Pet Bowl Go-Round

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What is Pet Bowl Go-Round

It is an all-in-one tip-proof pet bowl that helps leash pets and still let them explore the surrounding with 360 degree mobility.

Tether your pet with freedom:

Pet Bowl Go-Round alleges that it comes with a solution that will be unanimously loved by all dog owners. This is because it understands the problems of leashing your dog to a pole or a tree where they try to roam around and get all tangled up. But at the same time no one can leave their dogs open because they might just run away. Pet Bowl Go-Round emphasizes that it is indeed a way to leash your pet but also let it roam around and explore the surrounding with its innovative design. Another amazing feature that Pet Bowl Go-Round claims to come with is a bowl that is non-tipping and is connected to the leash itself.


Innovative design:

Pet Bowl Go-Round promises to provide convenience and security for dogs with its great design that is perfect for any outdoor location including yard, beach, camp site, etc. It is made from sturdy construction that is completely chew-proof and is quite durable to last for a lifetime. Pet Bowl Go-Round is stated to come with three high-strength stainless steel stakes which are to be used to ground it in for secure placement. These stakes can anchor up to almost a foot in the ground to provide a firm grip and when not in use can be simply secured under the bowl. Pet Bowl Go-Round claims to come with a deep divided bowl that is perfect to keep both food and water. Plus the secured stakes ensure that the bowl doesn’t tip-off like regular bowls. Pets can be simply be leashed to the steel clip and still roam around it 360 degree freely without getting tangled. It is said that Pet Bowl Go-Round can withstand more than 200 lbs. which is great for almost all sized dogs. Pet Bowl Go-Round proclaims that it is compact enough to fit in a backpack or a beach bag and is completely dishwasher safe.


What Do I Get?

  • What Do I Get?

  • You get one Pet Bowl Go-Round for only $19.95 plus $9.95 P&H.
  • Official website:
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