Mussel Dog Reviews and Complaints

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Is your dog having the correct diet? Improve your dog’s health and quality of life with the natural extract of green-shelled mussels. Restore your dog’s system harmony to the way nature intended. Green-shelled mussels have Omega-3 which helps restore healthy joints and flexibility, skin health, cardiovascular health, normal brain function and respiratory health.


Mussel Dog

Recent studies suggest that high Omega-3 levels can actually lead to improved moisture retention, elasticity and a more youthful, glowing coat for your dog. Improvement in many different skin conditions such as chronic dryness and eczema has been linked to increased amounts of omega-3 fatty acids in their diet.

According to Dr. Roger Valentine (DVM), typical diet of your pet tends to contain at least eleven times more omega-6s than omega-3′s, and this is believed to lead to a rising rate of inflammatory disorders among the dogs in US. Mussel Dog is a natural and pure alternative to harsh and expensive drugs. It is also free from the dangerous side effects associated with drugs.

Your dog will love it and you will love seeing the remarkable difference it can make in your dog’s overall health in just a few days. Your dog is precious and with Mussel Dog you get the highest quality, most innovative nutritional supplement food available. It is the product of years of research into how food choices benefit you and your pet, and more importantly, how critical needs are not being met. Mussel Dog is the difference between an ordinary life vs. the opportunity for a long, incredible life experience for your pet.



What do I get?
2 60-Count Bottles of Mussel Dog

Get 2 Bottles of Mussel Dog for just $49.95 plus $6.95 S&H.

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10 thoughts on “Mussel Dog Reviews and Complaints

  1. I have a small dog(Westie) and it has worked miracles for her. She’s been on Mussel Dog about two years and could barely walk before. She now insists on going for walks and grabs the leash to pull me. She still has some pain and stairs are difficult for her, but she can get around, and doesn’t have to be carried everywhere.

    I’m sure it depends on the dog and the ailment, but it has definitely extended my dog’s life.

  2. The Mussel Dog does not work!!! Do not waste your money! My mastiff was on this product and showed no improvement whatsoever! And to make this whole experience that much worse the customer service that was shown to us was horrible! They claim that you have 90 days to return this waste of money but then they give you the runaround keep the product you send back with no refund! STAY AWAY from this product and anything else sold by great health works!

    • Thanks for your honest feedback. My dog’s arthritis is very bad and she is not allowed to take Rimadyl because she is having liver problems, and Rimadyl is processed by the liver. She is already taking Omega in a chewable tablet, Dasuquin, as recommended by the vet, but I do NOT see that that product is helping either.

    • I have two English Mastiffs and have some common breed issues, too. I found a natural botanical that has helped my male with serious hereditary joint issues and both with skin allergies. They have both been off all anti inflammatory meds and flea meds for almost one year. Feel free to contact me is you want more info.
      Lydia (Mastiff Mama)

      • I have great Danes and I am always looking for things that can help for Dysplasia. I know there is no miracle short of surgery but I am always open to possible relief for my four leg kids.

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