Grip N Groom Pet Brush Review

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What is Grip N Groom Pet Brush

It is a compact grooming brush that promises to be specially designed so that is user and pet friendly.

Grip N Groom Pet Brush maintains that it can be the perfect grooming brush for your pets and makes the whole exercise pleasant and comfortable for your furry companions. When you have cats, dogs or any kind of pets at home, there comfort is of great importance to you. You also want to make sure they are groomed appropriately at home as it is also a sweet little bonding exercise between you and your pets. But the problem with the regular grooming brushes is that their long, hard handles seem intimidating to the pets that only run away for cover. Grip N Groom Pet Brush claims that it can offer you a way around this problem so that you groom them easily and comfortably.

Grip N Groom Pet Brush has been specially designed

Grip N Groom Pet Brush comes from inventor Randy Jack who has spent years rescuing pets from different circumstances. The idea behind creating the brush was not just to rework your traditional brushes but redesign them completely to offer you and your pets a convenient grooming tool. Grip N Groom Pet Brush stresses that it does that because of its compact design that contours to the shape of your hand. Coupled with the ergonomically designed handle in the curved area you get four stress free handling positions that also eliminate the intimidation of big handled brushes.

Grip N Groom Pet Brush has special bristles for pet comfort

Grip N Groom Pet Brush stresses on the fact that it has three different types of bristles that work to your advantage while grooming. For starters, it has the soft and wire bristles that work well for grooming and given the design of the brush help you get to those otherwise hard to reach areas. Grip N Groom Pet Brush also has wire bristles with dematting pins that can be used to dematt stubborn areas. Thus you eliminate the need for different grooming tools at once.

Grip N Groom Pet Brush works for everyone

If you are suffering because of carpal tunnel or arthritis for that matter, you know just a little bit of grooming can leave you with hand and wrist fatigue. Grip N Groom Pet Brush emphasizes on the fact that because of its design you won’t feel that stress on your hands anymore. Grip N Groom Pet Brush also encourages young ones to groom their pets because it is available in vibrant colours. There is area on the handle to add bling, pet names and photos to personalize and make the most out of it too.

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