Mouse Around Review

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What is Mouse Around?

Mouse Around is a fascinating and fun-filled game designed to provide tons of fun and activity for cats and kittens. It is an amazing exciting and fun real game of cat and mouse. It has a mouse inside a box that moves around in a random manner, popping its head out of the hole every now and then, providing your cat lots of fun trying to catch the mouse. Designed for cats to play with, Mouse Around is guaranteed to entertain your cat for hours together, day after day. It is the ideal toy for your kitten or cat.


Hours of Fun and Entertainment

Even if you have a house filled with toys for your cat to play with your cat might still be bored. With Mouse around in your home your kitty will definitely have tons of fun all day long. Mouse Around features a naughty little mouse that pops his head out then hides. So your kitty will have hours of fun and entertainment trying to catch the mouse on the run. Your kitten will get completely engrossed in this real game of cat and mouse and never be bored again. Mouse Around guarantees to provide your kitten or cat with long hours of fun and excitement.

Perfect For Cats of Any Age and Size

Mouse Around is a designed with two speeds making it perfect for cats of any age and size. All kittens and cats are sure to love this real game of cat and mouse. So whether you have an energetic kitten or an older cat Mouse Around is sure keep your cat or kitten entertained for hours together.

Exercise for Your Cat

With Mouse Around your cat will get tons of exercise. The mouse moves around in a haphazard manner so your kitten or cat is always on his paws giving him more exercise. The random movement of the mouse will always keep your cat guessing for even more fun.


Strong and Durable

Mouse Around is made of durable material so your cat can even stand on top and the mouse will keep running; Mouse Around is constructed with quality materials.

Perfect Anywhere

You can place Mouse Around just about anywhere in your home because when the mouse runs around, so does your cat, so he’ll enjoy the fun and exciting game of the chase anywhere you put Mouse Around.

What Do I Get?

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