Mighty Mouth Review

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Dog lovers know how much their pets love chasing a tennis ball and grabbing it by their mouth proudly or spending time with a stuffed toy for comfort and joy. If you are one such dog lover then you have probably wasted a lot of money in buying tennis balls and stuffed toys which are ripped to pieces day after day by your dear dog. What if someone told you that there is a way to combine the joy of both these activities of finding a ball and playing with a soft toy at the same time and that too at a very low cost? Well it has come true with the new and amazing Mighty Mouth.


Mighty Mouth
Mighty Mouth is a soft toy and as the name suggests comes with a huge mouth which holds tennis balls inside itself for hours of fun for dogs playing with it. Furry toys are fun for dogs because they are like them, all soft and comfortable to touch. Thus the toy becomes their friendly companion or can be even used by them as a head or body rest. Some dogs might even fancy snuggling with stuff toy or play with it by grabbing and playfully tossing it around the house. Mighty Mouth is made out of such a soft furry material to provide hours of entertainment to dogs without getting damaged too easily.

The best part comes when Mighty Mouth holds up to 3 tennis balls inside its mouth. Dogs have a fantasy of chasing and grabbing tennis balls which according to experts helps them to satisfy their hunting instincts. So if there are not one but three tennis balls stuck in the Mighty Mouth stuffed toy, dogs will spend a lot of time trying to get the balls out of its place while playing with the furry dog shaped toy at the same time.

Mighty Mouth is a cute dog shaped toy which is loved by dogs of all sizes and is so efficient that dogs will never outgrow the joy of playing with it. So for hours of fun for a dear pet dog Mighty Mouth comes with a special offer of providing 2 Mighty Mouth’s at the price of one only till stocks last.



What do I get?
Get 2 Mighty Mouth Toys for just $10.00 + $13.98 s/h. Official website www.GetMightyMouth.com



Mighty Mouth Video
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5 thoughts on “Mighty Mouth Review

  1. Buyer beware – my 9 lb Jack had the balls out of his mighty mouth and half of one down his throat before I could say STOP – took maybe 30 seconds – I gave him 1/2 tsp peroxide and had to watch my poor little guy throw his guts up. I was super concerned as the inside of that ball was made with something black, hard rubberish and layered and FROM CHINA – so God knows what it’s made of.

    We sewed the mouth up (cause he tried to eat the lining, again from China) and he loves the floppy dog – so I guess we dodged the bullet and he has a $20 toy that he can’t chew the stuffing out of! but if you have a serious chewer get a kong –

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