Pet Peapod Review

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Bringing a pet home is like adding a new member to your family, as they say. And that’s very true because not only do you get unconditional love from your pets you feel protective about them and want to ensure that you give them utmost comfort in the house. You tend to their eating habits, play with them and take them out for walks because you know it’s good for their health and growth. But what about their sleeping time when your pets are often on their own? Have you wondered if your pet’s existing bed is comfortable enough? If you want the best for your pet, you can’t do without Pet Peapod, a comfortable and cosy bed for your pets.


Pet Peapod
Pet Peapod will be that luxurious treat for your pets that they so richly deserve. And what’s more, it’s extremely affordable for your pockets too. Pet Peapod has a Poly Sherpa lining that’s about 5 inches thick creating a comfortable space for your pets to sleep in. Now your pets won’t feel anxious in their sleep because they will be comforted by Pet Peapod. Moreover the cuddle cove in the Pet Peapod can be zipped up so that it adjusts well to the size of your pet, creating a warm and snug space.

You are worried about your pets scratching their beds and you having to replace them ever so often. But Pet Peapod is made out of a rugged interlaced material that has been specially designed to be able to withstand scratches and tears. Thus Pet Peapod is durable and a long lasting solution for your pets. Moreover Pet Peapod can be machine washed too, which means it’s very convenient for you to maintain. This 25 inch diameter space that you create for your pets will be their comfort zone as Pet Peapod will keep them in the lap of luxury.



What do I get?
You can buy Pet Peapod for $19.99 plus shipping and handling charge at You can also get another Pet Peapod and a Crazy Critter Fox with your offer by paying additional shipping and handling costs.



Pet Peapod Video


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