PetZoom Nail Groom

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What is PetZoom Nail Groom?

It is a compact and handy nail trimmer for pets that trims and evens their nails easily, safely and quickly. It features two nail guards for big and small pets that ensure they don’t get hurt while their nails are trimmed.

Exclusive nail grooming tool just for pets!

PetZoom Nail Groom is something you might really like to consider if you have a pet and want to make grooming its nails convenient, easy and safe. It is a veterinarian-recommended nail trimmer that promises complete assistance with pet nail grooming and care, which can be quite a task with pets as they won’t sit still or simply resist due to painful experiences endured before. PetZoom Nail Groom is designed to cut your pets’ nails quickly and comfortably without making your pet finicky due to fear as it causes no pain or hurt.


High tech compact design

PetZoom Nail Groom boasts of a unique sophisticated design which fits into your hands snugly so you get the perfect grip while using it. It is also designed to make it convenient for your pet to keep its paws steady while it’s on. It comes with a stainless steel filing disk which is curved so your pet’s nail rests on the plate while the tip and sides are trimmed simultaneously. It proclaims that it trims nails so gently and so smoothly that there’ll be no rough edges left behind.


Nail guards for complete safety

PetZoom Nail Groom is provided with a large protective nail guard which guarantees safe trimming of nails of big pets and a small protective nail guard that is perfect for little pets. It also claims that it effortlessly trims the hard nails of big dogs and is also gentle on nails of puppies and other small animals.

Protective cover to hold fillings

The makers of PetZoom Nail Groom state that you can trim your pet’s nail anywhere anytime with it as it is provided with a smart protective cover which catches all the deposits. That means there is absolutely no mess that you have to clean separately.


What Do I Get?

  • You will receive Pet Zoom Nail Groom for $19.95+6.95 S&H.
  • You also get Pet Zoom Comb and cut with two free blades
  • Official website:
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