Kitty Hi-Rise Review

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What is Kitty Hi-Rise

It is an over the door cat tower that promises to be the purrfect and cosy resting place for cats.

Kitty Hi-Rise maintains that now your cats can have a calm and comfortable resting place without you having to worry about the space constraints in the house. Your feline friend is your favourite companion and a great source of entertainment at home. It’s also a member of your family that you want to be well looked after. Anyone who has had a cat at home knows that they find their own comfort spot in the house and they retreat to it when they want to rest. But if you are dealing with space constraints at home, it’s difficult to provide that luxury to your furry friends. That’s where Kitty Hi-Rise comes into the picture, creating that space for cats, according to its claims.


Kitty Hi-Rise is a space saving cat tower

They are many who bring cats home because in some ways, they are quite self-reliant and you can let them be on their own while you are away at work. However you want to make sure they are comfortable at all times. Kitty Hi-Rise asserts that it is a cat tower with multiple levels that will be the perfect resting place for one or more cats at the same time. The good news is that Kitty Hi-Rise is an over the door cat tower, which will save you a lot of space as you create this safe space for your cats.

All you have to do is hang Kitty Hi-Rise over just about any door and offer your cats that soothing comfort of space. It can be easily installed in a matter of minutes and without the need for any special tools.


Kitty Hi-Rise is fun for cats

You know how much your cats love to climb on things and make their presence felt. Now they can do that with Kitty Hi-Rise, which is fun to climb on. It stresses on the fact that it is paw tested to last while your kitties will completely approve of the fun element it brings in their day to day lives. Kitty Hi-Rise also emphasizes that there are varied entries to ensure that there is complete comfort and visibility. Thus your cat will find it convenient and you will know exactly what he or she is up to at any time.

Kitty Hi-Rise for multiple cats

Kitty Hi-Rise guarantees you a resting space for multiple cats because it has been designed to fit 4 cats of all different sizes at once. It is also durable, which keeps your mind at rest about their safety and assures you that it will last for a long time to come. One of the important features of the Kitty Hi-Rise is that there is an enclosed top level for sleeping and privacy. Hence when your cat wants some alone time, it can climb up right to the top and make itself comfortable with ease.

What do I get?

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