth are clean, you can start using the product once every day.

It’s a good idea to not give your pet any food or water for about 30 minutes after use. You will see better results after brushing.

How long does it take for results to show?
You will start seeing fantastic results in about a month’s time. A 30 day period is needed after using the product to see sensational results as you will manage to get rid of the plaque and tartar on your pet’s teeth.

Plaque Blast Ingredients:
The Base of Plaque Blast contains:
Deionized Water, Sodium Hexametaphosphate, Glycerine, Sodium Chlorite, Disodium Phosphate, Sodium Citrate, Propylene Glycol, Poloxamer 407, Sucralose, Sodium Hydroxide.

While the Activator of Plaque Blast contains:
Deionized Water, Phosphino Carboxylic Acid, Potassium Phosphate, Sodium Fluoride, Phosphoric Acid, Potassium Iodide.

Plaque Blast Frequently Asked Questions

Does Plaque Blast contain any alcohol?
Unlike other pet oral sprays that contain alcohol, Plaque Blast is completely alcohol free and thus safe for your pets.

A word about Dr. George…
Dr George is a renowned and experienced dentist and innovator, whose field of expertise lies in the field of veterinary medicine and biochemistry. 10 years of his hard work and research has gone into the making of Plaque Blast.

Can Plaque Blast be used for cats without any issues?
Yes, Plaque Blast is 100% safe for cats. It can be sprayed into your dog or cat’s mouth to get rid of built up plaque, bad breath and tarter.

Does Plaque Blast reduce tarter and plaque on a pet’s teeth?
It’s been proven to show dramatic results as plaque buildup and tarter from a cat or dog’s mouth is reduced, to a great extent. As soon as you spray it in your pet’s mouth, Plaque Blast starts doing its job.

What do you do if you are charged more than you expect when you order online?
It’s no reason to panic because you have a rather straightforward solution to this. You can simply call the toll free customer service number, and speak to a representative. You will be asked for your name, telephone number and zip code. This information is needed to be able to find you on the system to look into your order. (There is a possibility that details of the credit card you made the booking with might be needed too; hence it’s best to keep it handy.)

How long does it take for the results to start showing and tarter, plaque reducing from a pet’s mouth?
You will see tremendous results in about a month’s time (around 30 days).

Does Plaque Blast work on big dogs like Great Danes?
Plaque Blast works on cats and dogs of all breeds and sizes.

Is there a reason to worry if Plaque Blast spray gets into a pet’s nose or mouth? What if Plaque Blast gets into human nose, eyes or mouth?
Since Plaque Blast has some salt in it you are advised to keep it away from a pet’s nose and mouth. You should also keep it away from your own nose and mouth too.

How do you store Plaque Blast after it has been opened so that you get optimum results in the future?
Once it’s opened and when the activator is added, you can simply store Plaque Blast at room temperature without any special need for storage.

Can Plaque Blast be bought in retail stores?
Yes it can be. You can visit local PetSmart, WalGreens or Petco to get Plaque Blast. You might also be able to find Plaque Blast at few other stores and the announcement will be made on social media profiles.



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  • All this for jus $14.99 + $10.98 s and h. Official Offer. 30 day money back guarantee.


Plaque Blast Video
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95 thoughts on “Plaque Blast Review

  1. Plaque blast is the greatest product I’ve ever seen. We have 3 dogs and all 3 are different breeds. The latest one I acquired is a 9 yr.old pomeranian. His teeth were really gross and brown. By the end of the 2nd week. His teeth were so much nicer looking, it was unreal. I only remembered spraying it twice a day. I have never recommended any product for anything.
    This I had to tell everyone about it. I hope that everyone that reads this will at least give it a try.
    Your little ones will love you even more. I’m on Social security and I try to make sure I get this.
    Seriously please try this. You won’t regret it.

  2. This is one FANTASTIC PRODUCT!!!!!! My dog, a lahsa apso teeth were yellow and the gums were red. In less than a month, the red is gone and their is still a little tartar on his teeth. I took him to the vet yesterday and he said he has the teeth of a puppy…white and brite….and he is 6 years old!! Thank you for inventing Plaque Blast I showed my vet and she said she is now going to recommend it to her patients with yellow teeth!

  3. I’ve used Plaque Blast very successfully on my two westies’ teeth for two years. However, when I went to use the “activator” a month or so ago, it felt like there was nothing in that tiny bottle. So, just now, I opened a new pack of Plaque Blast & thought I’d check very carefully to see if there was liquid in the activator bottle & it was BONE DRY!! I’ve been ripped off by Plaque Blast the past month & won’t put up with it again this month. Is Dr. George Madray pulling a fast one on consumers? Though I thought the product worked very well when there was liquid in the activator, I can’t see buying more now that I know I’m being cheated.

  4. OMG. I only saw good Plaque Blast reviews until I just came across this website!! Ive given my small-medium sized dog plaque blast for 2 days now and from some of these reviews it could already be too late!! I am throwing it out right now!!! My baby is way to important to me to risk that!!! :((((

  5. I do not recommend plaque blast, especially for older dogs or dogs with weak kidneys. I used plaque blast off and on for two months, and my dog developed severe kidney failure and died a couple of months later. Plaque blast has a lot of phosphorus and other harsh chemicals that are not good for kidneys. I was discussing kidney failure with another woman and she told me her dog also was suffering kidney failure and she had used plaque blast, but had to stop using it too. See the warning on the bottle: stop use and consult a veterinarian if adverse effects are noticed. Well, by the time you notice the effects, the damage is done, and kidney damage is not reversible.

  6. After using using plaque blast on my dog off and on for two months, he developed severe kidney failure and died. It shouldn’t be recomended for older dogs, or dogs with weak kidneys. To much phosphorus and chemicals in the spray is very bad for kidneys. I’m still in mournig after the death of my dog and do not recommend it. I was talking to another lady about kidney failure, and her dog’s kidneys are also failing after using plaque blast and she was stopping using it. Note the warning on the bottle: stop use and consult a veterinarian if adverse effects are noticed. Well by that time the damage is done, and kidney damage is not reversible.

  7. Glad I read the Plaque Blast reviews. I will not even try it on my dog after reading the reviews. I will take it back for a refund and get his teeth cleaned by my vet as always.

  8. Does this cause Diarrhea? My dogs have been pooping water since I started using this 2 days ago. Please reply ASAP before I take them to the Vet.

  9. I have used Plaque Blast on my four Chihuahuas for probably six months now and it has helped tremendously with their teeth. I also brush their teeth twice a week. I am very particular what I put in and on my babies and I am not the least bit afraid of this product. You think of all the bad things in our food which we ingest compared to what is in this product. The ingredients are pretty straightforward. Unlike ours where they hide an ingredient under another name or something we don’t understand. Not everything ingested is going to agree with people or animals and there can be reactions to products. Life is a gamble and it is our choices to try something or not. It just doesn’t always turn out well.

  10. Yes, Plaque Blast really works. My dog had horrible tarter build up and my Vet said if I couldn’t get his teeth clean he would need to be put under anesthesia to professionally clean them. Thanks to this product, it worked and his tarter is gone and his teeth are shiny white, after one month of use. I am going to purchase more to keep using once per week as suggested for maintenance.

  11. I purchased this “Plaque Blast,” at Petsmart two days ago. I thought it was awesome that in just one day of treatments, his bad breath was gone, and it worked wonders as far as removing his plaque. Unfortunately it was too good to be true.

    I just looked at my dog’s face, and his right cheek is all swollen!! We have not done anything differently in these past few days (i.e. new food, etc..), and after reading so many similar stories, I am confident that this is a direct result of the “Plaque Blast.”

    I am so devastated I am crying as I’m writing this. If the swelling doesn’t go down in a day or two, I will take him to the vet, and I will be sure to file suit against the makers of this “Plaque Blast!”

    If you are going to use this product, please be sure to monitor your dog very carefully!!

  12. WOW! If only we were so righteously indignant about the content of children’s cereal, drinking water, eldercare medication….

    Yes, yes, Wikipedia is non-authoritative, AND is far less wrought with uninformed opinion than most blogs. Check it out:

    We’ve been eating that “crap” for decades, and it obviously has had a negative impact on our capacity to think for ourselves.

    I’d never heard of plaque blast until my vet recommended it last month. He said that it works AND is safer than putting my 12-year old pooch under. My vet is also a professor and lecturer at a prestigious university vet school; i trust him.

    I just bought plaque blast at Petsmart for under $10, no scam, no drama. I’m looking forward to seeing great improvement in my dog’s oral health!

  13. I wanted to post something because I would like to know how many of you who say this is unsafe feed your children bread? Read below about the bread. How about soup? It contains MSG read up on that too! Really think about this! I have a friend who uses plaque blast on her dog and she has had no problems and white teeth. But just like us humans some dogs are going to be more sensitive or allergic to products. As for fluoride we have that added our water supply. It is just a fact of life.

    Potassium bromate is used in almost all bread products in the U.S. Purportedly, it is used to provide a reliable result in the baking process.

    If potassium bromate is not listed on the product label, you will find it disguised as “enriched flour”. Check out this site and symptoms.
    Bromine is found naturally in the earth’s crust and in seawater in various chemical forms. Bromine can also be found as an alternative to chlorine in swimming pools.

    Products containing bromine are used in agriculture and sanitation and as fire retardants (chemicals that help prevent things from catching fire).

    Check this site out for MSG.

  14. DO NOT BUY PLAQUE BLAST–ITS DANGEROUS!!! Here’s what happened to me. On Tues July 17th 2012 I took my precious Havanese/mixed to get groomed. Came home and used the Plaque Blast only once on each side of his gums. By evening he was unable to see all of a sudden. By the next evening he was having seizures. I rushed him to the vet scared and crying. They put him on an iv and gave him Valium to calm the seizures. The vet said he had a brain tumor and when I showed him the bottle of Plaque Blast he said that nothing in it should of caused it. I love my vet but sometimes doctors can be wrong. My dog had to be put down that Friday. I still believe that if I hadn’t used that crap on my dog he would still be with me today. Still in mourning over my precious baby.

    • If your dog had a brain tumor there is absolutely no reason to believe the single dose of Plaque Blast caused his death.

      • I have been using Plaque Blast for about 4 weeks on both of my Chihuahua’s (7 years old) and both of them have had multiple seizures for the first time in their life. I just connected the dots last night with the Plaque Blast. It is the only thing new in their life. I know that both dogs have not developed brain tumors… I threw it away this morning. Hoping they won’t have any more seizures.

    • Unless your vet saw the brain tumor on a scan, it is more likely that a groomer dropped your dog, causing a brain injury, than that the plaque blast caused anything. or of course he could just have had a virulent brain tumor! NOT DEFENDING plaque blast! I dont intend to use it. just going by our experience with a Maltese thought to have a brain tumor who actually had a head injury and neurological damage. so sorry about your little guy…

  15. hi,

    I bought this for our french mastiff, with very bad teeth. we did not look at the ingredients or anything, we just bought it. We used it twice a day for about 4 days. Now our dog has a very bad swollen throat. I mean she has a huge bump under her throat. we took her to the vet and they are maki9ng some test on her.

    Before we used this product she did not have that bump at all. It is possible its from something else but we have another dog that we did not use it on at all, and he is fine.


  16. I used plaque blast on my dog for about 2 months. All seemed great, but then he stopped eating. I took him to the vet today and the vet found sores at the back of his mouth and his gums bled when the vet pressed on them. I suspect that plaque blast is behind all of this. I will no longer use on my dogs. I’ll just try and brush their teeth with an oral cleaner provided by the vet.

    Please be aware of this product, at first I thought it really worked, but I feel that plaque blast could be the culprit behind my dogs mouth sores.

  17. Thanks for all the feedback, I was about to order this Plaque Blast for my 7 pound Chihuahua, lol. and I read all these negative replays about this stuff, I will never give this stuff to my baby I love him to much, just have to take him to the vet. Thanks.

  18. I ordered Plaque Blast from an ad and ordered it on the internet from and 8 weeks later it still never arrived. Their customer service tel. no. is almost never answered. Also I saw where it appeared on my Visa charge. Their site says you can track your order within 2 days of placing your order and mine could not be tracked 8 weeks later. They told me it can only be tracked if it has been shipped but that is not what their ad says. Also they told me twice I would not be billed until it is shipped. I contacted Visa and they removed the charge and finally I got through to their customer service no. and I got a cancellation number. They gave me a real runaround and kept trying to sell me something else. The company name is Telecom. Check your credit card charges if you are on back order to see if they charged you before it is shipped.

  19. 3.8.12 I purchased Plaque Blast for my 4 lbs yorkie on 3.7.12 from Walgreens used it that evening and my poor baby was up all night vomitting what looked like flem and blood. This product states its safe for all size and breeds they should post something about lbs. Will never use it again! Waste of $10 bucks.

  20. My brother ordered Plaque Blast from the internet a month ago, and still claims it is on back order and never got it, and when I read all the reviews, I am going to call him today and have him cancel the order and see if he can get it through pet smart or CVS…heck, my dog does not need the toy, he hardly plays with the Harley Davidson one we got him from the actual HD Dealer…Any Suggestions, as we are from IOWA.

  21. I am kinda seeing that maybe if you buy this from pet smart it works and is 10 dollars like it said and if you order it from the website it doesn’t work and it like $80. I have a little 2 pound Chihuahua and she hates her teeth being brushed. She’s the sweetest dog ever unless she has to get her teeth brushed and so I want to know if this works even if you have to brush a little. Her plaque is terrible I swear her teeth are gonna start falling out.

  22. Hello there ladies & gents. I found this site from a friend who had just heard about the product plaque blast. she was shocked at the comments n discouraged away from trying it. I would just like to clear up something for those who are interested in trying product.

    I am owner of a 12yr old poodle. Regular teeth cleaning every year was a normal for her UNTIL my vet had actually recommended this for my senior dog. Vet said it was completely harmless n was going to try it on a few of his own animals seeing as he fosters 5 dogs at a time.

    Senior dogs can be tricky when it comes to oral cleaning at vet offices especially when undergoing an anesthetic. There comes a point in an animals life when it is too risky to be put under whether or not the animal is healthy. Alternatives are then needed.

    For the record! I have had my 12 yr old poodle, which unfortunate for me happens to be one of the breeds that acquire tartar quicker than others, on plaque blast for 2 months now. Her teeth were plaqued but not to a dangerous level where it was a health risk. I will admit, the spray hasn’t removed any plaque but HAS softened the plaque around gum line to where it was wiped away w a damp cloth. And it HAS softened more working its way do the tooth. I do see this product as a working one indeed. The ingredients are NOT harmful. And best of all, you will end up saving alot of money.

    I purchased Plaque Blast from PetSmart for $9.99. And as for the actual website scam?! If anyone out there is an actual online shopper n knows the ropes, there comes a product that automatically enlists you in an ongoing basis. So its not a scam, its a company selling products. Unfortunately that’s how major companies survive. Look at proactive for instance and all the complaints about how cards keep getting charged and how people are coming home to more solution on their doorstep. Its retail. Just keep your eyes open next time before you make a purchase.

    so….for all you skeptics out there, try plaque blast. If you’re worried, take dog to vet and ask about the product for vets opinion.

    I hope this helps.

  23. Hi,

    I wonder if Propylene Glycol is really safe. It is FDA approved, but I heard that it is forbidden in Germany. I think it controversial chemicals. We, humans don’t swallow Propylene Glycol in a shampoo or toothpaste, but our dogs do lick it in Plaque Blast. What do you think? Are there any good solutions?


  24. Wow, heavy stuff, but very thorough. Plaque Blast has more than just a few ambiguous ingredients. Researched all of them, read the reviews and will NOT purchase this junk… But wanted to give alternative products that DO work and that I have been using faithfully for many years. I only looked at PB because it seemed so simple (easy; spray and go). Rather, I realized that for products to work and be healthy, it takes commitment and time… Like me, my dog gets her teeth brushed 2X/day (I’ve always trained my cats/dogs from kits/pups). Dog MORNING: Petrodex Enzymatic Toothpaste (Poultry Flavor for Dogs cleaning rating 4/5). Dog EVENING: after eating/before bed – Petrodex Advanced Veterinary Cleaning Paste (baking soda based, comes in a red plastic flip-top jar) then after brushing I give her denta-chew treat (the ones from Costco). It takes less than 2 minutes a day and will save 100’s/1000’s of dollars over the years; as well, they do ‘learn’ to like it, and even love it… When an animal gets used to a clean mouth, they come running for brush time 🙂 Cats: I brush both of my cats teeth every 2nd-3rd day (Petrodex Malt Flavor cleaning rate 4/5; and once every couple of weeks with the Advanced Vet Paste) and they have never had tarter buildup. Cat/dog Petrodex toothpaste available at Petsmart for the comparable price as PB. Is safe and effective. To save on toothbrush costs for dogs, just use a cheap Walmart brand toothbrush (which actually works better than the Petrodex ones). You’ll have to splurge of the teenie cat toothbrushes though. They are worth it. Hope this helps.

  25. I am so annoyed with this Plaque Blast website/product. They are very sneaky about tricking you into ordering two bottles of this. You order one, plus the “free” second one, and then a confusing second window opens “verifying” that you want “two.” The problem is that they are referring to you purchasing two orders of two, not two bottles (one being free.) What a sham. Also, there is no way to edit. My two packages cost me $20, and my shipping was $27!! I’m disputing the charges and buying from the competition.

  26. People really care about the succralose? What about the Propalene Glycol better known as Anti-Freeze! Really Check into the things you don’t understand the name of.

    Propylene glycol is an approved food additive for dog food under the category of animal feed and is generally recognized as safe (GRAS[30]) for dogs.[31] Similarly, propylene glycol is an approved food additive for human food as well.[32] The exception is that it is prohibited for use in food for cats because of a species-specific reaction in the body, as noted in 21 CFR 582.1666.

    Veterinary data indicate that propylene glycol is toxic to dogs with a 50% chance of being lethal at doses of 9mL/kg, although the figure is higher for most laboratory animals (LD50 at levels of 20mL/kg).[33]

    However, propylene glycol may be toxic to cats in ways not seen in other animals. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has determined that its presence in or on cat food has not been shown by adequate scientific data to be safe for use. Any such use is considered an adulteration of the cat food and a violation of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.[34]

    • Thank you for your review. Wikipedia defines propylene glycol as a “safe” antifreeze. Oh my – where is there a “safe” in “anti”??

      • Working in automotive I know that Propylene and ethylene glycol are used in anti freeze. But the propylene is not toxic, it is the ethylene that causes kidney failure. With most chemicals they may sound alike but have very different affects.

      • Much of Wikipedia info is opinion rather than fact. I would not use it as a reference for anything! I have repeatedly found false and/or incorrect info there. Please use a regular encyclopedia source!

  27. I’m going to buy Plaque Blast in 1hour, I’ve looked up the ingredients, its safe, I have nothing to lose but $10. I’ll keep updating.

  28. I WAS interested in ordering, sounded like a pretty good deal, and you need to look at the ingredients with a little sense. I could not find anywhere HOW MUCH WILL IT COST? Few people said $79.00, hidden charges etc. Good enough for me to run like it is a scam, whether it is or not!

    • Try calling your veterinarian….obviously the review who thinks a dental from the vet is $750.00. This person is giving a fake review. I checked with our veterinarian. He charges $130.00.

      I know how hard calculi and tarter can be on a dog’s teeth. You CANNOT simply “spray” it away.

      • I beg to differ with you. It cost me nearly $900.00 to have my dogs teeth cleaned, with a few extractions. He’s a 10 year old poodle terrier mix. This was done at a University pet hospital in Salt Lake City. Haven’t been back there since.

  29. I have not used the Plaque Blast so I cannot comment on its effectiveness; nor, as a result, can I attest to a ‘purchasing experience’ – however I do have a few remarks regarding some comments posted here.

    1. For the person who said they couldn’t find a list of ingredients: Google ‘plaque blast ingredients’ – they are listed there.

    2. For the person who is concerned about Sucralose & made negative comments about it: I did the research – did you?

    The facts: Sucralose has been accepted by several national and international food safety regulatory bodies, including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Joint Food and Agriculture Organization / World Health Organization Expert Committee on Food Additives, The European Union’s Scientific Committee on Food, Health Protection Branch of Health and Welfare Canada, and Food Standards Australia-New Zealand (FSANZ). Sucralose is one of two artificial sweeteners ranked as safe by the consumer advocacy group Center for Science in the Public Interest. “In determining the safety of sucralose, the FDA reviewed data from more than 110 studies in humans and animals. Many of the studies were designed to identify possible toxic effects, including carcinogenic, reproductive, and neurological effects. No such effects were found, and FDA’s approval is based on the finding that sucralose is safe for human consumption.” “For example, McNeil Nutritional LLC studies submitted as part of its U.S. FDA Food Additive Petition 7A3987 indicated that “in the 2-year rodent bioassays…there was no evidence of carcinogenic activity”.

    The only indications of negative effects on the beneficial flora (bacteria) in the intestinal tract was when rats were fed extremely large quantities significantly exceeding the estimated/recommended daily intake (the equivalent of a human ingesting 11,450 packets (136 g) per day). You are not going to find that kind of excess proportion in the Plaque Blast either so the negative comments posted here about sucralose are without any sound clinical foundation. Do your research before you lambast something as (solely in your opinion) “not being safe”.

  30. Of course Plaque Blast can’t work. The only way to remove plaque is by mechanically dislodging the plaque before is calcifies into tartar. That’s why you need to brush AND floss. Spray could be something as simple as diluted (1 1/2%) peroxide that is an acid, I’m using a strip now to whiten my teeth, and it does reduce gram negative anaerobic bacteria since if liberates oxygen. But the good doctor should knew mechanical debridement is the only way to reduce plaque after its been on the tooth for 24 hours.

    • Dr George’s Plaque Blast CAN work. That is why dentist use chemotherapeutic agents as an adjunct in periodontal disease treatment. They work where the brush can’t reach. Pets nor people can reach below the gum-line.

  31. I have only been using this product on my min pin for about a week and I can already tell the difference. The thing I like about it is that his mouth is really small and I don’t have to try and get to his back teeth. I catch him when he asleep and just spray his front canines. It permeates his whole mouth. Just gotta not let him drink or eat for 30 minutes. I just don’t have the $250 plus to get them cleaned. I like the fact that there is no alcohol. I recommend it, especially for small dogs.

    • Also, I bought one and got one free. In addition, I got a $20 coupon for other products. You cannot beat that.

  32. ALWAYS READ THE INGREDIENT LABELS ON PRODUCTS!! This product contains the artificial sweetener Sucralose

    • I completely agree, Stacey. I looked on the plaque-blast website and didn’t see a link for the ingredients. Without having to go to a store, I want to know what is in this stuff before I even consider purchasing it let alone putting this product in my little ones’ mouths. too much garbage is out there that is toxic to cats (including rosemary extract & so many other items) that some people think are okay – unfortunately including 99% of the foolish pet food manufacturers.

  33. I bought this at Petsmart on sale for $10 a couple week ago and I can already see a difference. I have two older dogs and they are both on the large side with a lot of tarter buildup. I was skeptical and kept my receipt in case I had to return it. The cashier said that if less than half of the contents were used I could get a full refund with the receipt. My dogs definitely don’t “love it” as advertised but they put up with it. I have been using 3 squirts for both dogs since they’re teeth are so bad but hopefully will be able to scale back to 1 for maintenance after they start to look like actual teeth. Yes, they are were that disgusting!

    • Oh Katie, please read the Plaque Blast ingredients!!! there are so many toxic crap and one is Sucralose, which truth be known is toxic to humans (of course manufacturers will not admit to) so imagine what harm this could be for your pet babies! Sucralose when ingested disrupts and kills good flora in our intestines and in many people/pets (including me) has given them IBS and sets the stage for bad bacteria to thrive!!

      And here’s the kicker- if your pet gets sick and needs antibiotics he’s now more prone to getting bowel problems and even a possibility of developing Clostridium difficile (also known a “C. Diff”, a bacteria resistant to most antibiotics), so this means while taking the antibiotic, you’re in effect killing all good & the bad bacteria, right? but if he’s been exposed to the C. Diff bacteria, as many of us are (thankfully our Good Bacteria keeps it in check so many of us are unaware we have this bacteria living in our guts) then because the antibiotics are not effecting the C.Diff, but ARE killing the good bacteria that keeps C.Diff down, then guess what happens? the C.Diff wins! and thrives while all the other bacteria (good & bad) are being killed! And this causes severe Diarrhea if left untreated and there are only 2 antibiotics known to kill C-Diff (Flagyl is one of them and even then there are mutated C.Diff strains out there becoming resistant to Flagyl).

      So please read ingredients and for sure “Sucralose” should NOT be in our pets products!! go find a “Mom & Pop” owned local pet store (NOT chain) and talk to someone there about natural healthy options for their teeth/gums if you cannot afford a Vet Dental Cleaning. Please

      • Chlorine Dioxide is actually in use for fighting “C.Dif” ! It does not promote overgrowth! If in doubt, review some science. Look at this scientific publication promoting chlorine dioxide against ” C.” (Cllostidium): Foegeding PM, Hemstapat V, Giesbrecht FG. Chlorine Dioxide Inactivation of Bacillus and Clostridium Spores. Journal of Food Science 1986;51(1):197-201.

      • Excellent review and help to educate care takers of sweet fur babies. Thank you so much… I was actually considering this… Now I feel foolish, as careful as I normally am. Deborah aka Troll 2 Queen

  34. Thanks for the reviews I was sitting on the fence regarding this, and I will not be purchasing either!

  35. When ordered The Plaque Blast for my dog, I didn’t want phone calls offering me other services and products and have to stay on the phone for long periods listening to people tell me what wonderful offers they are giving me to try and then spend time listening to some quality control man who talked as though he had a mouth full of gum and I couldn’t understand half of what he said. If this is what one has to go through to get the product I told the QC man to cancel the order.

  36. Thank you so much for your honest comments about Plaque Blast. I was just about to order it but now after reading all the reviews and especially Deb’s, definitely no way!!!

  37. I too ordered the Plaque Blast for my dog. Like Deb M. I went through the pages looking at the other offers, never thinking that when I was done it wouldn’t show me what I had in my basket!!! It just said thank you for the order and a price of $79.00.

    I do lots of shopping from the internet and have never had an order go through without showing me first what was in my shopping cart. What a terrible way to run a site. A person should have the opportunity to look at the order before it’s placed just in case there is a change. For the price it costs for this product, you can almost take the dog into the vets to have their teeth cleaned.

    • That happened to me too on Aug 13, 2011. One order just got added, because I went to the page, I guess; the other order just showed it was completed, no chance to O.K. or refuse and there was an additional charge of 13.98 added for processing in addition to the shipping charges.

      I couldn’t even reach anyone to cancel the order. At the time I didn’t know there were two orders. Presently, I’m waiting for them to arrive and am conferring with my credit card company.

      • This is a common complaint! and in my opinion this is a SCAM plain and simple – and please read the ingredients!! it’s not really good! you should call you credit card company and tell them the charge was not authorized!! and report them!!! this company needs complaints going directly to the Credit Card Companies so the Credit Card Companies will not accept their charges anymore – cause the more complaints filed against them w/Cred Card companies the better to stop SCAM companies like this!! Plus if you read the ingredients this in my opinion is NOT safe for our pets!! talk to your Vet for pet toothpaste or go to your local (Mom & Pop) pet store – not the Chains and talk to the owners to find alternative safe natural options for your pets teeth!! this is a SCAM!

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