Go Kitty

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What is Go Kitty

It is an ingenious solution to make cats go in the litter box to excrete as its pad contains pheromone to attract them. Plus it’s easy to clean design has odor neutralizing technology.

Perfect litter box for cats:

Go Kitty promises to be an ultimate solution to the problem of cats not using the litter boxes when they want to defecate. Most litter boxes take a lot of space in the house, are useless and start to stink if not cleaned regularly.Go Kitty alleges that such issues are the reason it was invented in the first place and provides a great help for your favorite pet cat. Go Kitty guarantees that it is the cheapest solution over litter boxes and easier to clean too.


Scientific approach:

Go Kitty claims its ability to attract cats when they feel like going is because of a detailed scientific research. This includes understanding the cat species and how they behave to certain types of pheromones. These pheromones are used in Go Kitty pads which have a certain attractive abilities. Cats simply get attracted to it and feel like using it, which makes it easier to train them naturally instead of litter that is messy to make them go. Another scientifically proven approach in Go Kitty asserted is that there are agents in it that activate the moment catsgo on it. These neutralizing agents, as they are termed, tend to suppress the odor that comes from the litter box so that there is no disgusting stench emanating from it. This way it also helps in reducing the harms causedby urinary tract infections that is common in cats that go on unclean, unhealthy litter boxes.

Easy to use:

Go Kittyemphasizes on the ease of use and comes in 2 parts –the box and the pad. The box can be laid flat and the pad be kept over it. It can later be folded completely in a box shape or partially to help older arthritic cats. Go Kitty claims that it can be folded back to save storage space.


What Do I Get?

  • Buy Two Go Kitty for $19.95 plus $15.9 P&H
  • You also get Two odor absorbing pads
  • Official website: buygokitty.com
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