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Having a dog at home is not very different to having a child, as they say. You get unconditional love from your furry pet and look forward to spending time with him. But you also want to do your best for your dog and want to make sure that he is well looked after. However at times that can be easier said than done, especially when it comes to things like cleaning your dog’s tongue and making sure he is rid of the bad breath, which can be a nuisance. Thankfully now you have a smart solution for it in the form of Fresh Lick.

How does Fresh Lick Work

Fresh Lick means you will be saved all the hassle and effort you have to put into cleaning your dog’s tongue. That’s because now your dog can do it himself and it will ensure that the bad breath is eliminated without any trouble. In fact it’s the easiest and fastest way of freshening your dog’s breath. And the good news is that dogs seem to love Fresh Lick because it’s known for its gravy flavour, which is a hit with them. And since it’s made using a safe, anti-plaque element you can be rest assured that it’s safe for your dogs.

The micro bristle design is at the heart of the Fresh Lick and is responsible for the fantastic results you can get. That’s what makes it one of a kind dog breath freshening system and it can clean through the bumps and crevices where the bad breath causing bacteria generally tend to hide. Fresh Lick is very easy to use as well and you can simply apply the gravy flavoured gel on your dog’s tongue and let it do its job. Once that’s done the gel can be easily rinsed off too.

Fresh Lick is ideal if you find your dog drinking from the toilet or eating from the rubbish. Fresh Lick offers you a safe and effective way of getting rid of bad breath problem that all dog owners encounter at some point or the other and otherwise struggle to deal with it.



What do I get?
2 Fresh Licks with a tube of gravy flavored gel for just $10.00 + $13.98 S/h. Official website



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