Kitty Carousel Cat Toy Review

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If you have a cat at home you know it demands a great deal of attention. You also want to make sure it’s well looked after and gets good amount of exercise. Restless kittens and cats can be difficult to deal with because they are bound to scratch and claw. And at the receiving end of it is your expensive furniture and upholstery. If you are looking for a smart way to keep your cat entertained and give it a healthy exercise too then you can do with Kitty Carousel, a toy that your cat just won’t have enough of.


Kitty Carousel Cat Toy
This entertaining toy is something your cat can have long hours of play with and it will stop the destructive scratching and clawing for good. Now you don’t have to try and hide those scratch marks on your curtains or expensive chairs and sofas for that matter because your cat will be completely enamoured by this toy to wreck any havoc in your house. This toy comes packed with many other features that will be entertaining for your cats.

There’s a peek-a-boo wand that will imitate a scurrying mouse, which will keep your cat engrossed. It has a durable rip stop nylon cover, which ensures that your cat can have this toy for a long time to come. This toy also randomly changes speeds, which will be smart way of keeping your cat entertained and quick on its feet. It’s powered by a never quit motor that just doesn’t stop, even when the cat has pounced on it. This toy that’s perfect for cats of all ages, works not only as tool to prevent scratching and clawing, it gives your feline friends a good exercise too.



What do I get?
You can buy Kitty Carousel for $19.99 plus S&H $7.99 at You get another Kitty Carousel with your offer by paying additional S&H of $7.99.



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3 thoughts on “Kitty Carousel Cat Toy Review

  1. Kitty Carosel Mow Cat’s Meow Overcharges while not sending you what you ordered, Internet

    Stay away from this company advertising on TV advertising as Kitty Carousel it has now changed the advertisement name to Cat’s Meow. I’m surely have changed their name because my Norton 360 Virus Protection will not let me go on the old site. Norton 360 is showing that this connection is untrusted there is a problem with connection security. So not only are they a rip-off but they could also be a problem with a virus or Malware. Same company same rip-off possibly same Virus or malware!!!!

    When you go online the first thing they do is have you put in all your credit card information I should have thought something was fishy then. Once they have that they have you order. They offer buy one get one free if you pay shipping and handling on the second item. They offer extras to be added onto this toy. Once they get all the information for your order they do not give you a total until after you put your order in. I ordered 2 of this toy that approximately came to $35.97. They doubled the order I did not include the extras.

    After i was finished the total bill came to $117.50. When I tried to call the dispute line the lines were busy they could not put me through I tried this number almost 20 times at all hours of the day. I emailed the company several times and they always bounce back as being undeliverable. Once the item arrived I called and after being on hold for almost 30 minutes they told me I could return the items and they would give me $15.98 back. Their shipping and handling total came to $31.97.

    So I would have to I would have to pay postage to return the items and I would only receive half of the postage and handling this does not include the $40.00 charged for the items. They really know how to play this scam because they do not give you a receipt until the end when they have doubled your order and have overcharged. I went to my credit card company and they said they were be a problem because I did not have receipt for my initial purchase which was more than half of what they charge me. Now I have to write a letter to my credit card company to have these charge taken off. Stay away or you will be a victim too.

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