Pet Charmer

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What is Pet Charmer:

It is an interactive pet toy, a twirling and whirling wand that can be a source of unlimited fun for your pets.
Pet Charmer is a toy that promises to offer your pets hours of fun and entertainment so that they don’t get bored much. When you have your furry friends at home you want them to have a good time. But that’s easier said than done because they get bored of their regular toys so quickly. However Pet Charmer is supposed to offer your pets a lot of play time, which will keep them agile and active.


Pet Charmer is meant for your pets’ entertainment

To begin with, it’s designed to be an interactive toy for your pets that will charm them easily. Pet Charmer has a durable wand with colourful fabric that will whirl and twirl getting the attention of your pets instantly. The attention grabbing movement of this toy means that your pets will be jumping, stalking and playing with glee for hours. Pet Charmer will move around with such rhythm that your pets just won’t have enough of it and they will have a good time chasing it all around the house.


Pet Charmer is safe and meant to keep your pets active

While young pets will have their play time with Pet Charmer, the older ones will get their due exercise so that they remain active and fit. This toy has been created to be versatile enough to be used by kittens and cats, puppies and dogs alike. In fact little kids can have a nice time with it too. Pet Charmer is said to be safe for your pets’ play time and will not cause them any harm. It’s been designed so that it slips right through your pets’ teeth too.

Pet Charmer is well made

You will be pleased to find that Pet Charmer is created using pet friendly material, which puts your mind at rest. Pet Charmer is also said to be durable and won’t wear and tear, giving your pets a good play time for long.


    What do I get?

  • you get Pet Charmer™, including the 2 Durable Flexible Wand & 2 Rainbow Pet Ribbon for just $10.00 + 11.90 S/H.
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