Pedi Paws Pro

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What is Pedi Paws Pro?

It is a dog nail trimmer with advanced features that help you clip your pet’s nail easily and keep them rounded and smooth at edges without any pain or hurt.

Pet nail grooming no more a hassle

If clipping your pet dog’s nails seems like a task and you always find yourself wishing for something could make it easy, try Pedi Paws Pro. It’s a new nail trimmer for dogs that claims it’s designed to not only make cutting nails of your dog and also cat simple and painless but also to prevent messiness that occurs when you use ordinary trimmers. The manufacturers of this innovative nail trimmer guarantee that it not only protects your pet from any kind of injury but also your home from scratches and nicks that pet cause on your walls with their nails.


Smart features and construction

Pedi Paws Pro alleges that traditional nail trimmers tend to cause nail splitting and cracking which are really painful for the helpless pets. However, it promises it will protects your pet from any kind of discomfort while clipping its nails as it boasts of a special design and features that promises 100% protection from injuries. It features a precision emery filing wheel that gently removes thin layers of your pet’s nail so that their paws feel soft. The nail trimmer is also provided with a protective cap which ensures only the required length of nail is clipped after you decide upon it.

No messiness

One of the highlights of Pedi Paws Pro is that it creates no mess when you use it to trim nails. The secret is its special protective cap that accommodates all the filings and residue so they don’t fall down and create untidiness in your home. It also saves you from the additional chore of clearing away the filings that tend to dirty the floor. You can use the nail trimmer anywhere, even in someone’s home, without worrying that there will be mess.

Suits digs and cats of any size

You can use Pedi Paws Pro to trim nails of dogs as well as cats of any size as it adjusts to any size no matter how big or small your pet is. You can rest assured that your pet, no matter what size it is, will take to it positively and not create a fuss as there’ll be no hurt or pain.

What do I get?

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