Forever Emery Review

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What is Forever Emery – It is an improved version of Emery Cat Scratcher. Your cat can safely file its claws while playing with Forever Emery.


Forever Emery promises to be the ultimate cat scratcher for your furry friend. Are you worried about your cat ruining the furniture in your house while it scratches? Do you want to offer your feline companion a safe and comfortable way to be able to files its own claws? In that case Forever Emery claims to offer you the right solution. Every time your cat plays on it, its claws will be filed naturally, according to its claims. What’s more, it can also be a comfortable lounge for your cat to rest on.

Meant to last longer

The corrugated cardboard surface of this Forever Emery scratcher is said to be one of its highlights because it can last longer than your regular cat scratchers. It can also be reversed when needed so that you can get twice the use out of it.

Uniquely curved surface

And that is said to be responsible for comfortable scratching for your cat. At the same time it can also work as a convenient surface for your pet to rest on. Forever Emery also promises to naturally attract your cats so that they will stay away from expensive furniture in your house and protect it from damages.

Features Catnip attracting the cat

It includes catnip, which is responsible for drawing your cats to it. Whether they want to rest or scratch, they will now head towards Forever Emery, according to its claims, rather than using the furniture in your house.


It is supposed to give your cats the perfect scratching surface that will also help them trim their claws naturally. Now there’s no reason to run behind them or use methods that can cause discomfort while trimming their claws. Scratching can be an enjoyable experience for your cats from now on.

At the same time cats can also lounge on Forever Emery or play whenever they want to. Since the comfort of your cats is important to you, this versatile scratcher might seem like the right option.


What do I get?
Get 2 Forever Emery Scratchers for just $19.95 + $15.90 S/h. Official website

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