Pet Loungee Review

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Do you often have problems with muddy paws, doggy accidents and with your pet shedding hair everywhere? Do your furry friends turn your car into a disaster area? You need the help of the amazing PetZoom Loungee Upholstery Cover! The PetZoom Loungee Upholstery Cover is an ingenious new seat cover that protects your car from dirt, dander and doggy damage!


How does Pet Loungee work?
No more soiled upholstery or stained and smelly seats with PetZoom Loungee Upholstery Cover! It keeps your vehicle clean no matter what your dog gets into. It is made up of durable heavy gauge material and has a water proof backing so that even the worst doggy accident won’t leak through.

PetZoom Loungee Upholstery Cover can be easily installed in seconds. It is so comfortable and snuggable that your dog won’t complain even on the longest drives. PetZoom Loungee is great for small cars as well as high end luxury sedans; even minivans and SUVs can be easily fitted with PetZoom Loungee.

It is machine washable to make it look showroom new and can be used over and over again. The specially designed openings of PetZoom allow access to seatbelts, so that your dog can have company in the backseat. PetZoom is an easy and affordable way to keep your car clean and protected. You will also get the bonus PetZoom Pet Barrier that is dog proof and makes sure that your pet stays in the back seat safe and sound.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)

  • 1 PetZoom Loungee Upholstery Cover
  • 1 PetZoom Pet Barrier
  • All this for just $19.95 + s and h. Official Offer



Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


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23 thoughts on “Pet Loungee Review

  1. The smell in the pet loungee made my dog sneeze and made me sick. I washed it and the smell still wouldn’t come out even hanging outside to dry did not help. Now I have the smell in my washer. There is no way I’m putting this thing in my car. I bought mine at our local dollar store. I don’t have my sales slip so I don’t think I can return it so I guess it will be going in the trash. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!

  2. They need to list the vehicles it will NOT fit. Any vehicle with fold down rear seats have stationary head rests so the strap will not stay around head rest. Even tried folding seat down and attaching strap thru hook – which made the cover to short on the seat and caused the seat belt holes to be about 9 inches above the seat – which made them useless. Their box says fits any vehicle – FALSE ADVERTISING! I know it will not fit 2006 and newer Ford Fusion or Mercury Milan – both cars have fold down rear seats with stationary head rests.

  3. Bought mine at BJ’s. After the first use it has large holes in it. Dogs claws went right through it. Guess I will try to return my Pet Loungee to BJ’s.

  4. Do not buy PetZoom loungee. I bought and installed it in the car. Fit nicely. But had a terrible smell to it. So after about a week I decided to wash it and see if the smell would come out. I washed it in cold water on gentle cycle just like the instructions said. I was shocked when I pulled it out of the washer. Most of the backing had come off and was in pieces in my washer. There were holes in the fabric. Do not buy this product. It is crap and the people selling it should be ashamed of themselves. I bought mine at BJ’s so I did not have the problems that others did here. I do not have my sales receipt but will try to see if BJ’s will return it. What a waste of time and money.

  5. This is one of the worst products I have ordered. Paid all the extra’s (s&h for barrier, exorbitant shipping) and it took 1-1/2 months to arrive. Noticed the heavy plastic smell when package was opened. After one washing, the waterproof backing disintegrated.

    Wondered what product I ordered that caused the calls about gas cards – thanks for clearing that up. Overall – two thumbs down.

  6. I STILL haven’t gotten my PetZoom Pet Loungee….and I ordered it on 7/25…apparently I didn’t want to purchase all their extra ‘junk’ over the phone & they’re really making me PAY!! Their customer service is non existent…they don’t care if you have a problem or not! All they want is your $$. I should have gone to Amazon where others ordered theirs & have them in their car already! Live & learn I guess! Last time I order something advertised on TV! Will never purchase anything else from these people again!

    • We ordered Pet Loungee at the same time as you and also still haven’t received anything. I’ve just had it out with them, they were very rude and said they would refund after 30 days from it being shipped!!! I’ll never order from them or anybody else like this ever again!

  7. First of all, I never order infomercial stuff but this product seemed pretty good. I usually use a blanket in the back seat of my car for my Retriever but it fits poorly and is always slipping down off the back rest. This product seemed like it would be a good alternative. I was NOT impressed with the ordering process for a couple of reasons.

    1. You don’t know what the shipping and handling will be until AFTER you’ve bought it. There is no “process order now” screen showing product price AND shipping and handling charges. By the time you find out… you’ve just bought it. It was $19.95 for the product and $13.90 for s/h. $33.85 total!!

    2. During your order process you are presented with about 10 additional dialog boxes asking you if you would like to buy various other products that the company offers. On each dialog box you need to be sure to press the NO button. Seriously? I’m on YOUR website buying YOUR product from YOU and you’re still trying to slip stuff into my cart? Give me a break.

    3. A couple weeks after my order was placed I received a phone call from PetZoom Loungee. I was at work so I was half listening but basically the gist of the conversation was this. They were going to “give” some kind of “free” gas coupons. If I decided I didn’t want them I could call and cancel and not be charged. At this point my ears pricked up. I said “Listen, I don’t want you to “give” me anything that I will have to unenroll from in order to not be charged for. I bought your seat cover and that’s all I want. Period!”

    4. After 1 month I called to find out the status of my order. The woman informs me that it just shipped today and should be at my house in 2-4 weeks. Apparently it was on back order. That fact was never stated on the website nor was it conveyed to me in an email. I was so annoyed I just hung up. After I got off the phone I started thinking. If they just mailed it today why is it still taking 2-4 weeks? I live just north of Boston, MA so it’s not like I’m in the middle of nowhere. I spent $14 to have something the size of a dress shirt box sent to me and it’s taking 2-4 weeks from the time it leaves them?!? Are they walking it over to my house? I did receive the product 2 weeks later.

    Seriously though… If you spent $20 for the product, and $14 for s/h, and the thing is backordered for a month, it should be sent OVERNIGHT when it becomes available. Not pony express!!

    5. I’ve taken the Pet loungee out of the box but have not yet used it. Seems like it should work ok though. I haven’t even looked at the pet barrier. I have no interest in it.

    If I had to do it again I’d just go to the local pet store and get one. I was in Petco or PetSmart and saw a very similar product for $14. For that price I could have bought one for each of my cars, had it instantly, and still saved money!

  8. There are so many products like this (with plenty of reviews) on Why not just go there and search for “dog seat cover”? At least with Amazon, you have a good return policy/recourse if you have a problem.

  9. These things sell in stores for around $40. Pet Loungee was advertized on TV for only $19.95 + 6.96 S & H… my husband & I thought..good deal.

    They also say they include the pet barrier for free. But what they do not do is ask if you “want” is just included & they charge you the additional S & H for it as well. First red flag something wasn’t legit.
    We ordered this on July 2nd ( over a month ago !!!)..and we have yet to receive the thing. I have called them numerous times..and finally on Tuesday ( 8/2) I got through. Amazingly…I was told they shipped it on Monday! (Hmm?? yeah..sure!) I was also asked if they could send me a credit card worth $100. towards gas purchases, etc. I said NO !!..DO NOT send me anything but what I ordered. *2nd RED FLAG *!!

    Soooo…today I just received an e-mail saying they supposedly shipped this today ( 8/04)..not Tuesday as previously stated. E-mail says wait 24-48 hrs. before tracking shipment.

    After reading reviews & ( which I should of done to begin with)…I doubt seriously if we will ever see this.
    But here is the thing…numerous reports/reviews say they try to charge your credit card ( the one used to purchase this pet loungee) an additional $29.95 a month for some “membership” you supposedly signed up for.
    I found this out after some research a bit ago.

    I believe we have been SCAMMED…but just hoping I do not see where they try to debit ANYTHING additional from our account…or I will complain to more that just a web-site!

  10. I ordered it one and 1/2 months ago. First, I was told it would be shipped in 5 days, then it was to be here by August 2nd, I called again today, would be delayed until August 26. I asked how come no one contacts customers to let them know. “We don’t notify by mail until after 2 or 3 months. They have terrible customer service. They told me that I could check online, but I could never get it to work. I cancelled my order and I will check to see if I didn’t get charged, if I did, I will contacting them again.

    • Check into any Local “SHOWCASE” store. They carry most items seen on tv. I know they have a research institute that tests all the products before they carry in stores. If they don’t have it, It’s not worth it. Yes they have the Pet Zoom Loungee.

    • Try searching for “dog seat cover” on Lots of products with reviews. Good return policy/recourse if you have a problem. Glad I read these reviews first about the Pet Zoom Loungee!

  11. Do not order Pet Zoom Loungee! I am getting spam and telemarketers galore and haven’t even tried the product yet.

    • A. G., I think you’re right about the spam & telemarketer calls, sigh….. After I ordered from PetZoom the other day, I got a call today from someone “verifying” my address (only) and adding that they were sending me “coupons for $100 free gas” — at which point, I made a mental note to read the fine print!!! Then, my hubby received a call from a woman who said there would be a $1 charge for the gas coupons, to which my hubby replied “No way are we paying that charge!”

  12. I ordered mine almost a month ago and have yet to receive it. I did however get a few solicitation calls because of my purchase. I will try to write a review if I ever get it. I suppose 4-6 weeks but the guy who called with a “special offer” because of my purchase said it should arrive soon although I’m sure he had no clue. I will wait until it comes to stores from now on. No s/h and no solicitation call would be worth the wait.

  13. Please update us on the smell Kellie, I can’t find any other reviews for this Pet Loungee but I am considering buying it.

  14. I just got my Pet Loungee today-I opened it up and started putting it in my car and started getting sick – the thing smells very strongly of paint or paint thinner. I washed it, thinking it might go away-but it still smells. I can’t put it in my car until it airs out… A LOT! I’ll be sick from the smell.

    • I have had similar problems with printed shower curtains in the past, had to leave them outside for a few days after taking them out of their plastic bags. It’s probably a coating that makes the Loungee waterproof/water resistant.

      I’m very sensitive to odors like that myself, so I will definitely re-post here if I notice the same problem.

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