PetZoom Sonic Pet Trainer Review

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Is your dog ruining your shoes?, and your cat the furniture? You need the as seen on tv pet trainer from Pet Zoom. Its the most effective way to teach your pet good behavior. In no time the Sonic Pet Trainer will let you correct your pet’s bad habit. Now you can easily teach your dog to stop jumping when someone comes to the door. Train your cat to stay off the furniture. Teach your pet to stop chewing and biting. With the as seen on tv Sonic Pet Trainer you will be amazed how you can turn the most stubborn pet in to a well-behaved family member.


PetZoom Sonic Pet Trainer
The Sonic Pet Trainer is silent to humans but its ultra-sonic pitch is clearly audible to animals getting their immediate attention making them instantly obey your commands. Just aim the Sonic Pet Trainer a your pet, give the verbal command and press the button for a second.

Other pet training devices use shock to teach the behavior, but the Sonic Pet Trainer is gentle and humane and it will never harm your pet. Sonic Pet Trainer has a range of 20 feet. You can keep unknown animals away when you go for a walk when you are riding your bicycle, or when you are hiking. The Pet Trainer is small and you can easily carry it with you wherever you go.

PetZoom Pet Trainer

  • No Shock Collars
  • Silent to humans
  • Up to 20 feet range
  • Uses safe, harmless and effective ultrasonic pitches
  • works on all dogs and cats



What do I get?

  • 1 PetZoom Sonic Pet Trainer
  • BONUS – 1 Nail Groomer (pay $6.99 separate s/h)

Buy PetZoom Sonic Pet Trainer at for just $14.50 + FREE SHIPPING. Low price, No shipping/handling scams, no hidden fees, no “buy 1 get 1 free” scams, hassle-free 30-day money back guarantee.

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90 thoughts on “PetZoom Sonic Pet Trainer Review

  1. Purchased this aabout a month ago. IT DOES WORK, but, there is a man who lives near me, if he is out and I use this, he can actually hear this and he goes nuts says it. hurts his ears, this man didnt know that I even had it until I saw him keep grabbing his ears, I ask him what was wrong he said he keeps hearing a noise, I pressed the button. that was what he was hearing

  2. This product does work! I have a pitbull and he gets anxious when he sees other dogs on our walks and when he is in the car. Now he looks at the other dogs and just keeps walking…amazing! I also have a neighbor with a very loud barking dog, that barks constantly every time I go out on the patio. I used it on this dog and it has reduced his barking substantially. I purchased this product from Walgreens and it worked for me.

  3. I was thinking of getting a pet zoom for my pet dog. I have a highly trained service dog for 6 years who does not need help with anything. He is an absolute charmer and saved many a life in his six years besides my own. My other dog is a labradoodle, my service dog is a goldendoodle, and they are so different it is amazing. The pet labradoodle barks like my other dog breathes. I may try this product. I have been horrified to read the above blog and how stupid so many dog owners are. The one putting his dog in a trunk I hope is fooling us, as if he were in the same room as me, I would possibly hurt him for doing such. I do not tolerate animal abusers and told my family, if I ever see it, I will wind up in prison. I say use a good trainer first. I say this with much experience. Also it is 2015 and most of these comments were years back. I don’t even know if this thing is being sold still. WEll, it seems better than using torture like a shock collar anyhow. Dogs are smarter than you know. They do have feelings, and do have innate characteristics from their forefather the wolf. So realize that they are not like humans. They are trainable. I have seen many pitbulls that are service animals and do marvelous work. Thanks for hearing me out.

  4. I ordered two in August 2012. Waited and waited. Checked and learned it was processing. In October, I received notice that it would be shipped in November. Now, I received notice that it will not. I cancelled order. Why do they keep advertising and pushing this product if they can not deliver.

  5. I have a 2 year old mini golden doodle. She is the sweetest dog, we just love her so much. She is so very intelligent – she rings a bell with her nose to go out side. We have brought her dog obedience school for the only fault she has – she loves people too much and goes crazy trying to jump on them almost knocking them over, we have had to go and apologize to our neighbors because she has scared their 2 young daughters by wanting to jump on them. When people come in our house, we have put her in her crate, tied her to the patio doors, held her on a leash, etc….

    I recently purchased the sonic pet trainer and used it today because a repairman was coming to our house. He came in and she completely went crazy, losing her head – I grabbed the device told her to stop and then used it – I told her to sit down and she was a different dog, she no longer barked nor jumped, it was amazing! Since using it and I was very hesitant with fear of hurting her ears I made a call to my Vet and I am waiting to hear from him and get his view. If he says it does not harm her, I will use it again, it really did work. I do not work for the company.


  6. I bought one PetZoom Sonic Pet Trainer at Walgreens for $10. Yes, it did work quite well actually. My dogs bark at dogs walking past and this effectively stopped that behavior. However the Pet Zoom only worked for a couple of months. I thought it was the battery so I replaced it but it appears to be the product cos it no longer makes any sound. Would I buy it again? I’m not sure. If I have to buy one every few months it might just be better to buy a more expensive reliable one.

  7. I purchased the Sonic pet trainer from Target, it has worked wonders for my dog. I have a 10 month old Golden Retriever who loves people but will not stop jumping on them when they come in the house. She also constantly jumped on my daughters and knocked them over. She was becoming more of a hassle for us because we had to constantly get her away from our kids and they were crying because she knocked them over. My husband actually wanted me to find another home for her because he thought she was just too wild and our kids were too young and it was just too stressful to deal with.

    I tried EVERY possible training tool known to man from water bottles to spending money on training books, she just was stubborn and nothing worked. I love the dog so in a last ditch attempt I bought the Sonic Pet trainer. My husband said it was a joke and would never work. Well, I have only used it once and she immediately stopped jumping. Now all I have to say is “no jump” and she instantly responds. It was a Godsend for us because we now have the dog we always wanted. I have read the reviews on this site and the opinions others have said but I truly feel this product saved me from having to find another home for my dog.

    People can say whatever they want but I assure you I was NOT lazy in regards to training my dog, I exhausted every avenue possible and stumbled upon this product while shopping and thought “why not try it?” I would and have recommended it to friends and family. And just in case anyone is wondering, I do not work for the company, I am just extremely grateful for a product that worked.

  8. My name is Ashley and I’ve had my PetZoom for 2 hrs and my dogs are completely different already. I have two large pit bulls that whine a lot, with the PetZoom they are quite…I only had to use it on them once and they stopped… this thing really works… its the best thing I’ve ever bought!

  9. Best $10 we ever spent. We have a Yorkie who thought he was king of the hill and ran the show. Now, the the Pet Zoom Sonic Trainer, he is learning the manners he needs to have. Would recommend this product to anyone!

  10. The Pet Zoom works great…I think maybe too great. I use mine when running in case I run into rabid dogs. Just point click and ship man. All it takes to set them straight. I have only used mine on my own dogs a couple of times and don’t even need it anymore.

  11. I bought this Pet Zoom product in hopes of subduing my pets from bad behavior. You know just like the ad on tv, so I put fresh batteries in and go to use it and NOTHING HAPPENS! THERE WERE NO GIANT WHITE WAVES coming out of it! what a piece of crap! So I took the batteries out and must of swapped them over a dozen times and I tested the batteries elsewhere and they were fine.Needless to say I was quite disappoint. My dog on the other hand all he does is just stare at me. So I go down to the hardware store and bought wires and 3 6v batteries go home and jerry-rigged it to work. Still no WHITE SONIC WAVES and my dumb dog still just sits there and stares. In a last ditch effort I wired 2 12v car batteries together and rigged it with the Pet Sonic AND STILL NO DAMN SONIC WAVES!!! this thing is not worth a penny, and all my dog does is sit and stare drooling away, he even soiled the rug in defiance!

    Pros: free hair brush, feels great when I massage my scalp with it.

    Cons: EMITS NO GIANT WHITE WAVES Hairbrush could be bigger

    • You are an idiot if you believed ‘white sonic waves’ would come from the device. Go back to forth grade. They work fine, you just have to be smarter than the dog.

      • Umm… yea, that was totally a joke. The guy isn’t an idiot, but I must say this. 10 thousand comedians outta work, and he’s trying to be one.

  12. Unbelievable! My mom bought one for her mini schnauzer and said it worked wonders. I just had to go out and buy one. I only had to use it a few times and now all I have to do is take it out and my dogs are quiet. It works on both my mini schnauzers. I loved it so much I told my friends about it and they use it for their Basenji and min pin. They can’t believe how well it works either! LOVE IT

  13. I bought the Pet Zoom Sonic Pet Trainer about a month ago for my Yorkie. She would bark like crazy anytime someone would walk down our apt. hall, saw another dog outside or saw someone out the patio door. She also had a bad habit of finding something she shouldn’t and run away instead of dropping it. Both of those problems have been resolved and I have maybe pushed the button 10 times. I’d tell her “no barking” press it for a second then as soon as she stopped I’d lavish her with praise and a treat. The same thing goes for “drop it”…I think the thing is miracle! I was getting worried I was going to end up with a yappy dog and that has totally changed. I have thoroughly researched and found no evidence of it causing an animal harm. It’s much more humane than a shock collar, or being confined or even a rolled up newspaper. And if you use it and not abuse it, your dog will learn to follow YOUR command. I love it! By far the best $10.00 I have ever spent!

  14. I bought this device from Target, and have to say that it does work. In fact, I think it works too well. I used it on my dog once and she instantly dropped her tail and hunched up like she was terrified. I personally felt bad using it on her.

    The instructions are also filled with warnings like “Never use this on a human” and “always extend your arm fully before use.” When combined with the warning “stand at least 6 feet away from your dog before use”, I now wonder if it is so loud it can damage the ears of humans as well as animals.

    Sounds are nothing more than vibrations in the air, and it is plausible that a “loud” enough vibration will hurt your ears even if we can’t hear it.

  15. I ordered this pet zoom sonic pet trainer months ago and have not received it yet. I called today, and I got the same message that I received when I called weeks ago : “it should be there tomorrow”. Don’t order from the company—buy it from another web site.

    And when you dial their toll-free number, expect to wait at least 10 minutes until you hear a human voice.

  16. Had this Sonic Pet Trainer device for a week now and it has worked really really well! I could see that in the wrong hands of people it could be bad. All I have to do is hit it for a spit second and the dog responds quickly. I would think if you pushed the button too long of a time, that would be bad and an adult with a brain , I hope would not do that but you need to also use the commands with it.

    PS: HANNAH we got the point! so….. to sound like most of the people on this site………..SHUT UP!………You have nothing better to do with your time? And no Hannah………….I DON”T WORK FOR THE COMPANY. This item just worked for me. It looks to me that you have lost respect, I am sure with most people that are on this site are sick of your bad child like responses…………Maybe you got fired from this company and your acting out like a child………….lol…….Maybe this is why you have all this time on your hands……..poor thing you!

    To some of you………..Stop hitting dogs! may all animal lovers help to make the laws of abuse better………….Start leaning on the Government to put these people in jail where they should be!

  17. I use the sonic pet trainer on all my cats. I was very happy with the results, Doctor Finigan stopped scratching his belly sores and Roswell Cogglesburn stopped making a “mess” on my couch. I have 11 cats and I have never felt happier.

  18. My husband and I ordered this PetZoom Sonic Pet Trainer over the internet, and it has been three weeks and we still haven’t received our product. I think they canceled our order cause we didn’t want nothing else from them. I may just end up sending my hubby to the store to find the pet zoom. This company is completely bullcrap and i’ll bet you anything they are ripping people off Just like Columbia House did to us.

  19. I know that this product is just another way for the company to make huge money off unsuspecting people. The only reason there are things like this sold on tv is for THE SHIPPING AND HANDLING. These are scams. If you don’t believe me, do your own homework and check it out on the net. Almost everyone complains about products they’ve bought due to huge SHIPPING AND HANDLING COSTS. If you want an item like this dog training device, check around where you live, like in pet stores and I’ll bet you, they’ll have something way better and there won’t be a SHIPPING AND HANDLING COST because you drove to the store, bought it and drove home. WOW!!! what a concept. Please don’t get sucked in to these tv scams, you’ll be glad you didn’t.

    • I will agree that the companies make their money on shipping and handling; however, there are many stores that carry “As Seen On TV” products at the same price minus the shipping and handling charges. I got my Pet Zoom at Target.

      Now about the Pet Zoom … WORKS LIKE A CHARM!! I have two Chinese Crested Powder-puff dogs that bark at anything that moves outside … I do let them warn me about things but when they get out of hand, all I do is use the command “settle” and hit the button … they stop barking immediately and in most cases come to me and I will offer them a treat. For those who do not know the CCP breed, they are extremely sensitive and “emotional” dogs … not like any other dog I ever had … they are responding very positively to this device and really don’t anticipate using it forever … eventually the “settle” command will work on its own.

    • I am finding that now instead of ordering offline or over telephone you can just buy stuff like you see on tv in stores in your local area or walmart or wherever and you dont need to pay shipping and handling! and yes some of them do work and some of them do, I jut bought the Pet Zoom and am going to see if it works for me if not I am not complaining was only a little ten dollars! its just something different to try!

  20. I have a Pomeranian who is quite protective of me and will literally lunge at others who come near me. My grandparents got me this for Christmas since they know she can be a pain with all her barking.

    It’s essentially my fault on why she’s so open and not well-trained since I spoil her too much, and just can’t treat her badly or I’ll feel really bad. When I yell and tell her to stop barking, she listens but it only lasts a few seconds.

    I have just tried this product, and right away it scared her away beyond what I thought. I have no issue against others using this product, but I don’t think I’ll continue this. Her fluffy tail goes down, and she looks terrified. But I comforted and soothed her, and she seems fine. I’ll just stick to lightly disciplining her verbally if she goes psycho again.

    • Sorry this PetZoom Sonic Pet Trainer did not work for you but I would try it again … I think your dog might just have been startled by what she heard. A dog lunging at others that come near you is quite dangerous for everyone concerned.

      Might I just suggest that if you don’t want to use the Pet Zoom that you contact a professional trainer or watch “Its Me Or The Dog” on TV … Victoria gives great advice and might help you train your Pom in a way that works for both of you.

      Good Luck …

  21. We have 2 dogs very aggressive ankle bitters, they will attack anyone that comes into the house . Yes attack and bite~ Having tried doggie classes, and the famous water bottle this works wonders . I don’t lay on the button, just a quick buzz to get their attention and it works ! Hopefully we finally have solved our problem .

  22. I bought this PetZoom Sonic Pet Trainer at sears hoping that it will work on my out of control dog. He barks all the time. this item does not work. I think its all a scam. I want my money back. How can I get it? Is there any way to return this crap.? please email me with the info.


  23. I really don’t know if this PetZoom Sonic Pet Trainer hurts my Dexter’s ears (Eskie/Pom mix) but he didn’t seem in any pain. I have only used it a couple of times. It did get his attention when he was barking out of control. And he stopped so I could give him a command. But the more I think about the device and my dogs ears I will be returning it tomorrow.

    I am one of those strange people that did not believe in spanking or hitting my children and also do not believe in hitting animals. I don’t know about all of you guys but I really don’t like being hit. I just really feel sad for the abused animals and humans in our world.

  24. While in the USA recently, I bought a Pet Zoom Sonic Pet Trainer, believing its claims. When I got to Honduras, where I live, I inserted the 9v alkaline battery (the bottom lid will not completely close with the battery inserted, so I taped it shut.)

    Your product has absolutely no effect on my Labrador, nor on any other dogs or cats in the neighborhood I tried to use it on. I can’t go back to the store, since I live in Honduras. I just wasted my money on your product.

    • Maybe you got a defective one. I just bought one last week, the battery fits and I have been using it on my Maltese with success. I even used it while any outside cat was around with success.

  25. I just got Pet Zoom Ultrasonic Pet Trainer at Wal-Mart, and it works great on my cat, he’s very aggressive, and when I point it at him there is a very noticeable response… I won’t abuse the product but he definitely does not like it, and as the product states it should be used with voice commands…. cats are a bit different then dogs, they don’t like being told what to do, nor do they like to submit to their masters but they know full well that certain things are unacceptable and the Pet Zoom ultrasonic definitely gets the cat to do what I’m trying to get him to do. I don’t believe its damaging to his hearing but definitely very annoying, I recommend it be used as instructed as a addition to voice commands and a brief tap and u can see they get annoyed and know why! great product and if used correctly as a pet training tool will work fine… but I never knew before that cats could react to dog whistles, and this product is essentially a dog whistle with batteries and minus the whistle, I am even going to get myself a dog whistle for 2 dollars and I’m pretty sure it will do the same trick but its nice to have a handy remote to point at the animal to help train it.

  26. I am very sorry for the service dog owner who is troubled by this pet zoom. I bought it for my very stupid yappy little dog. We love her anyway but our neighbors don’t. We have been training her for 6 years and nothing worked. One evening of pointing it at her and she seems to be a different dog. Nor does it seem to hurt her in anyway, when I press the button she comes to me for her pat on the head and get her cookie.

  27. This is absolutely the worst product to come along in years. I have a very sweet service animal who is now off her training because she is completely confused; is being ‘disciplined’ by multiple passive-aggressive jerks who get their cheap thrills from harassing animals. She was not barking or in any other way acting out. My multiple thousands of dollars training animal is being ruined by these devices; considering a lawsuit!

    • I would definitely file suit against the individuals who are improperly using this product. They are the ones that are causing the chaos.

    • Really, suing your dog is inhumane. How is she supposed to defend herself? With the very limited availability of dog attorneys out there she cannot be adequately represented.

      If on the other hand you’re saying that the product works so well that it can un-train a service animal, then I think that speaks volumes about the effectiveness of this product.

      Thank you for the positive confirmation of how awesome this unit is! Now if I could just get one to work on my wife…

      • You obviously have a problem with reading comprehension Bob. I believe this person was referring to a problem with people buying this product in order to abuse animals, NOT train them. Which in my book would be a BIG problem.

        I think you should go back and REREAD what Samm wrote, you would clearly see that he or she said nothing about suing his or her dog. Now, if only your wife could get one to work on you……..

  28. I bought “PetZoom” Sonic Pet Trainer at Walgreens and am real happy with it. The upstairs neighbors have a fairly large dog that used to bark for hours when no one was home. When he started up the other night, I aimed the “toy” towards the window he was near and he stopped for a brief moment. For about 5 minutes, each time he started up, I would press the button until he just gave up and stayed quiet for the rest of the evening.

    I have also heard from a co-worker that he carries one when making service calls. If a dog is barking at him or showing signs of aggression, he uses it without fail.

  29. I bought the Pet Zoom Sonic Pet Trainer and it works great if used properly. There are other steps you have to take while using it. If you give calm but firm voice commands along tapping it just a few times your dog will pay attention to you. I always walk my Pit bull by this fence that has a dog my dog always tries to attack and I gave my dog a few calm voice commands along with tapping the device a few times and she stopped trying to kill the other dog that was behind the fence. IT WORKS IF DONE PROPERLY!!!I hate people who beat and abuse their dogs that’s not a proper technique.

    • I don’t think the option is to beat and abuse their dogs. If that’s what you believe, then I hope you never get a pet.

  30. Wow LOL252, I don’t know if you realized it, but your response came across as the rantings of an arrogant, opinionated, condescending adolescent. It is unfortunate that you have such a negative view of others without basis or cause.

    You lost any credibility your response may have had by your focus on targeting the poster instead of the actual product. I have a feeling that your method of enforcing your opinion on others involves belittling any opinions that disagree with your own regardless of any facts presented.

    I have not tried this product, but I can guarantee you that if it were the type of thing that would stop a dog’s destructive behaviors (the type resulting in having to re-home the dog), I would at least try this product as a training aid and then judge it for myself.

  31. Wow this thing is awful. I don’t currently have a dog but saw this ad on tv and it looks like it would hurt there sensitive hearing. How could anyone smack a dog. God I hope those people don’t have children!

    • I don’t think children can hear it … I know I can’t but that’s from years of loud music but my sons can’t hear it either … no worries on the children front.

  32. This PetZoom Pet Trainer will hurt your dogs sensitive hearing, don’t use it. Either take the time to learn how to properly train a dog or do not own one. As for you idiots who say it is ok to hit your dog just don’t let me see you do it because I will break your face!

    • Wow, you should be a pet trainer with all of that compassion and empathy! Ever heard of anger management?

      I’d love to meet up with you sometime you pathetic POS.

  33. Thank you, Adam. People are often pretty ignorant and need to be set straight. Animals have feelings, too. If someone were abusing a child, is that different? NO!! Same thing.

    I wanted to see what this pet trainer was all about, and now I know how it works should anyone ask me about it. I am a pet-sitter and animal lover. I would not use this product for training, but may use it as a deterrent in dangerous situations.

  34. lol its more humane then when I have to smack my dog to get her to shut up. I am gonna try and find one of these at petcetria or some where local screw buyin over the web

    • You shouldn’t be “smacking” your dog anyway. That’s horrible and ignorant. Get up off the couch and spend some time to train her. If you’re going to have a dog, it’s YOUR responsibility to train her, not hers to automatically know what commands mean. This is the problem with people today. They want an animal but don’t wanna spend the time to train and treat it right.

      If you’re “smacking” your dog, then you’re not the type of person that needs and deserves to own one. Any knowledgeable person knows that you NEVER hit your dog… NEVER!

      Now as far as the Pet Trainer: YES, it DOES hurt them. Think about it logically: If you can use it to ward off other dogs when you’re walking… AND BEARS… then of course it hurts them! That’s just common sense to know this. Why would a stray dog run away from you when you hit the button??? Seriously, think about it!
      It emits an ultra high frequency sound that’s above 20,000khz, the threshold of the human ear. Dogs can hear well into the 100,000khz range, but the higher and louder the frequency, the more sensitive they are to it… and the more it hurts them. I am an electronics technician, and I know very well how this device works.

      There are sonic dog repellers out there that are sold by security and safety companies… and these defensive devices that are meant to protect you from dog attacks are the exact same thing that this “Pet Trainer” is.

      Believe me, this device absolutely DOES hurt the dogs ears. Do you want a 150db horn or siren blowing in your ear? If you have a home alarm system and the siren goes off (which we’ve all heard if we own one), this is the same type of thing the dog hears. This is the same thing the Pet Trainer does. Does that home or business alarm siren hurt your ears? Think about it and don’t buy this inhumane device. Spend time with your dog and train it properly. I can use hand commands and my Lab will sit, lay down, heal, come back and stop barking… without a single word. It takes time and focus. If you’re too lazy to do this, you’re too lazy to have a dog.

        • Hey, I have a yappy little dog and when she gets going it’s almost impossible to stop her. I’ve tried training classes, distracting her with treats, everything. The ONLY thing she has responded to is a yapper zapper (aka, bark collar). I tried it on myself and it feels like a rubber band snap so don’t start telling me I’m cruel. It’s annoying at worst and she knows exactly what it’ll do so she controls herself when she’s wearing it. I’m looking at the sonic thing because the bark collar is not working so well anymore and I live in an apartment–I don’t want to have to get rid of her–it would be more damaging to her since she is very psychologically dependent on me.

      • Just because you disagree with smacking an animal doesn’t mean you have the right to be condescending and rude to those who do feel its the way to train their animal. You cant treat all animals the same, you cant train them all the same. Quit being so judgmental. A smack on the rear isn’t a big deal when your dog is tearing apart your couch. Live your life the way you do, leave others be. She’s no Michael Vick.

        • I didn’t buy this Pet Zoom Trainer but I do have a frequency emitter, it doesn’t hurt the dogs. Look it up, that’s what google is for. Its the same as a dog whistle. My dog, Jack Russell/Rat Terrier, just stops what she’s doing and looks at me like “Really, you think that’s going to stop me?” After the second “blast” she just ignores it. These things don’t work on EVERY dog, just like time out doesn’t work for every child. it’s a crap-shoot. good luck!

          • To all you doubters out there, of course PetZoom Sonic Pet Trainer catches a dogs attention but doesn’t do any harm what so ever. I consulted two vets and they both say that it is not harmful. and it is much less painful than electric collars etc. If you read the instructions on the package it says not to use closer than 6 feet. Also you hold the button down for more that it.

      • I was curious and saw this site, wanted to read reviews. It’s horrible that some people have to turn answering a simple question into a reason to insult and condescend. There are much better ways of giving your point of view. All it does is make you sound obnoxious and as if you believe yourself superior to others. We have a dog. He is nicely trained except for his tendency to bark at the slightest sounds from outside, even in the middle of the night. We can’t keep windows or doors open to air the house out because of this. Do we want to hurt him? No. Do we want to find a solution to this problem. Absolutely. Do I want to be called lazy and stupid (“Get up off the couch and spend some time to train her.” and “Any knowledgeable person knows that you NEVER hit your dog… NEVER!”) because this annoyance persists? Absolutely not. And I doubt anyone else does. While searching for help to train the dog not to bark at every sound I would NEVER want to learn from someone who would treat me this way.

      • dude smacking a dog when misbehaving is not bad…people put their hands on their children don’t they?….smacking my dogs ass doesn’t hurt him, it makes him associate a punishment with a particular behavior therefor he knows the consequences of his behavior and he will not do it again….I have paid hundreds of dollars to train my dog and guess what….he is still an ass…only thing that works is to smack him on the ass yell no no no bad doggie no treats for you and put him in the bathroom..and it wont happen again for a couple of months..lay off dude… not everything is bad

  35. Hmm, they say it doesn’t hurt the animal? Is there any proof of this? How would this Pet Sonic device work unless it actually hurt them. Ultra-sonic sounds that only the animal’s can hear because it’s at such a high frequency.. I’m sure this doesn’t hurt them. It even say’s it keeps away bears in the forest just by pointing it and pressing the button.

    Whoever uses this is inhumane and should die a thousand deaths.

    • no it is not inhumane. locking them in a crate, kicking them, punching them, throwing them outside in the cold, whacking/hitting them, etc THAT is inhumane. Why don’t you tell us your method to train a dog hmm? I HAD a dog who is a Terrier-Chiwawa.. don’t know how the Chiwawa got in there… and part beagle as well and he was so aggressive. When I went over to hug my mom he bit me! every time now I have scars all over me and shes too dumb to have it go to the pound.

      My dad one day brought home the Sonic Pet Trainer thing. He growled at just my voice or me turning my head (yes he growled whenever I turned my head, laughed, tried to talk, or anything I did.) I pressed the button right after saying no, or BE A GOOD BOY, and he just pirked his ears up and sat down. YOU HAVE TO USE THESE THINGS RIGHT. IT ONLY TOOK 1 DAY FOR IT TO WORK AND HE STOPPED GROWLING ALL TOGETHER! He may have his mess ups but now he’s so nice and whenever he growls I don’t even have to use the Sonic Pet Trainer! all I have to do is yell be a good boy he stops, comes over. I say good boy and give him a treat and hug the little guy! it is a happy ending! I’ll admit I myself and hit him with a flyswatter and broke it over the dog and I feel god awful to this day and that only made it worse. But my point is its not inhumane. You cant hold the button! put it down when they calm down even a bit! go over there and when they look at you hug them and say good boy/ girl! It worked wonders for my family!

      It works not like the commercial but it works in its own way for each and every dog! yes I have many dogs. a Golden Retriever who had a tumor in his eye, a dog who’s very laid back and he is a beagle, I’m not sure if he is full or not. Those are the only two it doesn’t affect. I have 7 dogs in total and yes we are able to take care of every one and give them each a even amount of love. But see my dog who is very timid gets scared and cowers.

      My little Chiwawa starts shaking like a leaf and panting and my dog who is the son of that laid back beagle. he cowers under the table my other tog a Chiwawa terrier mix runs to my mom and dads bedroom and cowers under the blankets trying to drown out the pitch! yes it hurts dogs ears but only slightly! if you use it right only a slight amount of dis-comfort! it just looks like its bad and inhumane but its not they are just scared of it and don’t want it to happen again cause they know they did nothing wrong.

      If its the problem dog who cowers, good he is on his way to learning his lesson! just do it till he stops and you never have to worry about it again! Each case is different and people need to realize that! ok? stop downing it!! its right for some people and it is not for some! get over it and stop putting the world down!! thats your opinion and you need to keep it to yourself. My point is – whats your method? how do you use it? how does your dog respond? pay attention to all of this and correct yourself wile correcting your dog! ok people? I’m done now and I’m serious I’m 13 and if you don’t believe me thats your problem.

  36. Yes and No. If you are asking if it work just like the commercial, no. The animal will not just lie down after hearing it. We’ve used it on my dog to stop unnecessary barking and it’s worked for that so far but he just looks at us and walks away from what he’s barking at. And as for being inaudible to humans, that’s a lie. We can hear it just fine and its like a ringing of the ears, not painful uncomfortable. If you trained your pet using this along with your usual training method it would have the same effect as the training clicker. That’s all I can say about this product, we just got it about a week ago

    • you can’t hear it just fine, the animal hears it 100 times louder than you. it would be like blasting a train horn in your ear. Aaron is right, it is pure
      torture to them, stop being lazy and train your pet the right way, watch “Its Me Or The Dog” or get a book.

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