Kitty Cushion

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What is Kitty Cushion?

Kitty Cushion is a special cushion made for cats that keeps them cozy and your house fur free. It also turns warm naturally by the cat’s body heat.

Your cat, or even pup will love it

Kitty Cushion is for those who love cats and have at least one at home as a pet. Kitty Cushion, its makers claim, is a special cushion made exclusively to keep your cat cozy, warm and happy. It has a number of features including the self-heating core, the ultra soft microfiber and more that make cats want to snuggle into it. It’s even claimed that the cushion is designed to prevent fur from falling and flying all over so that your home remains clean.


Warms without electricity or batteries

Kitty Cushion has thermo reflective core below the soft cushion surface, which uses your cat’s body heat to make it warm. Apparently, it becomes warm without electricity or batteries. The self-heating core makes your kitty feel delighted and want to come back and sit on it.

Attracts fur and dander

Kitty Cushion even keeps fur from getting deposited on your furniture or home, cleaning up which is a hassle. Its ultra-soft micro plush electrostatic charge acts like a magnet attracting shedding fur and dander. The cushion attracts fur and dander and saves you the trouble of cleaning it up, unlike other cushions you have used till now.

Suits ageing cats too

Kitty Cushion seems to suit not just kittens, cats or tomcats but ageing cats. It provides soothing comfort, warmth and security that cats growing old require.

Reversible Kitty Cushion matches any décor

Kitty Cushion is made using different colors and designs, so there’s a variety you could choose from that match your interiors and furniture.


Your choice of color

Kitty Cushion is available in various colors including Grey Leopard/Black, Tan Leopard/Brown and Tan/ Black to choose from. Match any of them with your interiors and keep your pet comfortable simultaneously.


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