K-9 Bark Stopper Review

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Dogs are the best companions but can sometimes annoy by their excessive and unnecessary barking. What follows are complaints from neighbors, sleepless nights and even a headache controlling its bark. Are you one such dog lover and owner who wishes to control the dogs barking but are afraid to use painful and strict methods over it? Well now there is K-9 Bark Stopper, an intelligent collar which will solve this very issue without any pain to the dog.


K-9 Bark Stopper
K-9 Bark Stopper is a unique collar which has a small unit which functions to control the barking. The unit responds to the barking of the dog wearing the collar and immediately emits an ultrasonic wave which controls the barking of the dog. The unit also adjusts to a vibration frequency to help stop excessive dog barking over a period of time, even after the collar is removed. Basically K-9 Bark Stopper’s ultrasonic sound is one of the most popular techniques to train dogs and is a frequency which is only perceived and heard by dogs. The K-9 Bark Stopper has the ultrasonic sound generation with reference to pick up using three settings –high, medium or low. These settings can be adjusted to detect the barking sound with the ease of changing the sensitivity to eliminate false triggering of the ultrasonic sound.

The K-9 Bark Stopper is fully adjustable and suits all sizes of dogs be it a Great Dane or a Pomeranian, Spitz or even a cute Chihuahua. It is also lightweight and water resistant so that the dog can have fun without being uncomfortable. It is safe to use and is completely proven way of controlling dogs bark. For a limited period of time K-9 Bark Stopper comes along with a K-9 Leash Trainer which is effective to control the dog while taking it out for strolling or jogging.



What do I get?

  • K-9 Bark Stopper
  • K-9 Leash Trainer

All this for just $10.00 plus $13.90 shipping and handling. Official website www.K9BarkStopper.com | BuyBarkStopper.com



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