LumiNail Pet Nail Clipper Review

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Trimming nails of your pet is crucial for its well-being and hygiene but doing that isn’t so easy it often causes it pain. To avoid that, switch over to LumiNail Pet Nail Clipper, the safe, easy and pain-free way to trim your dear pet’s nails without cutting into its channel of nerves and sensitive tissues which are hidden in its nails and so difficult to see.

How does LumiNail Pet Nail Clipper Work

LumiNail is the perfect pet nail clipper that has even been recommended by veterinarians. It has an edge over ordinary pet nail clippers as it comes with a powerful LED light that illuminates nerves in pet’s nails. The ultra-bright LED light shines through even white, gray, and sold black nails, which makes it easy and safe for you to trim nails without causing your pet any hurt, Whether your pet is a dog, cat or a bird, you can cut its nails peacefully as you know where exactly to cut. It isn’t possible with other pet mail clippers or motorized trimmers which tend to cut too deep and hurt your pet.

LumiNail, the professional pet nail trimmer, eliminates guesswork on your part and pain to your pet. All you have to do is click and clip your pet’s nails to trim its nails and successfully keep it at ease. It has a sure grip handle that helps you hold it tight. In addition to that, its LED light has a flexible arm so you can adjust it as you desire. Its blades are constructed with stainless steel, which are able to precision cut for the first time and eliminate miscuts and jagged edges.

Make the smart choice by using LumiNail and putting an end to spending money over purchasing expensive nail trimmer or hiring a professional groomer. It’s the perfect way to maintain your pet’s cleanliness and save it from pain. Even your furniture and floor will not be ruined by its nails and you’ll be spared of the scratches it makes on you. LumiNail is a must have for all who have pets at home and want to protect them from discomfort and hassles.



What do I get?

  • 1 LumiNail pet nail clipper
  • Set of 2 Reusable Silicone Hair & Lint Rollers

All this for just $10.00 plus $13.98 processing and handling. Official website



LumiNail Pet Nail Clipper Video

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