Paw Magic

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What is Paw Magic?

Paw Magic is a pet’s paw cleaner that helps you clean the paws of your pet at the door before it enters home.

Perfect way to stop dirty paws at the door

Paw Magic, according to its makers, is the unique paw cleaner which helps you clean your pet’s paws perfectly before they step in from outside. Pets tend to run all over the house in excitement and soil the house with mud after they come home from an adventure. But Pet Magic can stop it from happening for good. Shaped like a coffee mug, it comes with bristles inside to clean the paws. It is just what pet lovers may find most useful to get rid of the dirt before the pet enters the house.


Smartly designed and easy to use

Paw Magic, you are assured, is not only effective but also very easy to use. Apparently, all you need to do is fill it up with water and then dip the dog’s paws inside the container. The water washes off the dirt as its internal bristles rub the paws and clear away dirt or anything stuck on them. Paw Magic also includes a lid attached to it, which ensures that the container does not spill water and keeps your floor clean and dry.

Cleans dirt, grass, mud, clay and more

Paw Magic makers say that it cleans not only dirt from your pet’s paws but also grass, mud, sand, debris and more. It can even keep your pet’s paws safe from winter rock salt, lawn fertilizer and chemicals that can be harmful to its skin.

Saves time and slogging

Paw Magic promises that its unique cleaning mechanism removes dirt and other things that get stuck on your pet’s paws quickly and effectively. Now you may not have to either clean your floor or carpets after your pet dirties it or maybe pick it up and carry it to the bathroom for washing its paws. Its makers guarantee that it is able to clean pet’s paws like nothing else can.


What do I get?
Buy two Paw Magic for $19.95 plus 13.98S&H.
Official website


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