Pet Command

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What is Pet Command? – It is a dog training and pet behavior correction device that uses sonic frequency control to help you train and your dog easily.

Revolutionary and sophisticated new way to train your dog

If you are having a hard time handling your dog and wondering how to train it, check out Pet Command, a revolutionary new device which, its seller claims, makes things really easy and comfortable for your pet. With Pet Command, you can apparently tame your dog and get it to leave bad habits that cause a nuisance and even damage or loss to things at home.

Three smart functions

Pet Command offers three key functions- training, clicker sound and LED flashlight that supposedly act as its secret. It helps you with training your dog by teaching it good habits, new tricks and even find it easily in the dark.


  • Training- To train your dog, push the control to Training and press the ultra-sonic button which will make your pet, even if it’s a puppy, to instantly respond to the canine sound frequency and calm down.
  • Clicker- Clicker is the Pet Command positive reinforcement program which is great for any dog having vision problems as it makes it feel safe and secure. Pet Command also has an additional button that helps you control an exceptionally aggressive dog.
  • LED flashlight- Switch on to the powerful built-in LED flashlight to walk your dog at night.

Quick and easy to use

Pet Command, you are assured, works like magic in controlling a restless dog and even helps you teach it several tricks provided in the training manual. The push-button ultra-sonic signal, the clicker and other functions it features seem to work on every dog and is effective for a distance of up to 20 feet. The device claims that it can quiet barking and howling dogs easily, put an end to their bad habits and even keep stray and feral dogs at bay.

Gentle and harmless

Pet Command is humane, doesn’t hurt your pet and is safe, unlike shock collars that are painful. p> 


Pet Command is the size of a remote control and can be carried anywhere easily.


What do I get?
Get One Pet Command Pet Behaviour Correction Device for $10.00 plus $5.95 P&H. Official website:


7 thoughts on “Pet Command

  1. I bought your Pet Command and it doesn’t work and the on and off button has already broken and my dogs don’t stop barking when I used it before button broke but I do like the the pet brush, I think you need to improve your item or quit selling it.

  2. I ordered the Pet Command end of Oct. 2013 and still waiting for my order. I would like to know what is going on. I received a card in mail stating pet command was on back order and I would receive system no later than Jan 21st. Well guess what, NOTHING.

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