Magic Leash

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What is Magic Leash?

It is a new leash for dogs that helps you keep your pet stay calm and obedient. It is designed to keep the dog’s head gently titled during walks as it’s known to make animals become cool and behave well.

Not just another dog leash

The makers of Magic Leash introduce it as an innovative dog harness that does more than what an ordinary leash can. Apart from letting you keep your dog under control when you take it out for a walk, Magic Leash claims that it gets it to behave itself and not create a fuss as it normally does. It is designed to work in a unique way which is totally uncomplicated and causes no pain or discomfort to your pet, so switching over to this innovative leash could be the perfect step you could take.


Scientific basis for unique mechanism

Magic Leash is strapped onto your dog in such a way that when it walks, its forward momentum tilts his head gently downward. According to animal behavior experts, when animals’ heads are in that particular position, they turn clam and don’t get aggressive. Magic Leash states that it is designed to make your pets head tilt downward very gently so it remains in control without experiencing any discomfort.


Easy to use

Fastening Magic Leash onto your dog is a simple and painless process for your dog. After slipping it on, just fix its clip and then adjust it by tightening gently for a comfortable fit. You will notice that your dog will obediently walk by your side tamely when you step out. Its design also ensures that your pet will experience no uneasiness or pain and will actually forget that it’s wearing something different.


Walk time with dog now easy and fun

Magic Leash promises to relieve you of all the hassles and trouble taking your dog on a walk usually causes. You can now expect walking your dog to feel more than a chore and actually look forward to it as it is a new way to have control and peace of mind too.


What Do I Get?

  • You will get Magic Leash Perfect Pace Harness today for only $10.00 plus P&H!
  • Available in 3 sizes: Small (Girth 10-16″), Medium (Girth 16-26″), and Large (Girth 26-38″).
  • You also get the Magic Leash 2-in-1 Portable Dog Water Bottle and Bowl Just pay separate P&H.
  • Official website:
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