PetZoom Bathe N Groom Reviews and Complaints

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Bathing your dog is a back breaking chore, he jumps out of the tub, getting water on the floor and all over you too. Introducing the all-in-one PetZoom Bathe N Groom. It cleans then rinses while grooming all at the same time. This is the only bathing system your pet will ever need. Works with cat and dogs,

How does PetZoom Bathe N Groom work?

Many pet conditions are caused due to debris, dead skin cells, even left behind shampoo deep under the coat. The PetZoom’s Bathe N Groom system works thoroughly to rinse the coat. Recommended by Vets. And unlike some spray systems Bathe N Groom gets right to the root of the problem, perfect for flea and teak treatment. Now stop struggling with shampoos, rubbing, scrubbing and rinsing. Order your PetZoom Bathe N Groom now.

Just fill any pet shampoo in the chamber, the shampoo and water flow through the soft massaging tips allowing you to completely clean your pet from the skin to the outer coat.

Switch to just rinse and control the water flow as it completely washes out the shampoo. Leaving the hair and skin completely clean. PetZoom Bathe N Groom’s massaging tips deliver the pet shampoo right to the skin, switch to rinse only and completely remove all residue.

Bathe N Groom cleans long hair, short hair, thick hair and even tight curly hair.


What do I get?

  • PetZoom Bathe N Groom.
  • PetZoom Quick Dry Towel – The PetZoom Quick Dry Towel works like a sponge, soaking the water away from the wet coat so you can dry your pet quickly and easily. A $20 value yours free (just pay separate s/h).
  • Hose with Quick-Connect Faucet Attachment.

Just $19.99 + $ 6.95 S/H + $6.95 P/H for Pet Towel. Total Amount $33.89. Pet Zoom Bathe ‘N Groom is covered by a 60 day money back guarantee, less S&H. Sales tax will be applied to orders from CT, NJ, NY and NV. Official website

PetZoom Bathe N Groom Video

6 thoughts on “PetZoom Bathe N Groom Reviews and Complaints

  1. It is indeed maddening to not get honest and real reviews over the internet. I encountered such an issue while looking for “PetZoom Bathe N Groom reviews”. The search promptly returned quite a few links for reviews of the product. When I started checking a couple of links on the top, especially the top 3 I found a very similar pattern in all of them. The reviews were worshipping the product and it looked as if it had no flaws whatsoever. Apart from such reviews the site had links all over the page to purchase the product from the site itself. In an instant I realized it to be a scam of some sort and exited the site before I got fooled into purchasing it.

    • The manufacturers these days have stooped to the level that they set up such fake websites to promote products which wouldn’t sell otherwise. These sites write glaring reviews about it and fool people into purchasing them. The worst part is it cannot be stopped since search engines are not intelligent enough to judge a review to be fake or real. Hence we’re better off collecting reviews from other sources to avoid falling in their trap.

  2. I agree with all.. What a P.O.S. I took it out of box and hooked it up. It leaked through every fitting getting more on me then dog. Then the hose come out of the connector.

  3. I agree with Larry S. This PetZoom Bathe N Groom is a piece of crap. I was following the instructions for hooking up for indoors, as soon a I turned the water on to test it, the hose got a huge bubble in it and then it burst rendering this thing unusable. I never even got to use it on my dog. This product wouldn’t even pass as a toy. What a waste of money!

  4. What a piece of crap is this PetZoom Bathe N Groom. Impossible to adjust shampoo flow with out pliers. Large and unwieldy. I guess you fill shampoo reservoir with eye dropper? To add more insult to injury I was told that a towel was included, I said I don’t want it was told is is part of the deal. Then charged me extra for shipping a separate handling….ALL CAME IN THE SAME BOX!!!

    Water flow trigger was designed by a Nun some where in the Himalayas….

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