Pet Cushy Review

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About Pet Cushy

Pet Cushy claims to be a warming pad for your pet that gives them warmth, comfort and assurance of having your presence even when you are away. Pet Cushy assures that they will feel cared for and loved during bad weather, drives or vet visit and even when you are out of home the entire day.


How does it work

The secret of Pet Cushy is a unique warming disc that distributes heat evenly, slowly and constantly so that your pet will feel warm when it snuggles up to it. You just need to pop Pet Cushy in the microwave and heat it for a few minutes, place it on your pet’s favorite spot and the pet will get the same warmth from its fleece that it gets from you.


Warmth and snuggles for your pets

Your pet loves your warmth and hugs because they make them feel loved and cared for. But they tend to get edgy and sad when you’re not around. Since you cannot be at home all the time, Pet Cushy guarantees to keep your pets snug and warm for you. Pet Cushy is a warming pad for pets that maintains to let your pets know that you love them and care for them even when you are not physically there. Convincing to be easy to use, you just need to pop the pad into a microwave and heat it for a few minutes. You allegedly need to place the Pet Cushy on your pet’s favorite spot and it will deliver even and slow warmth to the pet.

Convenient and safe

Pet Cushy guarantees to keep your pet warm the entire time that you are away at work since it remains warm and delivers comfortable and cozy warmth for a whopping 10 hours. Since Pet Cushy’s cover is made of soft fleece they will feel like they are snuggling up to you. Pet Cushy proclaims to come to the rescue of older pets that suffer from aches and pains as it gets them warmed up for playing again. Pets are going to stain the covers of the warming pad no matter what. But Pet Cushy assures that you do not have to worry about them because the fleece is machine washable. Pet Cushy proclaims that it does not require any battery, wires or plugs to operate so it is safe and convenient to use.

Comforting during bad weathers, chilly drives or vet visit

Pet Cushy convinces to be ideal to keep your pet feeling safe when bad weather or storm hits. If your pets are uncomfortable traveling, especially on chilly outings, Pet Cushy maintains that you can keep in on the car seat to keep it warm so that you can drive without the pet seeking your attention. The warming pad also convinces to be light and compact enough to fit into the pet’s carry case when you need to take it to a vet. This also asserts to calm your pet down when it gets upset about the vet’s visit.

What do I get?

You will get two Pet Cushy™ for only $10.00 plus $15.9 P&H.Official website


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